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24-05-2008, 19:37
Another simple one, prefaced by the note that I think they changed the wording of this section from the 6th ed. book to the 7th ed. one. . .

Anyways...when you are facing a unit that has an enemy Champion in its front rank. Say a unit of Skeletons or such that is the typical 5-wide formation. You make your attacks and end up causing 6 Wounds with your guys to the front rank troopers, which should kill them all and prevent attacks back.

My opponent stated that because I had not designated any of my attacks to specifically go against his unit champion, that the unit champion was unharmed and the 6 kills I had caused would be taken against normal rank and file. Thus his Champion could still strike back as he had not been killed with my initial flurry of wounds caused.

I looked in the book under Command Groups and the only thing they seemed to suggest was that you COULD target them specifically if you wanted to kill him because he had a special magic item (like High Elf Champs can, IIRC) or the extra attack (which almost all champs have)....but nothing that said that you HAD to do so, or else he could survive, even if you scored enough kills to wipe out the entire front rank (Which he is normally a part of given positioning, etc. in the unit !).

Thoughts / info on this ?

24-05-2008, 19:49
A unit champion is treated like a character...he doesn.t die unless attacks are made against him and successfully wound him.
It does say this in the secion on unit champions.

24-05-2008, 19:57
And to add: It has not changed since 6th either: A champion has two ways to die in h-t-h ... either you target him and kill him or you kill the *whole* unit and he must satisfy combat losses as he is a r'n'f still.


24-05-2008, 20:11
Thx you two- I didn't think it changed, just that the wording changed a bit from the way it was described in the old book, IIRC.

24-05-2008, 20:16
The rules are something like this:

'You have suffered wounds in Close Combat. You have to remove the same number of models as the number of wounds you have suffered. You can remove models from the back of the unit, even though they come from the front. Standards and Musicians do not have to be removed, as it is assumed that these are picked up by other members of the unit.'

Nowhere does it say you have to remove the Champion model. And although there is something about the Standard Bearer and Musician being casualties but not being removed, the same does not apply to the Champion. Ie, the Champion is exempt from the ruling that casualties are from the front rank (ie the side which is in close combat) but models are removed from the rear.

A lot of words saying you have to direct some attacks to the Champion to kill him, which is later on explained in the section where it says you can direct some attacks at the Champion.