View Full Version : 2300pt Hopefully Competitive High Elves. Advice Needed.

19-05-2008, 16:31
The armies designed to be competitive in tournament play, I think it can compete in all phases of the game. I've tried to go for a mix of both elite infrantry, chariots, shooting and dragon princes, and I think it's come out quite nicely.

Archmage, Level 4, 4 Dispel Scrolls=340pts
The General of the army, provides solid offensive and defensive potential, as well as enough scrolls to stop those critical spells.

Noble, BSB, Chariot, Battle Banner, Shield, Lance, Dragon Armour=287pts
Can be potentially game breaking if combo charged with the dragon princes or any of the units. As long as there's no S7 about that is.

10 Archers=110pts
10 Archers=110pts
Fire Support, great for taking out those support units and stripping away ranks.

Tiranoc Chariot=85pts
Tiranoc Chariot=85pts
Fairly hitty, 18" reach out and touch range.

6 Dragon Princes=180pts
6 Dragon Princes=180pts
Some of the best heavy cavalry around, a flank or combo charge with a chariot gives these the edge.

20 Phoenix Guard, Full Command, Banner of Sorcery=380pts
The Anvil of the army, not a lot can beat 4/5CR, fear and a 4+ ward.

13 White Lions, Banner, Musician, Lion Standard=238pts
Provide a unit that can do a bit of everything, can hold anyone, but can also dish out some damage. Would like 14 or 16, but this is where I had to shave pts off to get down to 2300.

Best unit in the book, enough said.

Repeater Bolt Thrower=100pts
Repeater Bolt Thrower=100pts
Needed something to handle those stanks/dragons.

6+D3 Power Dice
4 Dispel Dice
4 Dispel Scrolls

Well there you go then, I mainly want peoples opinions and what they would chop and swap. I'm a little worried there may not be quite enough magic offense, as against 6DD and 2-3 scrolls I may only get 1 spell off if any. Only problem is I really can't see where to save the pts for a level 2 mage. I did consider dropping 1 dragon prince from each unit and a chariot, this would allow me a level 2 with silver wand or jewel of the dusk, what do you think?

Any criticism welcome.

Andrew Luke
19-05-2008, 16:46
Have you played around with having 2 level 2's instead of the level 4? you could always swap a scroll for a power stone to give you a little more offense. The two units of Dragon princes are strong and dirt cheap when taken as you have, so good choice. The only hit I see is you may face some low comp scores due to the min core/max rares. I would swap the White Lions for some Seaguard. Everyone on the interwebs seems to take a dump on these guys but a guy at my local club swears by them, and he uses them to great effect. They give you graet tactical flexibility, as they can shoot while you positiong your units and whittle them down, and then rank up and charge once the real fight gets under way...

19-05-2008, 17:12
I have considered the sea guard, more as a unit of 10 archers that can also fight and flank. In large units they don't seem to be cost effective as there never going to get full use out of there bows, and once in combat there just very expensive spearmen.

I thought about the 2 level 2s, but LD8 didn't seem a great thing, and if I've only got the level 4 then it may be easier to protect him, plus the level 4 allows those big 4/5 dice spells to be cast, and also the added insurance that he'll get decent spells.

I'll take the hit in comp, I don't go to that many comp tournies anyways.

Andrew Luke
19-05-2008, 17:30
If comp is out the window (although some ppl will still give bad sports if they hate your list, but I don't think yours is bad enough for that) my main concern is really just the White Lions. They just seem to big to be cheap and too small to be that scary. You could shave a rank off of you PG to bulk up the Lions (remember 15 PG are as hard to kill as almost 30 regular elves), but then you'd probably lose the fear's auto-break. I just recommended Seagaurd because I feel the options they give you could be better than the WL, whose use seems limmited.