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24-05-2008, 09:36
Ok so I have been in the shawdow for while never played just painted and finally I have got round to thinking about playing. I set my self a rule that I would get all my models painted before I played.

So a high elves battaltion later and a RBT and a noble and here I am I now have exactly 1000 points worth. The only thing I am worried about is is the list a bit dull? I mean no White lion, PG or SM will this matter?

How do you think it will be in many 1000 point battles?

Noble Barded Elven Steed, Heavy Armour, Star Lance, Shield and Talisman of protection

20 Spearmen with full command
10 Archers Hawkeye with light armour
10 Archers Hawkeye with light armour

6 Silver Helms with full command and shields

Repeater Bolt Thrower
Repeater Bolt Thrower

Total 1000 points

24-05-2008, 10:40
Welcome to the art of list creating.

I'll make this point first, I'm not a high elf player but I can make a few comments.

IMO, this list has the fundamentals for a good, balanced list. Its naturally defensive, with a strong hammer unit in the form of the cavalry and the Prince with, what I've heard, the dreaded star lance. I don't quite think you need 6 knights though, 5 will do nicely. I'm assuming you will add in the Prince to this unit? A unit 7 wide will be unwieldly, and if you make it 5 wide, then you'll have 2 knights in the second rank doing nothing, except excess models if you get shot. Does that make sense?

I do think there are several thinks to consider. This army has next to know magic capability or defence, and very little in the way of offensive troops (knights aside), that can sufficiently deal with heavily armoured troops e.g. chaos knights, bretts, chaos warriors. Obviously you will try and skewer a few with the RBT, but quick units, such as cavalry will be on your lines in 2 turns. If you can kill enough by shooting, this army definately has a chance at 1000pts, but if your slightly nervous, take some swordmasters or white lions, or even the white lion chariot. At this level, such destructive beast can only be beneficial. Also, consider the mage.

24-05-2008, 11:39
Welcome to the High Elves!

If I may? Drop the Hawkeyes and Light Armour from the Archers. Give the Spears the War Banner through the First Amongst Equals rule. Give the Archers Musicians, and upgrade the Noble's armour to Dragon Armour (immunity to all flaming attacks is a great thing; for example Lore of Metal's rule of burning iron? Pfah!)

You may also find the Star Lance to be a bit lacking at this level. Unless you'll be facing a lot of chariots or a Steam Tank consistently a normal lance will do most of the time.

Normally I wouldn't suggest such a list. It's a bit too core-heavy. Not that it's a bad thing but there's a good amount of troops to use in the Specials.

But the real reason I wouldn't suggest is that you surrender the initiative to your opponent. That means Eagles, Ellyrian Reavers (which are quite underpriced for what they do), and Shadow Warriors.

Sure, you deploy defensively and "encourage" the enemy to come to you, and so they oblige. But you can't slow them down. You can use the Silver Helms to march block, but they're prey for your opponent's ranged guys and other cavalry.

A core-heavy, infantry-centric list can work. But not without control of the field. Otherwise those lovely ranged units of yours will find themselves face to face all too soon with the enemy.

Forget "dullness" when thinking about the Elite Infantry. Each brings up a specific role on the field; Stubborn high T choppers, Horde Killers, or Resilient Dastards. Between you and me I'm liking the use of Phoenix Guard at this points level. Very few armies can pour enough firepower to blast through that 4+ Ward, and there are Fear-causers out there that can't be properly mitigated through items and such at this level so the undead and daemons take advantage of that fact.

But that's the thing; that army's built around their use. I have delaying assets in place, flankers, and enough ranged threat to dictate a few things.

Play with this list first, get a feel for it. Drop either the Light Armour or the Hawkeyes first just to get that War Banner on the Spears, they'll need it. See for yourself what this list needs, see how you win and how you lose and why.

Kai Itzah
24-05-2008, 13:27
It definitely depends how you want to play. With my personal WH morality I would condemn this list because it has more Archers than Spearmen, and has a Repeater Bolt Thrower. But that's because I have a Blood Dragon's disdain for ranged weaponry. I think you lack troops for a 1000pt game. Here's what I'd suggest with no idea of how you want to play:

Noble on Barded Elven Steed: Lance, Longbow, Dragon Armour, Shield, Talisman of Protection.

19 Spearmen with Sentinel: Standard Bearer.

19 Spearmen with Sentinel: Standard Bearer.

9 Archers with Hawkeye.

8 Silver Helms with High Helm: Standard Bearer, Shields.

Repeater Bolt Thrower.

I personally like Silver Helms, so I left them among your ranks. Other than that you can see what I did. I personally think that 10 Archers and a Repeater Bolt Thrower for 20 Spearmen and 4 Silver Helms is more than worth it seeing as in my opinion a single Repeater Bolt Thrower is more than enough ranged firepower.

25-05-2008, 19:26
Although I am not a HE player I would suggest that you at least find the room for a mage to hang out with your bows as you have butt all magic protection and one HE mage is good enough at this level.

Maybe (I stress maybe) drop one lot of bows for some Phoenix Guard, I agree totally with Marwynn here 4+ ward at this level rocks.

Good luck and welcome back