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20-05-2008, 00:47
My brother is now selling off his wood elf army in search of high elves, and i am building my dark elves back up to 2000 points again. This is a quick list i slapped together for him (as hes only 10)...

Prince - 276 - hw, lance, da, shield, longbow, vambraces of defiance, helm of fortune, elven steed
Mage Lvl2 - 172 - hw, elven steed, scroll
Mage Lvl2 - 160 - hw, scroll
Noble BSB - 178 - hw, shield, da, longbow, bsb, banner of sorcery
12 archers - 132 - hw, longbow
24 spearmen - 243 - hw, spear, la, shield, command
16 lothern sg - 233 - hw, spear, longbow, la, shield, command
8 silver helms - 224 - hw, lance, ha, shield, command
2 lion chariots - 280
repeater bolt thrower - 100

total 1998

models - 79
power dice - 6 + D3
dispel dice - 4
dispel scrolls - 2

+1 to all dispels while mages still live

prince has 4+ save 4+ ward, immune to fire and breath and reroll armour saves.

> i take it his ward is 4+ since the 4 and 1 dont say cumulative like his armour does, however i take it if the vambraces are destroyed somehow he retains his 6+ save from the helm.. right?

20-05-2008, 03:28
Silver Helms are a waste this edition I'm afraid. They're there to be characterful I suppose.

High Elves this edition have become more Elite Infantry oriented. That isn't to say that there's no need for Core, but it's usually best to approach things with a minimalist perspective.

A few things though:

Drop Archers for a second Repeater bolt thrower. Equalize the number of LSG and Spearelves left.

Dedicate one Mage to be the Scroll caddy if you want to, or give them both magical items. It's actually worth it. Don't upgrade to L2 and not give them a magical item.

Your characters are oddly set up, and you have too many points dedicated to them. Do you think it's worth the points to get a 6+ ward save just in case the 4+ ward save item is destroyed? Mount the BSB. And does your prince have a mount?

Consider a strong fighting block somewhere in the Special slots; units of Phoenix Guard are amazingly resilient, White Lions can withstand a lot as well and keep fighting, and Sword Masters can ginsu through a lot of things. And your BSB with its +D3 Power Dice banner is nice and all, but your Mages are kind of naked and underwhelming.

20-05-2008, 13:29
the prince had an elven steed forgot to put that in but it was in his points cost.

the reason the noble doesnt, and only one mage does, is because both sets you get 1 foot 1 mounted model. i think my brother would like to play magically offensive thats why he had level 2 for the extra power dice and that. and the princes helm does more than just the 6+ ward save or i agree it wouldnt be worth it.

not many special because many of them are still metal blisters which are too expensive, and running the SE and LSG in that unit size because of the models from battalion and a spearman box combined.

thanks for the help though ill work on the list

21-05-2008, 09:07
Drop the silver helms. Nobody shold ever use them in this edition. Change them to DP's
Drop the BSB for another mage and put the banner of sorcery on the dragon princes.
Drop the seaguard. Either increase the spear units to 30 or drop them altogether in favour of something else.

Change your mages magic items.
1. 2 stones and silvr wand
2. Ring of fury OR loremasters cloak
3. seerstaff and powerstone

prince doesnt need helm of fortune if he has vambraces. Give him dragon armour ,unbarded steed, vambraces and the weapon that ignores amrour saves, or have him on foot with a great weapon and more magic items.

21-05-2008, 09:19
The spearmen don't need to be that big, I usually field them in units of 18, three ranks of 6, and they work better for me than when I fielded them 5 by 4 in units of 20. Plus, it's a decent price of 187 for 18 spears with a full command.

I agree, drop the Silver Helms - they really just pale in comparison to Dragon Princes. I would also recommend finding more room for bolt throwers, I like to have a bare minimum of 2 in a 2k game, they really are so effective. Especially at softening up the targets that your units can't deal with in combat.

Hope that helps.