View Full Version : Dwarves 2000pts All Comers

22-05-2008, 20:22
Dwarf Lord 206pts
-Great Weapon
-Shield Bearers
-Rune of Resistance
-Rune of Stone

Rune Smith 127pts
-2x Rune of Spellbreaking
-Rune of Stone

Battle Standard Bearer
-Master Rune of Gromirl
-Rune of Cleaving

20 Longbreads 256pts
-Full Command

10 Thunders 150pts

10 Crossbowmen 120pts

17 Hammers 251pts
-Full Command

19 Ironbreakers 302pts
-Full Command
- Rune of Stocism (Rune that doubles unit strengh)

8 Miners 88pts

Cannon 110pts
-Engeener with brace of pistols

Organ Gun 120pts

Gyrocopter 140pts