View Full Version : Eltharion went to specsavers...no two for one tho

Mike KK
21-05-2008, 22:22
ok i really hate how they have took out the rules for eltharion as a blind guy, does anyone know where i can get rules for him blind or is this no longer possible?

i have this awesome model and they didn't even include rules for him in army book

21-05-2008, 23:27
The blind eltharion rules are no longer official and legal(hahaha), although they are opponents permission only on the GW site.

You can use him as a normal hero/lord.
Also....you can use non-special character's in your army you know....you dont have to use them.

The emo harry potter on buckbeak eltharion rules are much better than the blind jedi eltharion rules anyway.

22-05-2008, 08:26
I suggest using him as a Lord with the White Sword (surprise surprise), Armour of Protection (as he wears light armour, and the 4+ Ward represents his dodging rather than the armour itself), and whatever you think is fluffy from Talismans and Enchanted.

Similarly, Imrik is a Lord with Armour of Caledor, Star Lance and Dragonhorn riding a Star Dragon. Easy.

22-05-2008, 11:45
I would add the Talisman of Loec to represnt his recklessnes that sometimes overcomes him.