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19-05-2008, 07:26
This is my first try at an all comer list for empire for before I usually stayed on a theme be it hodes, knights , shooting etc.
o heres the list that I have made up and any help on it will be appreciated:)

General: Templar Grand Master 235pts
-Sword of Sigmund
-Holy Relic
-Full Plate armour

Hero: Battle wizard 130pts
-Rod Of Power

Hero: Battle wizard 140pts
-Grey Wand

Hero: BSB Captian 113pts
-Full Plate armour
-The Griffen standard

Core: 25 Swordsmen 235pts
*10 Halberdier Detach

Core: 25 Free Company 145pts

Core: 15 Huntsmen 155pts

Core: 10 Handgunners 100pts
-Repeater Handgun

Core: 10 Handgunners 85pts

Core: 20 Swordsmen 225pts
*10 Archer detach

Special: 19 Greatswords(BSB in Unit) 220pts

Special: 9 Inner Circle Knights(Templar in unit) 304pts
-Banner Of Valour

Special: Great cannon 100pts

Special: Great cannon 100pts

Rare: Helstorm Rocket Battery 115pts

Rare: Helstorm Rocket Battery 115pts


19-05-2008, 07:43
change one helstorm to one helbraster, don't use archers for detach, use handgunner or crossbows. and don't buy reapeter guns, buy hochland rifles.

19-05-2008, 09:50
Erm @ Tayo...take archers as detachemtns for a nice skirmish screen becase every1 hates them.

Genrall points...

Mount that basb on barbed steed for a 2+ save which can be a life saver for you very expensive BSB (213 if he dies)

As mentioned hockland long rifels are the s**t and should be taken.

Why 9 knight a mean its alot of points for +1 in combat which a war banner can give your alot more ffectively.