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Count Demandred
19-05-2008, 10:29
Howdy all.

As you all may know, the release of the 7th edition Vampire Counts army book brought about a fair few changes. One of which being the ‘writing-out’ of Zacharias the Everliving.

I was rather perplexed when I realised that he wasn’t being included in this editions rule book, especially when they’d included such dead (well, in the true sense anyway) Characters as Vlad, Isabella and Konrad.

… And having bought this model a few years ago for various reasons (uber-cool character, having a rather nice model & wanting the Dragon for my Blood Dragon Army) I’ve decided to re-invent the Everliving using the current Army book point/power base.

Please, feel free to comment. As I plan to use it in some friendly matches for ‘funzies.’


(Also, I'm sorry if this type of stuff is Taboo on here)

Count Demandred
19-05-2008, 10:31
Zacharias the Everliving................Points: 730


5......6.......5.....5....5....4....7....4....10.. ...*

* 4+ Ward Save

Zacharias counts as a Lord and Hero choice and MUST be your armies General if chosen.

• Hand Weapon

• Hellsteed (+30)
• Abyssal Terror (+135)
• Zombie Dragon (+275)

• Level 4 Vampire. He knows all the spells from the Lore of the Vampire & the Lore of Death.

Magic Items:
• Book of Nagash (+50)
• Scrolls of Semhtep (+70)
• Circlet of Rathek (+50) ……… (170)

Vampiric Powers:
• Master of the Dark Arts (+50)
• Forbidden Lore * (+35)
• Dark Acolyte * (+30)
• Aura of Dark Majesty (+50)
• Lord of the Dead (+15)
• Summon Creatures of the Night (+15) ……… (195)

* Have been included in his profile

Count Demandred
19-05-2008, 10:31
Magic Items

Book of Nagash
Much blood has been spilled over this Tome of the Darkest of Lores. Zacharias betrayed, and then slew, his former master so he could obtain this ancient Tome. Each of the nine books of Nagash contain the ultimate secrets of Necromancy.

Allows Zacharias to know all the spells from the Lore of the Vampire. Also, spells cast from the Lore of the Vampire are at +1 for all rolling attempts.

Scroll of Semhtep
The story of how Zacharias came upon this powerful scroll is unknown, he may have scribed them himself, or it could be he took it from Melkhiors Tower after he bested his former master in a duel. What is known is the long formulas written in these arcane papyri trigger powerful counterspells.

Counts as an unlimited amount of Dispel Scrolls. He can use one of them in each of the opposing player’s Magic phases. After each use, roll a D6, on a roll of 1 the power of the Scroll is temporarily exhausted and the Scroll cannot be used for the remainder of the battle.

Circlet of Rathek
The jewel in the centre of this unholy object exudes the protective powers of the lost gods of Nehekhara.

The circlet confers a 4+ Ward save to Zacharias, and a 6+ Ward save to any Monstrous Mount he may ride.

Special Rules
Undead, Vampire, Regeneration.

Master of the Dark Winds ……… (20)
Long has Zacharias studied under the tutelage of Master Necromancers and Vampires alike, that he too has learnt how to manipulate the Dark Winds in all its subtle ways. His once mortal shell has been exposed to the destructive nature of the Dark Winds of magic for so long, that his body; acting as a conduit; can channel amounts that would destroy any mere mortal in an instant.

Once per game, the Vampire can re-roll one of the dice rolled to cast a spell. This can be used to negate a Miscast result or could cause an Irresistible Force result.

Sated Thirst ……… (80)
During his flight from his former master’s minions, Zacharias sought sanctuary in a deep dark cave high in the mountains. As he slept for many years a mighty Black Dragon chose the same cave as its new abode. Upon waking Zacharias was overcome with a terrible thirst; and seeing the slumbering beast as the perfect source of nourishment he quickly went upon feeding off the beast. It is said drinking a Dragons blood will not only bestow new and wonderful powers upon the drinker, but it is the only way to banish the inner Daemons a Vampire faces daily.

Zacharias has an extra Wound added to his profile (already added). Also, Zacharias is able to regenerate lost wounds.

Count Demandred
19-05-2008, 10:34
Now I think I'll get on the front foot first and say:

- I wasn't too sure whether or not to give him Supernatural Horror OR Aura of Dark Magesty. I feel both would be appropriate, though S.H. is somewhat useless as he can ride Terror causing mounts.

- Scroll of Semhtep - the issue here is with the 'roll to exhaust' quirk. I cannot decide between having at simply a one-per-turn, roll a 1 to exhaust item, OR a more progressive one.

For example, after each time the item's used the 'exhaust' number increases: after the first use it's exhausted on 1, after the second use it's exhausted on 1 & 2, etc to a maximum of 1 - 5 (for exhausting). This way the item could be used more then once per turn.

- And on a minor note - I wasn't sure about having the Book of Nagash providing him with a +1 to roll (for spells from the Lore of the Vampire) OR having Zacharias have that simply as a special ability (under Master of the Dark Winds), due to him having studies for many years under two of the very best 'mancers around.

19-05-2008, 13:19

I think it's great to see you doing this, it's a shame he's not in the book - I would also have loved to see Neferata in there.

As it stands, I think he looks a bit too powerful. The new rules for combat res make him almost invincible with a 4+ ward and Regen. I think he should be dropped to W 3. Other than that, nicely worded, and looks pretty cool.

19-05-2008, 14:32
well done fella, but it does look a bit powerful............ May have to playtest this guy to see what people think. Keep tweeking!

Count Demandred
20-05-2008, 01:54
Thanks guys I appreciate the good word, though I did expect some more feedback then this. Nawt cool.

Did anyone have an opinion on the progressive roll for the Scroll?

Yeah I think I probably should take Regeneration off him, or at least give him a visible weakness somewhere else.