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19-05-2008, 17:53
Well, I posted this army on the khemri website and got a few responses. I'd like to know what the warseer community thinks. I'd appreciate any advice in bettering the list, I'll post my own comments on it at the end.

I've tried for an overall balance of things, anyway, here it is...

Characters: 757

Tomb King - 300
Flail of Skulls and Crown of Kings

Liche Priest (heiro.) - 160
Cloak of Dunes and H. Jar

Liche Priest - 168
Staff of Ravening

Tomb Prince - 129
Great Weapon

Core: 756

4 Chariots - 160

4 Chariots - 160

20x Skellie Archers - 205
Unit Champ and Standard Bearer

12x Heavy Horseman - 231
Standard Bearer

Special: 558

Scorpion - 85

Scorpion - 85

5x Carrion - 120

17 Tomb Guard - 268
Icon of Rakaph
Unit Champ, Standard Bearer

Rare: 180

SS Catapult - 90

SS Catapult - 90

Total - 2251

All right, there it is.

Now the first problem, as you can see is that I am one point over, any suggestions on this would be nice as there are many options.

Magic is one of my chief concerns here. With the the Tomb King, Tomb Prince and 2x Liche Priests my magic is going to be rather low. If I bag a few wizards in the earlier turns this should be okay. For magic defence I only have 4 DD and 1 scroll but luckily I've also got some of the best wizard hunters in the game. This army is going to need to take a very active approach to stopping the enemies magic phase and getting my own spells through. What do you think? Is it too risky?

The Tomb King...I was hoping to boost the magic with the Crown of Kings on him but this also means I'll be forgoing a ward save on him or his chariot.

So other than the characters I feel good about the rest of the army.

What do you think? How would you beat it? What is lacking?

Do you think I should re-work the army and go High Liche Priest/Prince/Prince/Priest? This would force me to scratch the chariots but it could be done.

19-05-2008, 18:06
Why Not put the prince in the charriot ?

Oh and on selection it is seen as best to go either 1 king and 3 liches or 1 HLP 1 LP and 2 princes...

Personally I prefer 1king with 3LP seems fine enough

First get rid of the heavy horsemen they just are not worth there points no way on this earth they must die !!!!!!!!!!##@@@~@~@~

But apart from that seems solid....personaly I would drop the carrior for another scorp as he can do more roles than carrior (well apart from unit str 5 haha ur dead trick) and 3 scorpion is great as it allows for a bigger proportion of 2 comming on in the same turn and relaly casing a sticfky wicket for your oppent as you take out 2 units in one fell swoop

Also a possible build for your king is the cloak, Scorpion armour and crown of the kings to fill that role of 1 man tar pit that every one loves lol :D

19-05-2008, 18:41
The prince would go with the tomb Guard to finish off 3 ranks of 6 and make the unit a little more killy.

Hhh...after all that I'm still considering going with the High Liche, 2x Princes and another priest. It just seems a better combonation for the army in general but alas I would lose the bloody chariots. Ha ha ha can't make my mind up. :rolleyes:

Hmm, well I'll get to work on switching the characters out and re-doing the list just to see what it will look like.

As for the heavy horsemen, I guess I could...but I'm not so eager to drop them. Yeah they won't kill much but they do provide a fast moving, static CR platform.

I could replace them with normal skellies but the thing that kind of irks me about the high liche priest is that the army will have too many slow units.

I'll post that other list when its done, just a sec.

19-05-2008, 20:25
Okay, this is what I came up with for swapping out the TK with the HLP. It is still kind of vague but here it is...

High Liche Priest (Heiro.) - 340
Golden ank, cloak of dunes, plaque of mighty incants

Liche Priest - 165/168
Haven't decided whether to go with staff/steed at 168 or H.Jar and Scroll

Tomb Prince (attached to Tomb Guard Unit) - 129
Brooch of the Great Desert/Scroll
Great Weapon

Tomb Prince - 100
Haven't decided what to give him, so far I'm thinking chariot...

25x Skellies with light armor, shields and hand weapons - 245
Standard and Unit Champ

15x Skellie Archers - 120

15x Skellie Archers - 120

2x Tomb Swarm - 90

4x Chariots - 160

4x Chariots - 160

5x Carrion - 120

17x Tomb Guard - 268
Unit Champ, Standard Bearer
Icon of Rakaph

SS Catapult - 90

SS Catapult - 90

This all costs around 2200, about 50 left over.

So...yeah I dropped the scorpions, this was just before the men in the white coats came and stuck a syringe in my neck. :eek: