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22-05-2008, 15:03
So this is what i have so far, im wanting some magic power along with effective ground troops, im not so sure what to add but this is what i have so far.

Herald of Tzeentch 115 200 773
Master of Sorcery 25
Chariot 60

10x Blood Letters 144

10x Blood Letters 144

15x Daemonettes 204

Blue Scribes of Tzeentch 81

Any advice would be great on what to add, its kinda a tossup on what i need and so far im not really sure what i should have/use.

So far ive played 2 games with daemons with a Flying Tzeentch hearld and everytime hes been worth the points, this time thou hes getting the chariot so he wont die so easy. Last game i lost him 2nd turn when i charged a bolt thrower and its crew of 2 killed him.. I know thats sad but it happened, That was still enough damage from the one magic phase to be ok.

I also like the 2 small blocks of Bloodletters and the 15 sized Daemonettes squad usually had a Herald in the Daemonettes squad but im not sure if i want to take her now or something else.

I could also drop a Bloodletter squad for a Nugle squad and a cheap ish hearld of nurgle as a screen ? There kinda slow thou so not really sure about that one.

My other option i think would be taking a squad of Flesh hounds, ive also had good luck with these.

Any suggestions or help would be great,

Hive Fleet Spectra
22-05-2008, 15:27
As its only 1000pts I would be tempted to drop the bluescribes as I don't think it is really nessecary. I would also reduce the demonettes down to 10 models, this should give you enough points to add in a Hearld of Slannesh, which you can kit out how you wish.

The bluescribes bound spell could be useful, but I think overall its a bit harsh in such a small game. However this is just my opinion of course, just a few things to think about. Good luck with your army

22-05-2008, 15:33
I like the bluescribes due to the fact most of my oppnets except 1 has casters, and 1 opponet is VC.

Also i have 227 free Points left atm, i didnt see it smushed the cost bye the heralds point cost for the whole army.

Hive Fleet Spectra
22-05-2008, 15:58
Oh yes, I didn't see that you had points left :D.

In that case you could keep what you have there then add in 5 fleshhounds, then with the remaining points you could give your demonettes the siren standard (good for combined charges with the fleshhounds).
Also you could give one of your bloodletters the Icon of Endless War.

This keeps the speed in your army so the slowest your moving is 5". Plus with the fleshhounds you have a nice damage dealing unit, which can work in tandem with the rest of your army

22-05-2008, 16:05
Flesh hounds is exactly what i was thinking, that would leave me with 52pts if i took those.

I could add a little to the Tzeentch Herald, the 25 point flame shooting attack also, thou i could make the daemonette squad smaller and toss in a hearld with the flesh hounds for the slaanesh dogs and get a Battle Standard, maybe.

I would have 112 pts if i dropped 5 daemonetts, or drop 4 and drop the alluress upgrade. enough for hearld of slaanesh, but that wouldnt gain me to much with a half equiped Herald i guess.

Taking 3 Fiends of Slaanesh is also tempting, thou, the Flesh hounds have Magic resistance 3...