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18-05-2008, 23:37
Ok so today I actually played my first game with my friend, using guys with starter pack. We are still having a little trouble through.

1.Even with a cheat sheet I made, it was kinda hard for us to remember some rules throught the whole game.

2. Some of the rules I think we are not doing right, like when guys shoot does only the front rank fire? etc.

So yeah, I know you can go to gamesworkshop they will show you a game, but the closest one to me is like 2 hours away. Plus their are no normal hobby shops near me that have warhammer.

So can anyone give some tips on how you keep remembering the rules, or are you that smart? Is their any video maybe that shows a game/rules? I might go to gamesworkshop on the weekend someday to see a game if I still dont get it.

Please and Thank you. (And if we played right, I owned my goblin friend :)

18-05-2008, 23:52
Only the front rank shoots unless:
(a) they are on a hill, in which case 2 ranks can shoot, or
(b) they are shooting at a "large target", in which case all ranks can shoot

My advice is to play more games, you will learn the rules quickly and get a feeling of the "gameflow" :)

18-05-2008, 23:54
Basically you get your "cheat sheet" and write down a list of things to do.
Go through the rulebook and write down each step of the game.

Use the sheet to go through each step of the game in turn, if there are multiple things to do in the game do them from left to right across the board, or right to left...it doesnt really matter just go cross the board so nothing is missed.
If you arent sure on anything, make a note of it and check it at the end of the game.

After the game look over what happened with your opponent, have a chat about what was cool and what went well and so forth. Look up the things you werent sure of during the game so you remember them for next time.

After a while you remember everything, or most things and dont need to check the rules quite so often.
Having bookmarks in your rulebook at useful pages helps as well.

19-05-2008, 00:17
Thanks guys, even more suggestions would be awesome.

Crazy Harborc
19-05-2008, 00:20
I highlite alot in my rulebooks and suppliments. It takes time to learn and remember rules, armybooks/codices and erratas for them.

If you and your opponent(s) are the main players for your games and you are in agreement on the rules you use......THEN, for that game those "were" the correct/complete rules.;)

Wargaming usually does NOT earn you money or a grade or a promotion at work. It should be fun, a social happening amongst friends new and old ones.;)

19-05-2008, 00:50
As said, make an outline of the most commons situations and most important details of the game. If both you and your opponent are learning, help each other for a while. For example, you notice your opponent forget to shot with a unit or moving a unit that seems horribly bad, let him know what you might do in the situation.

After you have some games under your belt with the basic rules, you could read some of the battle reports posted on these forums or in white dwarfs (though they are getting fewer and fewer each issue).

19-05-2008, 15:11
I did my own rules summary, organized following all game phases and subphases, so I know what ti consider at each one.

Also I have my own FAQ summary, as well as one for every army I play. I read those before any game, so not to forget important things that affect my army.

I also try to know / learn from my opponents army when I do play, so I do net get coaught by rules I do not know.

Finally and for me the most important, keep on participating in this and other forums. It took me like 6 games to feel I finally had the grip on the game flow, and a lot more several games until I started feeling a proficient general.

Also, do not allow long periods of time between games, playing often is also very important.

Mike KK
19-05-2008, 17:21
another thing with fantasy is to get all the sub phase activities in order i.e. move phase where certain moves must be done first.

also bookmark pages like character/ special rules/ combat wtc so you can easy get to them

keep playing and you will quickly remember the rules

also you can get reference sheets off the GW website with some key rules and tables such as the wound table etc.

19-05-2008, 19:56
I agree with all of the posters. An advice from me is to start getting into the game before getting into specific rules from each army book. There are 5 phases in a game for each turn, and you have them written on page 10 of the rulebook. Stick to this for the starters and you will be just fine. Later progress to psychology, and afterwards to specific and special rules. Don't be frightened by sheer number of rules, I find that most of them are there to help in awkward situations, rather than to limit the joy of playing Warhammer.

Most important advice is to play to enjoy instead of playing to win. If you enjoy, winning will come by itself.

19-05-2008, 23:01
Start simple. The first few battles try fielding all close combat troops and no missile troops, war machines or magic users. Also, keep your battles small. 500 points or so.

Once you feel confident enough, add more points and unit variety and slowly work your way up.

20-05-2008, 13:51
Start simple. The first few battles try fielding all close combat troops and no missile troops, war machines or magic users. Also, keep your battles small. 500 points or so.

Once you feel confident enough, add more points and unit variety and slowly work your way up.

Good advice indeed.

Also, avoid fancy characters and magic objects, start simple, use a couple of normal heroes and maybe a magic item or two at most.

If possible, skip the Magic Phase for the first few battles, and also, at this begining, avoid things that have somehow more complex mechanics (Spawns, Giants, Salamanders).

Start simple and build up.

Mad Larkin UK
20-05-2008, 23:28
First time? Thats what she said :-)

Mike KK
20-05-2008, 23:44
lolol that is what she said:P

Once Bitten
23-05-2008, 02:54
I don't have much to add. The advice above is very sound.

The first time I played, I felt overwhelmed by all the rules. Plus, the game felt sooo sloooooowwwwww.

I finally found a couple other people who were experienced with the game and lived fairly close to me. After just 2-3 games with those experienced players, I started feeling much more comfortable with the rules.

Good luck!!!

23-05-2008, 12:45
Personally the best way to learn the rules is just to play more games, the rules will come to you. Preferably play with an experienced player who knows all the rules, and ask if you don't understand anything.

This may not be applicable in your case, so i agree that the above advice is sound, especially playing small points, with limited armies

Chaos Mortal
23-05-2008, 15:15
personally i found playing games and reading batreps helped me learn how to play. I found betreps to be extremely helpfull and help you to remember the order and other rules you might otherwise forget.

Hope this helps, Chaos Mortal

Crazy Harborc
24-05-2008, 02:25
The gamers I knew/know started by reading a bit of whatever rules then finding experienced players to teach them how it's played. After 40 plus years of wargaming IMHO, that is the best way to do.

Have a pad of paper and pen/pencil. Write down questions, new rules, new discriptions, references (page #s whatever). I still do it and it IS a big help.;)