View Full Version : VC challenged by OK and empire help needed

Gharof von Carstein
24-05-2008, 19:01
hey all. Im a beginning VC player that thx to some luck has been able to mass a big force of VC units. my friends also started playing and are going to pitch their 2k OK and 2k Empire versus me. so I need a decent 4k list. Seeing as the empire player has a lot of artillery and gunman and the OK player has gone nuts on beaters and butchers Im looking for a tactic to counter these 2 players.

anyone got any ideas? for lords I have a lord on zombie dragon and all the counts at my disposal. any advice at all would be helpfull!

thx a bunch!


24-05-2008, 20:32
Since Ogres are M6, he is likely to get charges off on you, but if you are closer than 6", then he does not get the Bull Charge impact hits.

Gharof von Carstein
24-05-2008, 21:17
oke that i knew. i was thinking more along the lines of advice on what units to take, lord choices etc. but thx :)

24-05-2008, 22:35
Lord choices ? Dedicate one to Magic and Zombie Dragon the second

As for Core go with the mix - dont forget to have lods of disposable troops - dogs in particular - thay are fast cheep and core - the best possible combination

Special would be compleat if you got - 2 fellbat units - need those to go after cannons
1 unit of spirit hosts - great for screening aginst empire 1 Unit of GG with Wight lore BSB with banner of regeneration ... - great unit - can win the game for you ...

And one unit of BK to top it

As for rare I would go once agin for the mix - small unit of KoBK - one Varghoulf and quite a big unit of banshees - thay will wrack no static CR ogres like no tommarow ...

Agin - try to balance your characters - PS If you want I can post some 4K army for you - and people will correct it on the spot :)

Gharof von Carstein
25-05-2008, 07:37
that would be great! only thing is that i dont have bats or spirit host...
if you could post a list without those that would be great!

thx a bunch!