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20-10-2005, 19:49

Lord Henry Richfeld a knight so honored by his skills in battle, that no other would ride with out of respect, a few of his loyal Paladin’s and Grail Knights, led a large army of Knights Errants out of Castle Richfield, he disliked his job of escorting Errant Knights to prove themselves and be promoted to becoming a Realm Knight. As he looked behind him and saw both fear and excitement, almost an impetuous look on the young men’s faces, and he remembered when he had the same feelings, he knew some of them would not return, but the ones that did would be promoted to the Title of Knight of the Realms. Lord Henry decided to enter a part of the forest where many evil creatures lived, it was a part were he became a Realm Knight by slaying a small black dragon he knew it would be perfect for the young Errants to gain true Knighthood…

Landor Greyleaf, a Scout Kindred, known for his rapid fire and armour piercing skills with a bow, was relaxing in the trees when he spotted a large Bretonnian army on the march heading towards the location of the a new wood elves encampment. It was the humans, damned ritual of Knightly passing. Last time, the stupid human’s had slain several creatures besides the evil one’s and left the woods a mess. This time he would not let them destroy the beautiful woods again, this time he would stop them. As he plotted their trajectory in his mind he knew where to set up for the attack. It would the place where the Humans would have to cross the Black River…

As Lord Henry retinue of Errants approached Black River Pass his years of experience gave him the felling something was wrong. Instinctively, he raised his shield and blocked an arrow that surely would’ve felled a lesser knight. He turned to his retinue and ordered prepare for battle!!!!

Errantry List:

Lord Henry Richfeld – Lord, Barded Warhorse, Morning Star, Shield, Grail Vow, Virtue of Penitent, Virtue of Discipline, and Virtue of Heroism – 260 pts.

Reginald – BSB, Paladin, Barded Warhorse, Valorous Standard – 124 pts.

Achibald – Paladin, Barded Warhorse, Morning Star of Fracasse – 99 pts.

Trelana – Damsel, Level 2, Barded Warhorse, Dispel Scroll, Mane of Purebreed – 169 pts. (Life Lore: Master of Stone, Mistress of the Marsh)

Maria – Damsel, Level 2, Chalice of Malfleur – 125 pts.
(Beast Lore: Oxen Stands, Wolf Hunts)

8 Knights Errant, Musician, Standard Bearer, Grail Knight Champion – Edward – 203 pts. (Led by Reginald)

8 Knights Errant, Musician, Standard Bearer, Grail Knight Champion –Michael – 203 pts. (Escorting Trelana)

8 Knights Errant, Musician, Standard Bearer, Grail Knight Champion – Luthor – 203 pts.
(Led by Achibald)

3 Pegasus Knights, Full Command – 195 pts.

1 Field Trebuchet, Yeoman Craftsman – 100 pts.

10 Peasant Bowmen, Light Armour, Braziers, Villein – 80 pts.

19 Men at Arms, Halberd, Light Armour, Shield, Full Command – 122 pts
(Led by Maria)

5 Mounted Yeoman, Horse, Shield, Full Command.

1998 pts.

Wood Elves:

Landor Greyleaf, Scout Kindred, Light Armour, Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, Glamorweave – 263 pts.

Mrayath – BSB, Light Armour, Sword of Might, Stone of Crystal Mere – 142 pts.

Calandra – Spell Singer, Glamorweave Kindred, Dispel Scroll, Resplendence of Luminesents – 195 pts. (Fury of the woods, and some spell to make your Etheral)

Jacora – Branchwraith, Level 1, Cluster of Radiance – 140 pts.

12 Dryads, Branch Nymph – 156 pts.
(Led by Jacora)

19 Eternal Guard, Full Command, War Banner, 283 pts.
(Led by Drayath)

5 Glade Guard Scouts, Champion – 91 pts
(Led by Landor)

12 Glade Guard, Musician, Champion – 156 pts.
(Led by Caladra)

Oakheart – Treeman – 285 pts.
Greybranch – Treeman -285 pts.

1996 pts.

Battlefield Layout:

Bretonnian deployment zone has no terrain. A River that runs entirely across the table, between the two armies there are 1 ford (West) and then 2 bridges (Middle and East) spaced evenly from each other. 2 swamps are in the Wood Elf deployment zone one on the West side and one on the east side. The bridge on the East Side has not been used for some time a large wood has grown in front of it, blocking the entrance on the Wood Elf side of the river.



Lord Henry ordered his Trebuchet to set up in the northwest corner of the battlefield, while the archers setup slightly to the left of them. Next, came the Knight Errant led by Michael and escorting Trelana directly across from the Ford. Then, Reginald, and his Knight Errant next to them, followed Maria and her Men at Arms, then Archibald Errants ready to cross the bridge in the center of the battlefield. Then, the Pegasus Knights, and the Mounted Yeoman deployed in the North East Corner of the battlefield. Finally, after everyone finished deployment. Henry rode his Horse forward and positioned himself in front of Michael and Trelana’s unit.

Wood Elves:

Landor Greyleaf, ordered Calandra to take the Glade Guard and setup behind the Swamp near the Ford. He then ordered Oakheart to protect their flank. Next, to them Mryath and the Eternal Guard, on their flank Greybranch and the Dryads with Jacora, and finally Landor and his scouts deployed in the Woods next to the bridge out of site.

20-10-2005, 19:50
To Battle:

As Landor surveyed the battlefield, he saw the Bretonnians all bowing their heads in prayer. He laughed to himself “To a False God Too”. He gave the signal for the attack to begin.

Landor and his Scout moved slightly through the woods, no able to see the Mounted Yeoman he ordered his unit to open fire. Landor aim was true and 3 of his arrow hit their mark killing 3 Yeoman while his unit’s arrows killed the last 2 destroying the unit. Landor hoped this shooting would effect the Pegasus Knights, but they cared little.

Across the battlefield, the Glade Guard let their arrows fly towards the Bowman, but was only able to kill one of the commoners.

Oak heart and Mryath’s Eternal Guard move forward towards the Ford while Greybranch and Jacora’s Dryads move towards the Bridge in the center of the battlefield.

Caladra raised her hands and suddenly the Wood were Landor and the scouts resided came to life the branch reached out across the river and into the Pegasus Knights, who were unprepared, for the attack, but fought off the limbs and sustained only minor wounds.

Henry saw the slaughter of the Yeoman and the plight of the Pegasus Knights, but being a veteran of many battle he focused on his task at hand. He knew the Impetuous Knights behind him would charge head long into battle if he let them, he turned and ordered Tralana to leave and join with Reginald’s unit, and then he rode forward across the ford and stopped before reaching the other side. Michaels Errants rode eagerly behind and wanted to charge the Eternal Guard, who surely would have fled leaving their flank exposed to the Treeman nearby, but with Henry blocking they had no path to reach them.

Archibald, and his Errants rode across the bridge in the middle of the battlefield and towards the Dryads and Greybranch. The Pegasus Knights flew forward and landed on the Bridge just a few feet from Landor and his Scouts in the woods.

Now Tralana controlled the winds of magic and directed it towards the Stone Bridge the Pegasus Knights just landed on. Chunks of Stone flew from the bridge and into the woods at Landors scout hiding there and two of the scouts were pummeled to death. Landor yelled at his men, “Hold your ground” and they followed his commands.

In the middle of the battlefield, Reginald’s Errants moved forward and started to cross the river between both bridges. On their flank were Maria and her Men at Arms.

Suddenly, a loud cry of “Trebuchet!!!!” arose from the Eternal Guard, but it was too late as the large rock landed on top of their unit crushing 8 elves. The Bowman lit their arrows on fire and shot at the Treeman across the way, but Oakheart’s thick skin kept any arrows from hurting him.

On the East end of the battlefield, Landor was angry at the Damsels attempt to kill him, and took his anger out on the Pegasus Knights that landed in front of him on the bridge, He fired and one of the Knights that had been wound by Calandra magic fell dead. The rest of his scouts also fired and killed another Pegasus Knight leaving only the champion remaining.

Landor then gave the signal to Mryath, Mryath and Landor had used this delaying tactic many times in battle before. Landor then ordered the Eternal guard and all of his troops to move backward slightly and wait for the Bretonnians to come to them.

On the West Side, The Glade Guard continued to open fire on the Bowmen across the river, and another bowmen fell dead from the elven arrows.

Now both Treeman and Jacora began to howl in some ancient language, suddenly the woods that Landor and his scouts were in came to life, up rooted themselves and began to move backwards carrying Landor and the Scouts with them away from the bridge and the remaining Pegasus Knight. Both Tralana and Maria were finally able to stop the trees from moving, hopping it would be far enough that Landor could still be charged by the Pegasus Knight on foot.

Now seeing his chance the Pegasus Knight Champion charged on foot into the woods, Landor and his scouts had thought they were moved far enough away by the Trees, but they were wrong. The Pegasus Knight struck down 2 of the scouts, while in return Landor was able to wound him. (If only I had kept my standard bearer instead of the champion I would have won the battle. Instead it was a draw). The battle would continue.

On the other side of the battlefield near the Ford, Henry moved forward off the Ford he attempted to stop Michael’s Errant unit, but with the Glory of charging a Treeman and the Damsel to impress nearby the attempt was failed. And Michael’s errant unit charge into Oakheart, much to Henry’s dismay. Michael and the Errants, could not wound the Treeman as their Lances failed to penetrate its hide. In return, Oak swiped a massive limb towards the Errants, and 3 were crushed by its force. Only Michaels, leadership kept them from fleeing the creatures. (I rolled a 5)

On the Bridge in the middle of the battlefield, Archibald’s unit had just finished crossing the bridge when they saw Jacora and the Dryad’s backing away near the swamp. Archibald saw the other Treeman Greybranch nearby and knew it was a trap so he kept his unit from charging into the Dryads.

Next to him in the river, Reginald’s unit and Maria’s unit continued to cross the river.
Tralana summoned winds of power and directed it towards the Treeman near the Dryads across the battlefield, the ground near his feet turned to thick swamp and even the Treeman, strong legs were having trouble gaining a grip in the muddy earth.

In the Woods, The combat between Landor’s scouts and the Pegasus Knight continued, Landor’s scouts stuck first this time and Landor’s sword punched through the Knights armour and was able to finish off the final Pegasus Rider. Landor breathed a sigh of relief as for now Landor and his unit were safe.

Across the battlefield, Myrath and the Eternal Guard charged into the combat with Oakheart and the Errant Knights. Myrath and his Guard were not able to bring any of the Knights down, but Oakheart swung his mighty limb and two more knights fell. The Errant Knights, fled combat and ran for their lives taking Michael with them. Both Oakheart and Myrath’s unit chased after them. Only Oakheart was able to catch them, and stomped several Errants into the ground and scattered the rest.

Henry had watched as the fleeing boys were slaughtered by the large Treeman, and now Henry spurred his horse and charged into Oakheart swinging his Morning Star in deadly spiraling arcs. His morning star struck home several times, the purity of the weapon ignoring the magic aura of the Treeman and sending chunks of wood flying, but the large creature continue to live. In return, Oakheart struck back, but Henry’s skill was so great he was only slightly wounded. Henry had clearly beaten the Treeman, but he stubbornly refused to flee combat.

In the middle of the battlefield, Reginald and his Errants had finally crossed the river, while Maria and her Men at Arms were almost across. Now Tralana, controlled the Winds of Magic once more and again chunks of stone flew from the bridge towards, Landor and his scouts hiding in the woods. This time the last 2 scouts were killed and Landor himself took a wound being struck in the chest by a rock (Note: Is Master of Stone a Magic Missle? We diced and the answer was no, so no Glamorweave save). Landor was caught off guard by the attack, panicked, and ran for the east edge of the battlefield but stopped himself from fleeing after re-gaining his wits.

On the West Side of the battlefield, Myrath’s Eternal Guard moved backward and awaited the outcome of the battle while Jacora’s Dryads and Grey Branch moved behind the Eternal Guard.

Now the battle between, Henry and Oakheart would continue. Henry struck first and with a mighty blow his morning star crushed the head of Oakheart sending tree sap everywhere and the Treeman toppled to the ground dead.

Reginald had seen the final blow Henry landed on the Treeman, and charged his Errants into the Eternal Guard Unit with Myrath preparing to counter charge Henry. At the same time Achibald’s Errants also charged into the Eternal Guard Unit. Myrath issued a challenge which was accepted by Archibald. Archibald swung his Morning Star of Fracasse towards Myrath’s head, but at the last minute a crystal Myrath was wearing began to glow and Myrath and the Morning star deflected off Myrath’s head failing to injure him. Myrath was not able to penetrate Archibald defenses (He rolled 3 1’s to hit), Reginald and the rest of the Errant were able to kill 5 Eternal Guard, while only losing one Errant in return. But the Eternal Guard stubbornly held their ground. Hoping for aid from Greybranch and the Dryads.

Calandra was preparing to summon a spell when suddenly the cries of “Trebuchet!!!!” sounded from the Glade Guard and the large rock crushed 3 of the Glade Guard. The rest panicked and ran away taking Calandra with them. 2 more of them falling to the flaming arrows of the Bretonnian bowmen as they fled.

20-10-2005, 19:53
Greybranch and the Dryads knew Myrath’s Eternal Guard were in trouble and charged into combat. Greybranch fighting Reginald’s unit and Jacora and the Dryads charging into Archibald’s unit.

Combat was fast and furious, the challenge between Archibald and Myrath continued, Myrath struck first and wounded Archibald, in return Archibald’s morning star was parried by and destroyed Myrath’s sword, but again Myrath was unhurt. Now Greybranch swung his mighty limb and killed 3 Errants with one swipe sending their bodies and horses flying across the battlefield. Jacora and the Dryads were able to wound one Errant, but as he was passing out from blood loss he had a vision Lady of Lake she magically healed him. Reginald struck with his sword and killed 1 Dryad, Edward also killed one, and 1 more died on the sword of an Errant Knight. Luthor was able to kill 2 Eternal Guard leaving only the Standard, Champion and Myrath left in the unit. The combat was close and neither side gave way.

Henry knew Reginald, Archibald and the Errants needed his help, but they were in his way and so he moved around to their flank hoping they could hold on one more turn.

In the middle of the battlefield, Maria and her Men at Arms moved towards the combat, but they to would not be aid the Errant yet. The have got to hold on just a little longer, Maria thought to herself. She then saw Henry move towards the flank of the combat, She summoned the Winds of Magic and directed it at Henry, Suddenly, Henry and his mount were lifted by a magic wind and pushed him forward and charged him into the combat with Greybranch.

Henry swung his morning star like a spinning wall of steel. Again and again, the morning star struck the body of the Greybranch and sent wood and sap flying, but the Treeman had survived the assault. Now Myrath attacked Archibald, but without his magic sword he failed to hurt him. Archibald smashed his morning star into Myrath, but again he was protected by the crystal stone. Jacora and the Dryads also attacked the Errants, but only killed one. In return Edward killed two Dryads, but the rest of the Errants failed to bring any down. Greybranch attacked Reginald’s Errant unit and killed 2 more Errants. The Bretonnians were gaining a slight edge in the combat, but none of the Wood Elves or Forest Spirits admitted it.

Suddenly, a “Godly Woman’s voice echoed “Stop!!!” and across battlefield it was heard. It was as if time itself had stopped and then appearing from the Swamp was a Beautiful Glowing Women the Bretonnians recognized her as the Lady of the Lake and the Wood Elves as Ariel. Both sides stopping fighting (It was the end of turn 6 after all). The entity scolded both sides, and said they were meant to live in peace together. She then raised her hands and in a flash time reversed and it was as if the battle had never taken place.

This time when Henry reached the River there were no enemies to be found and his retinue crossed the river and continued their quest.


Total Score:
Brettonnians: 903
Wood Elves: 910

It was a draw.

Let me know what you think,


Note: We realized after the game the Lord was Illegal. Just wanted to let everyone know.

Tanith Ghost
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Ariel and the Lady are not one and the same. Ignore Bubble Ghost if he says otherwise.:p

Sir Charles
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Ariel and the Lady are not one and the same. Ignore Bubble Ghost if he says otherwise.:p
Here, Here!:D