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19-05-2008, 08:17
Ok so being a new player to skaven I thought I should seek some advice :) i'm trying to make a reasonably competitive list while still retaining the fun of playing skaven (i.e. not maxing ratling guns). So heres what i'm thinking along the lines of, remember it doesn't have to be the most competitive list.


335pts Grey Seer - warp stone charm, 2 x dispel scroll, eye OTHR

119pts Master Moulder great weapon, skaven brew

86pts plague priest - plague censer

155pts Assassin - warp stone stars


205pts Clan rats (24) - musician, standard, leader, rattling gun

215pts (each) 2 x Clan rats (25) - musician, standard, warp fire thrower

46pts (each) 3 x Slave rats (21) - musician

40pts (each) 2 x Night runners (8)

60pts Giant rats (2 packs)


200pts Rat ogres (4)

194pts Plague Monks (24) FC, warbanner

45pts (each) 2x Gutter Runners (3) - tunnelers


102pts Plague censer bearers (6)

total: 2194pts, 218 models

so what to do with the 56pts spare? Liber bubonicus and a warpstone token on the plague priest? Or bands of power and either warpstone amulet/ring of darkness? Or spent on beefing up a unit?

Feel free to rip it to shreds if you think i'm missing something and any thoughts on what you'd think facing something like this would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

19-05-2008, 14:07
my advice is use the points to buy more clanrats.

more ranks is ALWAYS a good thing with skaven

19-05-2008, 15:28
Good looking list. Most of my suggestions are more like personal preferences...

Don't worry about the maxing out on ratling guns. They're easily targeted, so anyone dying in droves to them has only themselves to blame.

First is the ROgres. 200 points of dead, IMHO. They might do OK if they make it into combat with the right opponent (ideally on a flank or against something without ranks or high static CR), but chances are they will either die or panic first.

I think you'd get more mileage from a unit of jezzails rather than a unit of ROgres.

I usually prefer larger units of gutter runners just to make sure that when they pop up, they do their job and do it quickly. Also, make sure they have poisoned hand weapons.

As N-G said, extra points could go to clanrats & slaves to guarantee ranks, outnumbering and give more padding before panic tests need to be made.