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Guard Of The Citadel
24-05-2008, 16:50
Here is a guide on how I painted my Warriors Of Minas Tirith in 12 steps, enjoy :)

1) Undercoat the model with Chaos Black spray or paint.

2) Drybrush all of the armour, the helmet and the white tree on the shield with Boltgun Metal followed by a lighter drybrush with Chainmail.

3) Paint the face with dwarf flesh and if you want to highlight it with Elf Flesh.

4) If you got some of the drybrushing onto any other parts of the model then you should paint them with Chaos Black.

5) Paint the bow, spear or any other wooden parts with Scorched Brown

6) Paint the remaining metal parts, like the sword handle and the detail on the arrow quiver and the sword scabbard with Shining Gold.

7) Lightly paint the Arrow Fletchings with Bleached Bone.

8) Glue GW sand onto the base, make sure you don't get it onto the edges.

9) Basecoat the base with Chaos Black

10) Once the Chaos Black has dried paint a layer of Bestial Brown

11) Next Drybrush the sand with Bleached Bone.

12) Finally paint the rim / edge of the base with Bestial Brown

24-05-2008, 17:15
Its weird when you think about it , but a simple painting scheme takes a lot of steps. anyway, i used to paint my MoWT silver and white, but i sold them. I paint the rim of the base with erm... i cant remember now, but its the brown used for wood elf bows. Nice guide.

Guard Of The Citadel
24-05-2008, 20:32
Ohh I think you mean dark flesh for the rims of the bases, would that be it?

25-05-2008, 09:32
yes that would be it, i couldnt find it at the time