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22-05-2008, 08:35
About to start a new daemons army. Made my decicions based on which models i like, and tried to make an army that would be fun to play in a friendly environment. My opponents include empire, orcs and goblins, beasts of chaos, vampire counts and to some extent bretonnia, wood elves, skaven and ogre kingdoms.

Herald of Khorne (chariot, soul hunger, armor of khorne, general)
(Not much to say about this guy, enough US to flank, tough enough to endure, he is to support the main advance)

Herald of Khorne (juggernaut, bsb, armor of khorne, firestorm blade, great icon of dispair)
(This guy joins the juggernauts for extra cr, im abit uncertain which banner to take, but i figure -2 to fear tests might come in handy if/when this unit breaks through and overruns)

Herald of Tzeentch (disk, spellbreaker, flames of tzeentch)
(March block, flames to take out fanatics and other small units)

Herald of Tzeentch (power vortex)
(joins the horrors for improved ward save)

20 Bloodletters (full command, icon of endless war)
(Grunts of the army, fast deadly)

20 Bloodletters (full command, icon of endless war)
(A second unit as above)

10 Pink Horrors (standard, champion, icon of sorcery)
(Extra spellcasting, icon to let them cast with 1 die, champion to protect herald from challenges)

5 Fleshhounds
(Hard hitting flank unit)

5 Screamers
(Slashing attacks, march block and to take out warmachine crew)

2 Juggernauts (standard, icon of endless war)
(Hammer unit, herald joins for extra punch)

4 Flamers (champion)
(Mobile artillery)

Grand total of 2249 pts, 8 pd, 5 dd and one scroll.

22-05-2008, 10:38
If for friendly env - quite nice - have fun with that :)

22-05-2008, 10:39
Wait on second thought - take down 2x screemers and for 60 points put in 5 furries - better for warmachine hunting and screemers realy work best in 3

22-05-2008, 10:55
Hi there!

A couple of small thing i thought about when reading through this list:

I don't think you should give your Khorne Herald a chariot, mostly because IMO they are a bit too expensive. Instead give him Juggernaught + armour of khorne. Can't go wrong with a 0+ AS. But on the other hand, the Chariot is really cool. Up to you really. Give the other herald the Banner of Unholy Victory instead. Great with the +D3 CR when he is supporting the Bloodcrushers.

Give at least one (actually i would give it to both) of your Tzeentch Heralds Master of Sorcery. That way you can stick to the Tzeentch lore but know all spells! Or you could choose wichever lore suits you best ATM. Which is just awesome. Try giving one if them Wings + Master of Sorcery and the other one a Chariot + Master of Sorcery + Spell Breaker. It really is great to have a flying, rank breaking chariot with a lvl 2 caster on it. Also a disc is actually not that good..

Why not flesh out your Horror unit a bit. Make it 15 at least and lower the size of one of the Bloodletters units. It makes the Horrors much more efficient and resilient IMO. Best would be to have a unit of around 30, but you probably won't fit that into this list.

You could take a smaller unit of screamers, or drop the altogether in favour of some furies. I prefer furies every day.

Drop the Flamer champ too.

My 2 cents.

Cheers and good luck!

22-05-2008, 11:48
My biggest problem with the Chariot for the Khorne Herald is that he cannot March...he can only Move-7, while a Jugger Herald CAN March-14, if needed.

Additionally, you pay 25 pts more for a Chariot, than for a Jugger.

Both models get Hatred, but you are denied the ability to use the Herald as a boost for your foot troops since he is in a Chariot and cannot join their unit. This means that they can never benefit from his Locus of Khorne ability.

Also...the combat potential for both units is the same regardless of which mount option you take. In both cases you will have the 2 WS-5, STR-5, Killing Blow attacks from the Jugger, and 3 WS-7, STR-6, Killing Blow attacks from the Herald.

The ONLY boost you are getting is the chance to cause D6 STR-5 Impact Hits on the Charge. That's it.

* * * * *

Hmmm..............in mid-typing, I'm struck with a moment of lucid thought. ;)

That's really NOT it. You get more for that 25 pts.

You still get the +2 Bonus to Armor Save VS-Shooting attacks that hit the Herald-rider of the Chariot, so with the mandatory Armor of Khorne he does get an impressive 1+ Armor Save, 5+ Ward Save to resist the damage. The Chariot itself gets a 3+ Armor Save and 5+ Ward Save against anything directed at it....and more importantly, it's Toughness-5 with 4 Wounds.

Hmmm...Toughness-5 is otherwise un-obtainable in a Khorne List (well, I'm not counting the worthless Khorne Daemon Prince).

The problem I have with it is that the Herald is still more vulnerable, in my view, then he would be on the Jugger in a unit of Letter's, and he cannot boost their combat ability with Locus of Khorne when he is on his own in the Chariot.

He's also vulnerable to the full range of STR-7 nastyness that can auto-smash his ride, while the Jugger version is not scared of such attacks.

Consider that a STR-7 blow normally has an Armor Save Modifier of -4.

This would reduce a 3+ Armor Save to "Nothing", meaning his mighty Chariot would be down to a 5+ Ward Save as to whether it would shatter or not.

With him on the Jugger though, he would be 0+ Armor Save...meaning that same STR-7 attack would still allow him a 4+ Armor Save, followed by a 5+ Ward Save, meaning he'd have a much better chance of surviving with potentially no damage being taken.

Hmm.........................I can see either setup having some usefulness, but still think the Jugger is the way to go, overall, for all the benefits it can give the unit without exposing the Herald needlessly or leaving him with a weaker Armor Save than he could otherwise get on the Jug.