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20-10-2005, 07:12
I'm looking at the tomb kings battalion and what I need to add to it to take me to 1000 points. I know tomb kings suck below 2000 points but still, 1000 is a good level to start playing at so heres, the list.. it seems.. messy to me, no real focus but I can't see any way to do it (Shooty with counter attack units) within the limits.

Tomb Prince - 108
Light armour, shield and great weapons.
Accompanies the Ushabti

Liche priest - 140
Heiratic jar
Hides with the skellies, his unit slightly back from the other two. His main use of magic will just be repeatedly casting to shoot extra.

10 Skellies - 90
Bows and light armour

10 Skellies - 90
Bows and light armour

10 Skellies - 90
Bows and light armour

8 Heavy horsemen - 163
Musician, banner, champion.
A nice basic unit which can hit things in the flank and make them run/sit on the flanks and defend the archers.

3 Chariots - 120
Same as above but opposit flank

3 Ushabti - 195
Princes body guard and general smashy unit.

Any help would be fantastic.. the fantasy lists seems a lot more restrictive (complex in other ways), then 40k which I'm used to. Plus I have no idea how to format a shooty tomb kings army without loads of screaming skull catapults (which I don't really want in the army untill 1500+).

Characters seem very.. "look we're going to die.. AGAIN" ish to me.. Just can't find a place for them or the points for a big unit of skellies to protect them.

Chariots I'm not keen on but trying to use the battalion to get going ASAP.

So erm.. help?


20-10-2005, 12:41
TK are really hard to play at low pts. They start to balance out at about 1500+pts. But here goes:

Firstly, Tomb Princes suck big time the way you want to use him. here's why:
1) His movement of 4 makes your Ushabti slower (for TK those few inches can make a big deal...)
2) Forcing him to cast an incantation/turn on the ushabti isn't all that great as it seems. What you want with the Prince is to make your skellies shoot extra or to make your chariots move extra. The Ushabti can deal out lots of damage by themselves, they don't need the help of a prince.
3) Putting the Prince with the Ushabti means that this is the only anti-armour unit you got. If your opponent sends in a decent unit with a decent character in it against your ushabti, count with them going down quickly. The Prince has only a average WS of 5 and 5+ save. Despite his T5 and 3wounds he tends to die quite easily.

So, what I suggest for your prince is this:
1) Put him in a unit of Archers. This will atleast get more uses of his incantation, as well as providing support when the enemy closes on you.
2) Get SSC (Screaming Skull Catapult) and put the prince with it. This will allow him to cast his incantation on the catapult to fire extra, which is awesome btw... He also acts a great defence when harassing units try to kill the crew. When playing defensive you really need a SSC...
3) Make a unit of skeleton warriors with HW/Shield and give your prince Golden Ankhra or Crook and Flail of Radiance. This is kinda costly, but as it seems you need some Rank & File Infantry, with the prince in it withs ome protection this unit can be devasting.
4) but him on a chariot and join your chariots. This is probably the best option for him. It gives him manouverbility, possibilty to cast very effective incantations (the chariots will need them the most) whilst striking first on charges with S6 attacks.

The best protection you can buy for your Hierophant is the Cloak of Dunes. With this he'll be able to fly away from dangeres as well as flying into position to get the best uses of his incantations. It's also the cheapest protection you can get for him.

As for the rest of the list, it looks OK. Though, a unit of skeleton Warriors with shields/HW would do much better than the Heavy horsemen (they're just way to expensive for what they can do, they're undead after all). But as you're going for the battalion I simply recommend making them fast cav instead. Free reform is great, and with fast cav you get some extra bows (always handy) and they can do a flank charge almost as good as the heavy horsemen..

And, as I've alredy said, you need a catapult;)

20-10-2005, 14:22
While I agree with Druglordx on a few points, I am going to offer a couple of different options that you could try without having to purchase more models.

1.) The Prince - Putting him in the Ushabti is indeed a terrible idea, the adverse effect lost movement really hurts, while the potential of his movement spell working is low (without a catapult or casket in play to force your opponent to save dispel dice). Without purchasing a chariot for him (the best bet at low pts), I would redesign your list a bit. Instead of 3 units of 10 bowmen, take 1 of 20 with full command and possibly light armour and 1 of 10. Place him in the big unit, using his magic to try to get off more bow fire, though again this is a low percentage thing. The turn before your opponent reaches your line reform into a fighting block.

2) The heirophant - the Cloak of the Dunes is a must, as priests on foot can only move 4" a turn, which makes escaping the enemy when things get rough a hard thing to do.

3.) Heavy Horsement are fine, far better than the light horsemen IMHO. You just have to realize their limitations - they are a flanking force, and thus will almost never win against a ranked infantry block if they take them head on.

Now the changes I suggested leave you over the limit by around 36 pts, I believe. I would drop the LA and Shield from the prince and either the command from the horsemen or reduce the horsemen unit from 8 to 6.


05-12-2005, 18:03
I agree with both points, but would suggest dropping the ushabti and taking either two units of 5 light horsemen (more effective than you think), or second unit of chariots. you can then put both the prince and priest on chariot/steed respectively. this then gives you a nasty assault unit or two.
Or a very nasty counter force

05-12-2005, 20:57
I have found that heavy horsemen are not very good at all. I would go with light horse men in units of 5. on the skelies I would drop the light armour, most of the time you will not get to use it. I would pick up one extra chariot and mount the prince in that, This gives you two hammer units and the prince can try to get things movng faster with hs incantation.