View Full Version : the design a scenario for lotr using unspecific models

20-10-2005, 17:40
ok so its in the title if this thread is a success then i will make a seperate thread with a poll on to vote for the best. we can all test them in our gaming groups (please note. this is NOT a cleverly devised on the spot plan to get everyone to design scenarios for me to use with the rest of my gaming group ;) )

20-10-2005, 18:50
oh well i did say only if this thread is a success :rolleyes:

20-10-2005, 18:52
Dear goodness man you gave the thread only an hour, remember the baord is open to the world and we all live in seperate time zones.

21-10-2005, 08:18
sorry i know iots just i, when on forums, cant get very impatient oh well here is mine.

Were going on *insert objective here* hunt
Were going on *insert objective here* hunt
and we are scared because we are good and we are whimps - ok joking good aren't whimps i just prefer evil

Were going on *insert objective here* hunt

6 objectives across the board, each player takes it in turns placing them (they all have numbers on so no one may see the number on them)

works well with 2 players no more than 500pts

Roll a D6 at the start of the game
to see what no. is the objective

Both sides are racing to find the real objective before their enemy and carry it off the opponents board edge

you carry them as though you would a drum or mine ect.

best played on a 48" by 48" board

25-10-2005, 00:00
how about there are some guys. A certain one (a hero) has to cross to the other side, while the rest have to kill some interfering soldiers (opp. side). ithilien or amon-hen (for frodo) could work well fer this.

heres #2: there are two sides. on one side is a rescuing team and several prisoners (pref. heroes, naybe 3 of them). the prisoners start BEHIND enemy lines, and the rescuers start on the opp. side. the opposing team starts abut 3/4 near the board, closer to the prisoners. if all the prisoners die, you lose

#3: This one is easy. A specific model has to go to somewhere, stay there for a certain amoun t of turns, and come back to his side, alive and well.