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20-10-2005, 13:46

Does anyone know where I can find the detailed history of the 1st Armageddon War? You know Leman Russ and the Grey Knights vs. Angron.

I am looking for the history and IIRC there is an order of battle from that war.


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Marty D
20-10-2005, 14:20
WD 279
WH40k Codium Imperialis
The fist war for Armageddon

its at the back of the WD

20-10-2005, 14:22
It's all cool at the back of the WD!

Marty D
20-10-2005, 14:26
i miss the 'next issue' previews, and the conversion corner thing with some madboy orc doc

20-10-2005, 15:26
Thanks guys:

Would that be UK WD 279 or US WD 279? I think that is what I am looking for.

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20-10-2005, 15:56
I found this on the Armageddon 3 site (http://www.armageddon3.com/English/History/history_1st.html).

Hope I helped!

20-10-2005, 16:04
Leman Russ and the Grey Knights vs. Angron.

You mean Logan Grimnar right? Anyway, it is a good article. Was on the UK GW site a while back - cannot see it there now though. Regardless, it proves that Primarchs (and their Daemon kindred) really aren't that great.*

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20-10-2005, 16:14
Thanks guys;

As a followup question:

During the 3rd Armageddon War didn't the Relictors chapter fight at Angron's temple in the jungle?

Thanks Again

Fallen Scholar

20-10-2005, 16:40
Yes they did - presumably they thought there was something to learn from it.

Ivan Stupidor
20-10-2005, 19:52
And since they're running around with a very Khornate wargear item call "Shard of the Monolith", I'd say they got something out of it...