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eshin's claws
21-05-2008, 20:31
this is my first thread.... yay me... anyways , me and my buds are starting a big campiagn , and i need to choose my starting army :skull: hehe . any ideas?

ps: i want to have a lot of stormvermin...

21-05-2008, 23:49
Ok, first question. Do you actually mean 10 000 points? Or is it 1000?

eshin's claws
22-05-2008, 18:31
10 000 pts

22-05-2008, 21:36
well 25 clanrats with banner, standard, and mus + accompanying 20 rat unit of slaves is 180 pts, so i would say 54 units of clanrats and 54 units of slaves, rest in a warlord a bsb. Then tie by default as you never finish your deployment in a 3 hour game! tada, the can't lose army.

in all seriousness, are you breaking this up into smaller armies that add up to 10k, or just make a 10k army and select parts of it fight? depending on the way you plan to use it i would bulk up on slaves and clanrats as they die easy, and in a one-off game thats fine, use em and forget them, but in campaigns you may need extras to make up for all the running away. Aside from that, most skaven units are dirt cheap, get a backup of each thing so you can use a solid gameplan each fight without having to worry about a portion of it not being available to you.

22-05-2008, 22:22
10k of Skaven? well i'd take everything and a little bit more of everything and then well...

I'd suggest splitting the construction up into 5 groups of 2k and making an army as such. Would be nice to theme 4 armies as each clan and then a 5th as a general mish mash with the overlord no?

cant really advise on a 10k list though as i've never played one and they pretty much include everything in the army at least 4 times over.

23-05-2008, 08:38
I have almost 700 skaven models and that dont make up more then 7000 or 8000 points. Cant really see a 10000 point skaven army function at all, but if you do manage it please post some pictures of your deployment in the correct forum.

Army wise I cant help you unless you specify what models you have.


23-05-2008, 09:28
I suppose that what the opening poster was suggesting is that due to the campaign rules, he must construct a 10000 points "army" which will reflect the entire skaven horde taking part in the campaign...

If I am correct, every unit lost in a battle is not replenished (unless there is some kind of resource management in the campaign) but is instead "deleted" from the total army roster.

Thus, his 10000 should have a lot of substitutes...

Getting 20 or so units of clanrats is a good start! As for stormvermin, although you're only allowed one unit in the army, I suppose you could elect to have more as reserves.

As another poster said, it would help you a lot if you broke the army down to several themed contingents.

eshin's claws
23-05-2008, 19:12
you can replienish the army, i wasnt really sure how to word the title... anyways , i am sure im gonna have multiple themed armies. how about this:

army 1: grey seer with a bell
60 clanrats(spears)
a bunch of stormvermin(not sure on a number
40 plague monks
40 slaves with slings
a mumakill(me and my buds bought one and still need to make stats for it, roughly 600 points, if you have any ideas what the stats should be , let me no.
2 warpfire cannons

24-05-2008, 03:01
You should break it into 5 2k armies 1 army with all clans 1 for eshin 1 for skyre pestilins

24-05-2008, 08:41
Ran a similar amount of skaven once in a siege game vs Dogs of War. Replaying the siege of Miragliano.

What my buddy the skaven player did was run 5 2000pt armies. One form each of the clan lists at the back of the book and one normal army based on a warlord clan. This meant more heroes and more variety, otherwise you'll end up with 12 warp lightning cannons which is cool, but boring. Alternativly, go with the Bubonic Court, Hell Pit, Eshin SoC and then a Skyre Shooty list for even more variety, madness and ginat mole rats.

Good Luck, you'll need a huge board and movement trays!

24-05-2008, 08:47
dont give clanrats pears please!

and do you mean warpfire throwers or warplightning cannons?

eshin's claws
24-05-2008, 12:27
ok. im going to break it into 5 armies. i get it. i dont really want one for each of the clans, because i need range. im playing against wood elves and high elves.the only other army is chaos(all of them), and daemons now how a lot of range peoples.
i mean warplighting cannons,sorry , i was watching tv and on aim.

:{) (<moustache)

24-05-2008, 13:44
Well, maybe split into a couple of smaller armies, say 1500 for eshin/moulder/Pestilens, Skyre maybe 3000 which leaves 2500 for basic warlord clan and use thier rare slot for more warp lighting cannons. Dont plan on them being good though, in our Moiragliano game my buddy took 8 and they all misfired and blew up by turn 3 with no real damage done.

Good Luck

25-05-2008, 10:31
what about of 10000 points of only slaves lol

sing Sang a song
25-05-2008, 18:10
what about of 10000 points of only slaves lol

that is the most unbeatable army in the world with 2000 models!!!;)

25-05-2008, 19:22
that is the most unbeatable army in the world with 2000 models!!!;)

2000 models!!! what a joke youd have at least 4000!!!!!!!:eek: