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20-10-2005, 16:42
okay welcome to the recruitment thread of TOD: 2, it will be set 3 yers after the previous one.

... exept one grey knight (not justicar)
one inquisitor (will lead the retinue)
NO XENOS (the eladr from teh previous are alowed, anyone else request if you want a xenos and i migh say yes)
NO FREAKS (ie servitors, mutants etc)
1 pskic (not uber- previous pycic characters alowed)
0-1 ig sergeant

20-10-2005, 20:33
Tes will come back in his half deamoness

21-10-2005, 00:46
My name is Salrian Magnum.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm half human, half, emperor knows what xenos freak. Well, what happened since you last saw me? Well, we got the hell out of that doomed blackstone, surviving by the skin of out teeth, so to speak. I was one of the lucky ones, I reckon, nothing seriously injured, cept for my pride. Lost my Toxin dagger, which I ain't happy about. Last reminder of a good friend, left sticking out of the shoulder of the biggest bloodletter I'd ever seen. Still, the power sword Kerin's sung for me is pretty cool, even if it gives me headaches...
Just reminds me how much I hate daemons.

************************************************** ********

My name is Kerin Boneweld.

It was touch back there, fighting out way out of the station. I owe Sal and Radis my life, I guess. Radis had to cut my arm off at the shoulder to save my life. The Daemon's counterstike when I rebuked him corrupted the wraithbone matrix of my Gauntlet, and it began to freeze my arm. It was only through Radis' quick action that I wasn't frozen in place for all time. So, bleeding and half delerious, I was carried out by Salrian. It took me a while to recover enough to sing myself a wraithbone prosthetic, but it's working fine now.

21-10-2005, 01:27
I am Radis FireBorn

I am the Half Eldar prince that has become a wonder. After escaping the blackstone he foundout about Jacksons actions that saved both Kerin and himself and offered the man with a new top of the line replacment arm of his liking. it was the least he could do. It pained him to have to remove Kerins arm but he had no choice in the matter at least she was alive as was Sal. His skills with his warlock gifts have increased and soon he will be able to weild the StarBlade.

21-10-2005, 03:51
oh and Set will not make an apprance for now he didn;t die he just left Ruben and went back to his mercinary ways

Lord Setra
21-10-2005, 13:18
If you are not the inquisitor warlordgrubnatz is it open for me to take it?

21-10-2005, 19:11
yes it is. I will roleplay inquisitor lord Ruben but he will only make an aperance on special occasions, otherwise I will place you in situations and you wiull rp them, if you play the inquisitor you will be a sort of co gm.

@bmaxwell Set would have had to escaped from Ruben as a zealot can't just leave but okay :D.

@laudren and kaos your characters are okay.

21-10-2005, 20:30
yea i know figured i could bring him back later i just really didn;t like where set was going as a zealot didn;t suit him very well

22-10-2005, 04:58
Name: Thomas Jackson
Rank: Imperial Guard Veteran Sergeant

Latest Background: After barely getting out of the Blackstone Fortress he accepted Radis offer of a new bionic arm despite his usual lack of trust for the eldar. His shoulder is now recovered from the bloodletter’s attack though its movement is now slightly limited, but the quality of the new arm makes up for it. Even though he is thankful to the eldar prince he made clear that this does not change the veterans view of the eldar race.


Name: Adrian Haffle
Rank: Medical Officer

Latest Background: Getting out alive of the Blackstone Fortress is something he owes to practically everyone in the team, but specially Kerin. He blames himself for the lost of her arm. He did his best to treat her wounds from the moment he controlled the hemorrhage from the sectioned limb until back at the ship and stood by her side in the med-bay checking her vitals and doing everything human medicine could offer an eldar (he did not sleep for days until she finally recovered consciousness and left her alone with Salrian). Now in addition to the usual contents in his med-kit he always carries several anti-daemonic devices he found out to be quite useful from the last mission.

22-10-2005, 16:32

after being possed by a deamon on a Derlict on his frist misson with Ruben during a long and painful excorizeism the only way Tes could survie with out the deamon compeltey destorying him was to take the deamon and make it a part of him. Tes is no longer human but no one is sure quite what he is. Tes knows that the deamon is still inside of him and when ever other deamons are around his body will begin to change and after a long enough period of time he will look competley deamon. Ruben may not like it but he trust that Tes has compelte control. when the blackstone was destoryed every one thought that tes had perished along with it for he was not on the shuttle that came back but within a few weeks Tes was found asleep deep within the ships engine. tes does not knowhow he got there just remberes a blinding white flash and wakeing up in the ship

23-10-2005, 13:16
the game will start on tuesday, keep signing up people.

Lord Setra
23-10-2005, 15:58
That sounds ok.

Sign me up for the inquisitor when you are not there then.

23-10-2005, 16:37
just post him/ her up then

27-10-2005, 21:12
hey whats goin on here is this gona die out too or are we gona get it rollin?

27-10-2005, 21:58
i think we need some basic soldiers and mercinaries before we begin.

27-10-2005, 23:24
Why worry? Just create a squad of NPC grunts, and dictate their actions in a general sense. Let your players take care of the rest....

27-10-2005, 23:58
right im starting, go to teh tale of darkness thread.