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22-05-2008, 16:15
Taking a break from my vampire counts I gave my ogres a go.

My list:

(Gorbad and flint) Bruiser w/ heavy armor, tenderiser, sword gnoblar
(Bangbang) Butcher w/ bang stick
(Fatso) Butcher w/ dispel scroll

4X 3 bulls w/ extra handweapon (from now on refered to as bullsX)
3X 3 ironguts
2X 3 bulls
6X 20 gnoblars (6X3+2)

2X Gorger

Her list: (or as best as I could tell)

lvl 4 spellweaver w/ wand of reroll dispel dice
lvl 2 spellsinger w/ 2 dispel scrolls
noble w/ hail of doom

4X 10 glade guard
8 glade riders w/ full command
10 dryads w/ champ

~13 wardancers w/ champ

5 waywatchers

The board was 4x6. There was a big long hill at the back of each of our deployment zones. A forest to the left center. A hill with a tower to the right center with another forest to the right of it. In the back left of my deployment zone there was a building.

These hills are the very reason why I stopped bringing my ogres. I know that I can't expect there will never be hills, but hills (big long ones no less) in every game is a bit much. I wasn't too worried about that though because this WE player usually just deploys on hills so that she can fire in two ranks and have a more central firebase, and usually just shoots the gnoblars anyway. So I deployed in my normal way.

In the big clearing I had 5 units of gnoblars in the front, and then behind them from left to right was bullsX, ironguts, bullsX w/ Gorbad, ironguts, bullsX w/ Bangbang. I put the other unit of gnoblars behind the building in the back left, and a unit of bulls on the left flank. Behind the tower I had a unit of bullsX with Fatso. Going between the tower and the trees were the other ironguts, and the other bulls were facing the trees (incase the waywatchers went in it).

She deployed all the archers and characters on the hill. To their left was the glade riders and then to their left were the wardancers. To the right of the hill were the dryads, and the waywatchers scouted into the tower.

Pregame thoughts: those waywatchers in the tower were going to be a pain but I should be able to take them out with magic or just charging them. The dryads I could deal with and the wardancers avoid and shoot at with my gnoblars. Then I just walk up and win. Works every time ;)

I get first turn,

Turn 1 OK:

The center gnoblars and the gnoblars on the far left bicker (damn). Rest of center line moves up or waits behind bickering gnoblars. Gnoblars on the left move into the house. Bulls on left flank move up a bit. The bullsX could have charge the tower but I just moved up closer to see if I could just take them out with magic first. The ironguts move between the tower and the forest and the bulls follow behind. In the magic phase I learn that she has that staff of reroll and my magic phase is shut down with the help of one of her dispel scrolls.

Turn 1 WE:

Dryads declare a charge on the ironguts but are way out and fail the charge. Wardancers move into the trees. Riders move up to edge of trees and change into single line formation. In her magic phase her first spell is a miscast and her spell singer losses a wound and I get to cast bonecruncher on the waywatchers, but she dispels it. She then casts call of the hunt on the dryads which I let go though which moves them up a mere 4 inches towards my waiting ironguts. In the shooting phase the riders kill a few gnoblars. Two units of archers (and noble using hail of doom arrow) rip into Bangbang's unit and kills 2 ogres and takes a wound off the third. Other archers take 2 wounds off the ironguts on the left. Bangbang passes his panis test.

Turn 2 OK:

No bickering, no gorgers. BullsX w/ Fatso charge the waywatchers who hold. Ironguts charge dryads. Deciding to risk it my bulls on the left flank charge into the wardancers in the trees. Line moves up and Bangbang joins the ironguts to his left. Bulls on right flank move up to charge dryads next turn. My magic phase is shut down again, and she uses another scroll. In combat the wardancers use the extra attack dance, and between bullrush and attacks I kill 2 wardancers and then lose 2 wounds, and wardancers win combat by 1. I fail and am run down as the wardancers go off the board. (Might not have been good but wardancers are out of position.) Between bullrush and attacks ironguts kill 2 dryads (wtf?) and then I lose two wounds. I lose combat by 1 again and run... but this time I get away. The Fatso and two ogres are picked to fight the five waywatchers. Because I'm charging into a building the waywatchers go first and kill a whole ogre and I do 2 wounds back. I lose combat by 1 and guess what? I run and am run down by the waywatchers. This panics the bulls who run too. (Always great when my ogres are beaten in combat by archers...)

Turn 2 WE:

Dryads charge the fleeing ironguts but I get away. Glade riders charge into the gnoblars they just shot at (second from left of main line). Wardancers come back onto the table. In the magic phase the spellsinger miscasts again and losses a magic level. Mistress of the marsh goes off on some gnoblars. I stop the rest. Her shooting does fairly poorly and she only does a couple of wounds to some ogres. In combat my gnoblars are crushed and the riders overrun into the ironguts behind.

Turn 3 OK:

No gnoblars bicker, both gorgers come on and are places at either ends of the bowline. Ironguts keep running and bulls rally. Bangbang charges the flank of the riders and a unit of gnoblars charge in as well. The gnoblars on the right move into the tower. Rest of the line moves up. Gorbad leaves his unit to run up to be infront of the tower. My magic is easily stopped. In the shooting phase my gnoblars in the tower manage to kill 1 waywatcher who was still standing in the open. They pass their panic. In combat Bangbang kills 2, and after the riders kill 1 irongut andthe ironguts kill a few more and I run them down as they flee (even though the farthest I moved was 7).

Turn 3 WE:

Dryads charge the bulls. Archers on the ends turn to face gorgers. Wardancers move into the trees. Waywatchers move into the woods. In the magic phase she gets off mistress of the marsh on a unit of gnoblars again and I fail to stop fury of the forest (3 dice and two were 1s) but it does no damage to Gorbad. In the shooting phase the wood elves went to show there is nothing in probability: both gorgers are killed, Fatso is killed, and Gorbad losses 2 wounds. It was so stupid it was actually funny... In combat my bulls lose 4 wounds and do none back and get away when they run.

Turn 4 OK:

No noblars bicker. Gnoblars and bullsX charge wardancers, but because of terrain I just fail the charge with the ogres leaving the gnoblars to fight them on their own. The ironguts that just caught the riders charge into the archers second from the left. They stand and shoot and kill an irongut (I pass panic). Gorbad charges into archers next to the right and takes no wounds from stand and shoot. Lone bullsX charges into rear of archers on the right. Ironguts run off the board and bulls rally. Gnoblars in the tower move out so they are still on the hill but in range of waywatchers. Knowing that I would lose the fight to the waywatchers I setup a unit of gnoblars to that the wardancers would overrun into them, and then set up a unit of ogresX to charge the wardancers after they overrun the gnoblars (or not). In the shooting phase gnoblars fail to kill a waywatcher. In combat wardancers use dance of extra attack I get slaughtered and the wardancers overrun into the gnoblars. The irongut kills 1 archer, archers do no wounds back. I lose combat by 1... and run and am run down. Gorbad makes a challenge which is refused and does 1 wound. I lose combat by 1... and get away. Archers run into gnoblars though. The bullsx that hit the rear of the archers does 2 wounds, takes 1 back, and it's a draw.

Turn 4 WE:

Dryads charge bulls. Nothing happens in the magic phase. In the shooting phase Gorbad is killed and bulls waiting to countercharge wardancers lose a wound. In combat eleven gnoblars are killed by wardancers, I flee and get away. Dryads kill another ogre, the last one flees and gets away again (at least I'm doing good at running...). Archers fighting gnoblars only kill 2 and I do 1 wound back. I win combat by 1, the archers (and spellweaver) run and are caught by my gnoblars ; ) The archers around them pass panic tests. The bull in the rear of archers is killed in combat.

Turn 5 OK:

Gnoblars that just overran bicker (no charge for them...). BullsX charge into wardancers. Gnolars keep running but single bull rallies. The gnolars kill 1 more waywatcher and he passes his panic test. In combat the wardancers go for the 4+ ward save. I kill 2 and they do 4 wounds. I run and am ran down.

Turn 5 WE:

Dryads charge single bull. Wardancers charge flank of bulls that had failed the charge on them. I try to flee but roll double 1's and I am caught. Single waywatcher runs deeper into the trees. In the magic and shooting phase I basically loss all other ramaining bulls. In combat the last bull is killed.

Turn 6 Ok:

In a final act of redemption I prepare to shoot at the wardancers with the gnoblars from the building. They bicker and the game is basically over.

Solid victory if not massacre for the wood elves!

Post-game thoughts: That went REALLY bad. Unlucky dice rolling can be blamed for a lot of this, but I still have to take a good part of the blame. I should have waited and dual charged the dryads rather than just charging with the 1 unit of ironguts. She finally learned to shoot my ogres rather than my gnoblars this meant that it was a long slow walk while being shot to bits. That being said, I'm going to push more for not having as many hills. We should be placing terrain like it says in the book rather than just ALWAYS having a big hill on either side for all warmachines and archers to go on. Sure she could have placed a hill anyway, but at least then I could block it with a forest or something.

In the end though, this was the first time I lost to her and it's probably a good thing. She's happy, it was a fun game because so many crazy things happened, and next time the ogres won't be so careless ; )

Thanks for reading.

22-05-2008, 16:43
It was a very good battle report though.

Maybe you should go back to your VCs

22-05-2008, 16:45
It showed me the main reason why I like VCs... I don't have to take any leadership tests... god I'm bad at those : )

22-05-2008, 16:48
Nice report, although some pics would have made it clearer to follow.

Out of interest, did anyone pass any leadership tests in that game? :p

22-05-2008, 16:49
Nice report, although some pics would have made it clearer to follow.

Out of interest, did anyone pass any leadership tests in that game? :p

Not for me... only the bulls with their rally tests :D

The WE passed their fair share of panic tests though (four).

22-05-2008, 17:02
Hey you win some you loose some.

My Dark Elves sometimes run of the table at the first sign of danger however on other days they have held the line at the most critical time.

What other armies do you collect?

22-05-2008, 17:06
For fantasy I have:

~7000 Lizardmen
5000 Ogres
3000 Brets
3500 Vampire counts
2000 Dwarfs (Coming in the mail)
2000 Woodelves
1000 Night goblins

So in other words I'm a warhammer junky :angel:

22-05-2008, 17:12
Funny, I started reading this and saw you vs. the WE player again and almost stopped reading. Didn't need to see another massacre... but it does seem with some luck and some new tactics she may be getting it. Great game and report. Sometimes fate is not on your side.

22-05-2008, 17:20
No tyrant, tenderizer bruiser, 2 butchers, more bulls than guts, 120 gnoblars???

Cred to you Mal, that's quite a unique ogre army as far as competitive builds go (and I figure you don't build lists to just go fluff against people). Horrible that your dice weren't in it this time, impressed by how many combats you lost by 1 despite the load of attaks going in.

- Salvage

22-05-2008, 18:05
tough luck, Mal. But about time the WE's got their vengeance.
I wholehartedly agree on the hill issue though...

22-05-2008, 19:42
Thats a lot of Gnoblars... No Tyrant? Won't make its points back against WE most of the time but in an all comers list they are really good.

Interesting to see you play without the VC's. (I think I missed the first WE report)

Also agreeing on the hill issue. Normally our group play with a hill in each deployment zone so even the roll to see who gets which side is pointless. Recently we have started scattering all terrain Artillery Dice inches after placement(But no piece can be within 6" of a board edge)