View Full Version : Adeptus Mechanicus and the use of Xeno Technology

25-05-2008, 04:07
Ok, I've been trying to read up on all that I can find....

and I see that the A.M are into finding and checking out basically anything technological....and I've read of instances where some Adepts maybe skirt the line or cross over a tad when it comes to the use of alien technology...either directly or indirectly

I'm wondering what everyone would think of a A.M army made up of scratch built models that use some Tau, Eldar parts etc...I'm mostly talking about vehicles, armor, walkers...etc... not individual models.

I see there is a Magos Xenologis and a Magos Xenobiologis within the A.M...so I assume then that they would/could use alien technology to improve upon the machines they make and use...

anyones thoughts are most welcome.

25-05-2008, 04:22
well a majority of the Admech would frown upon the use of xenos tech, being it blasphemies against the Omnissiah...however there are probably smaller sects within their organization that would be more than happy to experiment with the use of such things...like those that closely follow the necrons, though tau can be iffy, what with the ban on AI technology.