View Full Version : Ard Boyz Semifinals Roll Call

Esco Thomson
19-05-2008, 15:37
With the semifinals coming up, next weekend, I thought it would be neat to find out who all is going, and where you are attending. That way people can arrange any pick up games, meet and greets, or just go out and grab a beer. I'm headed to Downers Grove, IL with the first place finisher from our store, Luke.

Imperial Outpost - Glendale, AZ

GMI Games - Riverside, CA

Great Escape - Sacramento, CA

Sci Fi City - Orlando, FL

Games Workshop Battle Bunker - Downers Grove, IL
- Esco Thomson
- Luke

Game Nights - West Barnstable, MA

Games Workshop Battle Bunker - Glen Burnie, MD

Pandemonium - Garden City, MI

Meta Games Unlimited - Springfield, MO

Time Warp Comics - Cedar Grove, NJ

Recess Games - North Olmsted, OH

Showcase Comics - Granite Run, PA

Borderlands - Greenville, SC

Games Workshop Battle Bunker - Memphis, TN

Central Command - San Antonio, TX

Dragons Lair Austin - Austin, TX

Lonestar Central Arlington - Arlington, TX

Sanctuary Games -Provo, UT

Game Parlor -Woodbridge, VA

Fantastic Games - Edmonds, WA