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25-05-2008, 06:42
'm thinking of coming back to warhammer after a long hiatus. The idea is to use a pure Tzeench army, at least at the start. I stopped playing during 6th edition before bretonians came out and was a skaven player. First thing for me is thinking about what I would purchase and I was thinking of the following list to start it off.

Lord of Change
level 4 wizard
2 heads
Flames of Tzeench

2 Tzeench Heralds
Master of Sorcery
Flames of Tzeench
1 of them is the army banner bearer (had 25 left over points)

3 units of 10 Horrors

5 screamers

2 units of 5 flamers with champions

This being 2000 pts on the spot

My basic plan is denial and hit and run with lots of shooting and magic while using the horrors to cover the movement of the rest of the army, acting as speedbumps. Flamers try to cause has much damage as posible before bitting the dust and all the fliers fly around my enemy's blocks, shooting, slicing and migicking them into oblivion with an occasional flank charge from a chariot or the Lord of Change.

Another variant was having one less herald and the one with the banner going on foot, but buffing 1 unit of horrors to 30 with command (icon of sorcery) and having the herald banner bearer going with them. This would be a more static list, don't know if it would be more effective, but I find more fun the small scale flying circus the other list offers.

This was the base I was thinking of (with special characters added it would be Kairos instead of the LOC and a herald would be changed for the scribes and maybe buff up a horror unit, take out the chariot and add the herald into it), this I haven't thought of much except for wanting Kairos in.

What are your thoughts, recommendations and proposed changes?

I'm a bit out of it keep in mind. The only changes I'm sure of from 6th edition to 7th is the characters are now targetable out of units, the 8 lores are more interesting and pretty much that's all I know. Also, my current period with warmachine has my brain confused in the terms of the scale of an army (and my past warhammer experiences with skaven don't help much either), so bear with me.

25-05-2008, 11:59
i like it quite a bit
remember that flamers are good in combat with s5, t4 and 2 wounds
you have to hit with everything as qickly as possible

but you could try to include the bluescribes, you'll get more ower dice

25-05-2008, 12:16
I'd drop the Flamer champions if I were you, you don't really need the extra BS. Keep the models, but don't upgrade.

Now, for the Heralds, I'd say you'll much rather want Corona or some other gift than the Fires, you simply don't need the shooting on the rankbreaking chariots.

25-05-2008, 19:32
actually with so many shots a champion will be useful

i think that you are better off either giving the flames to aflying herald rather than one on a chariot

if you choose chariot go with neknoh

25-05-2008, 23:27
Taking into account both of your suggestions. The possible changes I come up with is if I use chariots, use corona on both, if I use flames of Tzeench, put them both on disk (with the extra points either buy the -2 leadership banner or the -2 to casting on one lore banner, or if using special characters, add the bluescribas and exchange the Lord of Change for Kairos). If I save points on the flamer champions, I would have two min units of screamers. How do these ideas look like?