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20-05-2008, 09:27
I've noticed some Sartosa vampire models on pre-order on the new website. What info do we have on this place? This is the first I have seen of them.

20-05-2008, 09:36
Sartosa is an island off the coast of Tilea famous for it's pirates.

Think of the port of Tortuga as portrayed in Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Decadent Pirate Principality of Sartosa

Sartosa is the largest island off the south coast of Luccini. In the past it was inhabited by the Norse, who engaged in frequent raids against the fleets of Luccini. These raids were ultimately stopped when the merchant prince hired the pirates to fight against the predations of the Dark Elf corsairs who were active in the area.

This arrangement was soon ended when the forces of Jaffa of Araby began a protracted war against the nearby lands of Estalia. The Dark Elves, capitalizing on the confusion in the region, where able to overthrow the Norsemen and take the island of Sartosa for themselves. Later, with the war between Estalia and Araby ended, the combined forces of the merchant prince of Luccini, the Norsemen and pirate fleets defeated the Corsairs still on Sartosa and took it for themselves.

Today the island is ruled democratically, with a Pirate Prince periodically elected from among the captains of Sartosa. Though occupying the seat of highest authority, the Pirate Prince will only exercise his powers in the most extreme situations, preferring to allow the free-spirited culture of Sartosa to go unmolested unless a situation becomes too bloody. The current elected ruler of Sartosa is the notorious Pirate Princess. Her reputation for being ten times more cruel than any of her predecessors is no exaggeration, and she has been the longest lasting ruler to date.