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22-05-2008, 00:21
I would like to place an order with GW to get this limited Sergeant, and I want to use this opportunity to grab the models I can't get from an e-tailer at a discount, an old model or two, and a couple of specific sculpts that are normally sent to you randomly when you order it like Chaplains and Commissars. My question is which models are web exclusives? Besides the Dark Eldar line? ;)

I think these are all web exclusives:

Ork Nob with Waaagh! Banner
Grot Oiler
Techmarine with Servo Harness (By himself, not the boxed set)

Any others? Any that you can't get at retail any more, but are on the website?

22-05-2008, 02:40
Tomb spiders are direct order only now.

22-05-2008, 04:39
Have you seen the list (http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=List_Models&code=301375&orignav=301375) on the site?

Although I don't know for sure but it seems that a big chunk of the Witchhunters range has become direct only as none of the (UK based) retailers stock things like the indivdual Sisters, Exorcist or Penitent Engine.

22-05-2008, 05:20
All sorts of stuff are basically direct only from GW:

Most of the Inquisition-related stuff for 40k (ie; witch hunters, GKs, inquisitor models, with Exorcists definitely being so). Some stores still have scattered Sisters and such for sale, but that's usually old stock. Most were withdrawn because of low sales.

Any "classic" or "collector's" model.