View Full Version : Paint my Lizards or start my Daemons

19-05-2008, 19:37
So, with the strong indication of LM hitting in early 2009, I have hit a real problem. I have assembled most of my LM army and have begun painting. However, now that LM is going to hit in 2009 (I am an incredibly slow painter), I am wondering if I should keep on with the painting. I know that I will buy all of the new models and it would be a waste to paint up the old. However, I have almost nothing completely painted. So, should I go ahead and paint my skinks and saurus, or should I just start my Daemon army and wait till 2009 to see what models are released?

King Thurgun
19-05-2008, 19:41
Paint your saurus at least, they definitely will not be redone so i would go ahead and do them. Also, the skink models are solid, and since you've bought them already anyway, i would just go ahead and paint them too. If they make them in plastic they will probably look very similar anyway.

19-05-2008, 19:45
yea go ahead and paint your Skinks & Saurus models,
I doubt they will redo those models sine they are allready
plastic and are the most recently redone models.

Pitalla Crimson
20-05-2008, 03:01
go for Lizardmen, they are new and are an awesome armie!
chaos demons seem attractive since they are new but once they pass your enthusiasm on them may go back to normal.

20-05-2008, 13:42
Paint your lizardmen. I really doubt that they will get more than a few new units/models. Both skinks and saurus are new plastic sets and I can't see them being redone.

20-05-2008, 16:26
I doubt saurus and skinks will change.
I'm painting up a lizardmen army in small 500 point patches (2 heroes, 28 skinks and 1 salamander is my first block) along with three other friends, one of which is starting fantasy for the first time. I picked lizardmen mainly because they are being redone in the next 18 months. By the time I have my army 'finished' there will be a whole load of new stuff to add.

20-05-2008, 16:52
Paint your lizardmen because it is a good discipline to paint what you have rather than be lured by new shiny stuff.

This is not an easy discipline to master and many wargamers would suggest completely impossible. I however have not bought anything for over 6months on that basis and have made abig inroad into my backlog and of figures and general feelings of guilt

20-05-2008, 19:24
I say paint the models that you really like the look of, that way even if they do release a replacement, you're still happy with the ones you've painted. As others have stated painting the minis that aren't likely to be replaced is a good idea as well.
I personally like the look of an army with mixed "generations" of models in it. Mostly because I really dislike painting the same figures over and over and over...

Col. Dash
20-05-2008, 21:44
Why automatically assume you will buy the new models. They may end up looking like crap. Kinda like the switch from the old tyranids to the interum tyranids and some of their godawful models. The new DE is coming out, the only new models I am even remotely interested in buying are the corsairs, and thats because they have a cool champion. Just because new stuff comes out, doesnt mean you have to buy the new stuff. I havent upgraded my chaos 40k army since 3rd ed just because they havent put out anything worth upgrading to. Paint your army, if anything and you do end up buying all new stuff you will have enough points for legendary battles.

20-05-2008, 21:53
So, paint the lizards. This is what I was hoping to hear, more reinforcement to do what I know I should be doing :D

So, I should be safe with Saurus and Skinks. Are there any units I should not consider painting? I assume I will be safe painting the Slann. I am rather disinclined to work on my Salamanders, since they may get nerfed to oblivion. I also don't think I should work on my Stegadon or Kroxigors, as every seems to hope that these might get new kits. Are there any other units everyone thinks I should avoid painting for now?

Thanks for all the encouragement so far.

21-05-2008, 21:38
The Kroxigors are fairly new models... Generally I'd say "Paint the models you like the look of", regardless of if they will be replaced. If they are, the new ones may be worse than the old ones (like a lot of people think about the daemonettes e g), and if the new ones look good, you still have models you like, already painted.