View Full Version : "Kill for the living, Kill for the dead" A Preheresy Project Log

22-05-2008, 23:04
Hello all,

This is my first project log. I have been painting for several years but just finally got my own digital camera so I can regularly post pictures.

Inspired by the Horus Heresy books I have decided to built a Luna Wolves army along with a small contingent of Emperor's Children (so the chests with the Aquillas don't go to waste).

I have my first squad completed along with a Captain, Garviel Loken, and a model of Horus as a Luna Wolf.

These are mostly done except for a few touch ups and Luna Wolf water slide transfers, but first I need the special paper.

So without further ado here is what I have so far.

Horus - Thinking of touching up the gold with an ink wash and some highlighting

Loken - Captain with Mk4 chest from BT box and 'Master of the Fleet Head' with sculpted hair.

Nero Vipus - here is the squad leader, he has been converted with magnets to have a Mk4 helmet and a bare head.

Locosta 1 - two tactical marines

Locosta 2 - two more tactical marines

Two Emperor's Children

I have a command squad and the red scorpions upgrade from forge world ordered but that may be a while before I get it. Updates will be coming when I get more done.

Thanks for reading.
Comments and Criticism welcome.

23-05-2008, 01:09
As nice as they are, a few niggly pointers.
Knee pads area no-no. The only heresy-era armour that had knee pads is the Maximus suit (the not-quite-beekee-pig-snout-armour) and even then, they were more angular. Likewise, the bolters could do with some work - try snipping the front handgrip and the magazine off and swapping them over to give a rogue trader style bolter shape. Also, might want to avoid the beekee helmets, as they only came into being right at the end of the heresy.

Yes, they are small niggly points, but I say if your going to do something like pre-heresy, may as well get it right. Sorry! Cant help it :p

23-05-2008, 01:14
Great job on the mini's keep it up. I love the novels and this is a good representation of the characters.