View Full Version : 2000pt Daemons working out the kinks.

23-05-2008, 20:18
well after a few games with the daemons, i am very much sold on using them over my orcs for the time being, the main thing is that i really do like how alot of the units work together now. (damn the daemons are fast, i am still a bit too used to using my ocs and movement 4)

now i am very much sold on what the general is, i have my reasons for it and i feel it will be effective.

Daemon prince, Etherblade, Unnatural Swiftness 375pts
(gaso not a greter daemon but still very hard)

Slaanesh herald, Etherblade 140pts

Tzeentch herald, Spell breaker 140pts

15 Daemonettes, Full command 210pts

15 Daemonettes, Full command 210pts

15 Daemonettes, Full command 210pts

10 Horrors 120pts

10 Horrors 120pts

3 Fiends of Slaanesh 165pts

These are what i am going to use for the most part buti am still unsure of what else i want to use. i want to intend this list for tournamet use as well but it is for friendly games rather than whoop all who oppose me.

now i do not know what else to add in. i have the options of adding in a units of:

5 flamers of tzeentch for 175pts
a herald of tzeentch, Chariot of tzeentch, Iridescant corona, Flames of tzeentch 225pts
5 flesh hounds 175pts (hard hitting but against the current theme of slaanesh and tzeentch)
5 seekers, full command, siren banner (difficult to do since the models aren't available any more.) 175pts

which of this woul you guys thingk is the better solution for the army as a total, i am thinking that the herald on chariot with the flamers ought to bring some good shooting so that i can bring a bit of paint to the enemy as well as having a fairly good supporting unit in the chariot.

while the flesh hounds will be fast and good with the daemon prince but do go against the theme of the army as tzeentch and slaanesh are the main points to it all.

23-05-2008, 20:50
Get some Flamers! They are totally worth it. Did you see me and eleveninches' arguments between Flamers/Screamers? :P We spend about half an hour I think in two or three threads posting about them... :D

The new Flesh Hounds are ace, but they lost Fast Cavalry. I deeply mourn that loss.