View Full Version : Need 1k point Wood elf list

21-05-2008, 00:17
Assuming you have access to the whole of the WE minis, what would you take for an effective 1k point list? It seems anything below 1500 and wood elves dont have much support. Am I wrong to think so?

Bumble the Great
21-05-2008, 06:53
I think wood elves work very well at low point cost games! I have had success at doubles tournements especially with 750pts allied with another 750 list.
Unfortunatly im at work at the mo and dont have access to my army book but I think the 750 list had.

1 lvl 2 spellsinger, calingors stave, Dispel Scroll
8 x dryads with Nymph
8 x dryads with Nymph
8 x dryads no Nymph

Now this list was working with another army of Lizardmen so we did pick things that would compliment each other However I think it would be very easy to add 250 to that and have a good working list. 2 units of GG x 10 with champions is gonna be 240 and there are tonnes of other things you could do!
Hope this helps a bit! :)

21-05-2008, 11:38
I still don't understand how dryad armies work. I have only played WE once, but the dryads just got crushed by one of my heroes.

Bumble the Great
21-05-2008, 14:40
the trick is not just with dryad armys but all WE forces not to fight the enemys strengths so if you player was getting into fights with a hero that was whooping them he was playing it wrong

1. hang or advance behind cover (preferably trees)
2. use the movement of your skirmishers to flank the enemy (luring them intowards some GG that are firing at them works for this)
3. Flank charge/Rear Charge/Muliple Charge! (fear tests lots of attacks and hopefully death)

04-06-2008, 19:45
at 1000 pts a balanced WE list is near unbeatable. 20 bows, two units of dryads, some wardancers, some march blocking, and a bit of terrain re-deployment every turn. I don't think I've lost w/ my 1000 pt WE list.

05-06-2008, 02:24
Several builds are workable.

The all tree list can be really nasty even at 1k:
Wraith caster w/cluster and annoyance
1x 10 dryads w/nymph
2x 8 dryads w/nymphs
3 treekin

All shooting all-elves can work:
Noble with BoL, elf steed
4x 10 glade guard
2x 5 glade riders
5 waywatchers

A balanced mix really makes a more fun list:
Noble w/HoDA
3x 10 glade guard
8 dryads w/champ
2x 5 glade riders w/musicians
8 wardancers w/champ+musician