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23-05-2008, 08:15
Im new to VC and am versing WE, and I think that I might need some help with the list + tactics. This is what I usually run, but thats against Ogres.

Vampire (General) w/ Bloody Hauberk, Dark Acolyte and Lord of the Dead - 190pts

Vampire w/ Flayed Hauberk, Black Periapt, Dark Acolyte and Summon Ghouls - 185pts

Necromancer w/ Power Stonex2, Invocation of Nehek, Vanhal's Danse Macabre and Raise Dead - 125pts

Corpse cart as mount for Necromancer w/ Unholy lodestone - 100pts

Zombies x 20 - 80pts

Zombies x 20 - 80pts

Skeletons x 20 w/ musician, banner, Banner of Endless Nightmare

Ghouls x 14 - 112pts

Varghulf - 175pts

Total - 1244pts

The general is in the skeleton squad and the other vamp is in with the ghouls.

Any suggestions with changing the list and tactics to use against them would be much appreciated.

23-05-2008, 08:27
Necromancers never ever ever need 3 spells. The only spell they need is vanhels.

They are only lvl 1 wizards, keep them cheap!

Think about it this way, vampires ALWAYS have invocation of nehek and they can ALWAYS choose raise dead. Necromancers only have one power dice of their own, so the will only cast (without the stones) one spell per turn. (2 spells if you have the black periapt, but thats a lot of power dice to be using on his spells per turn)

I find invocation and raise dead a complete waste, vampires invocation is cast as +1 (with the summon power) and you already have 40 zombies, i think youl find against wood elves, with lots of skirmishers and shooting, raising a unit of 5-7 zombies will be pretty pointless. Raise dead has its uses, but necromancers don't need it.

I would drop one unit of zombies, to get 2 units of dire wolves, or one unit of wolves and boost the zombies up to 30, so you don't HAVE to make them bigger. I always find undead work best when you CAN raise a unit above strength, but you don't rely on it.