View Full Version : 2500 Demon List - Need feedback before spending money!

19-05-2008, 04:46
Bloodthirster with Firestorm Blade and Armour of Khorne (Flies to a flank and wrecks whatever he finds, avoiding assassins...that's what Skulltaker is for)

The Blue Scribes (what size base for this? Any rumor of a model anytime soon?)

Herald of Tzeentch BSB with Master of Sorcery and Spell Breaker (Joins Heralds for Locus. I'd actually prefer to have him on a Chariot, but am not adept enough at modelling to craft my own!)

Skulltaker on Jugger (Join a Letter unit. Can leave if opportunity to kill a key character presents itself)

30 Horrors with FC and Icon of Sorcery (Move within range and blast stuff. Static CR and 4+ Ward should see them through a round of combat, when support can flank their attackers)

Two units of 15 Bloodletters with FC (Depending on enemy, can either stay back to protect horrors, or close quickly to gain charge on slow enemies. Faster enemies can hopefully be pinned by Hounds so Letters can charge)

5 Furies (Support BT with crossfire, kill crew, etc)

5 Fleshhounds (Support Letters, I think they're 'hard' enough to pin enemy units they might not be able to beat and hold for letters to charge?)

6 Flamers (These guys look incredible 6 of them should get me about 20 attacks/turn. They'll try to wreck anything trying to close with Horrors)

5 Screamers (I love the models. Depending on army they'll either harrass fast cav/skirms or deal with gunline. Maybe stay back behind horror block to threaten slashing attack and crossfire/rear)

2 Fiends of Slaanesh (I can't find anything not to like here. With this speed, there's not much they can't do. They'll be behind the enemy line on turn 2, hitting anything they can in the rear...what a truly Slaaneshy thing to do! :angel: )

7 PD (Plus Scribes & Boon); 5 DD with 1 Dispel
87 models

I've tried to cover all the phases: Lots of fliers and speed; powerful but not overwelming magic...seems a bit weaker in magic than many of the demonic lists posted here...is one herald and big horror unit strong enough? Flamers should dominate shooting; BT, Skulltaker, Fleshhounds, and two big Letter units seem a potent mix of CC.

<edit> I could drop Scribes, a flamer, and 4 horrors to get a second Tzeentch Herald with Master of Sorcery on a Disc...

19-05-2008, 08:43
I would do as you suggest and drop the Scribes, a Flamer and four regular Daemons, mixed from the Horrors and Bloodletters. I wouldn't drop FOUR Horrors, as a single casualty would bring them down from level Magic level four to three.