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Destroyer of Eternities
25-05-2008, 09:49
AS the title suggest i have a game planned against my local stores manager next week. He is going to play three of us and if at least two of us win we each get a PRIZE!!! Just wondering if any vamp players have played against Ogres and if so what did u do to win.

Gharof von Carstein
25-05-2008, 10:21
flank his ogres like mad. your not going to win on unit strength so you need to make those rank bonuses count. crypt ghouls are going to be your big winner in this battle. so taking a few vampires with ghoulkin and summon ghouls will be a good idea. if you can IoN them to big numbers you can keep off a unit of 4 IG and yhetees at the same time (at least i did) those poisonous attacks are going to do some big hurt. Banshee and wraiths will be big fun if you boosts them with helm of commandment their going to dish out some big hurt. if ogres are not near their tyrant their LD is not that high so i took a banshee for the howl ability. you dont need to do it but i did take out a hunter just by using this ability. try to terror/fear them away to make them run. giving vampires Helm of commandment is going to be big fun for you. are you just going to take a vampire lord with you? if not than mannfred might be a good idea. if he is running butcher heavy your going to need mannfreds absurd amount of generated PD to get a spell off. because I targeted my friends butchers early I dominated the magic phase from turn 3. At which time I challenged his tyrant with mannfred. It was a pretty even battle cept for the fact mannfred started healing his wounds away with IoN. at which time his tyrant fell. going magic heavy will be a good idea and dont EVER get into a big battle with several units of his vs several units of yours. your going to lose every time and crumbling will make you cry. varghulf is a monster vs ogres. they have trouble hitting him while he has no trouble taking out a ogre a time. try hunting small units with him and he will either push or win every time.

thats all the things I have for ya. Im a beginner but my friend plays OK and iv played him a lot the last few days. I beat him both times because of lucky terror checks and just adding to my units constantly. My grave guard dissapointed in the battle. mainly because they have no use for their wight blades. Iv not tried any form of cavalry against OK but I dont think they will be of any use. cept for blood knights of course but they might be bit expensive to field in 2k.

hope this helped!

26-05-2008, 03:40
i am also in the same situation so please help this guy and i out =P

26-05-2008, 03:43
Cairn Wraiths led by banshee - ogres leadership 7, with only yhetties as a threat. Also they have no ranks & a large frontage so you can get really stuck in.

EDIT: have a vampire running nearby to transport hiw WS to the unit.

26-05-2008, 04:00
Take a solid group (25) of graveguard with a wightking and the regenerate banner. Give your other standard the +1 to hit banner. Use this as the gayest anvil in the game, and just ram it down his throat. Make sure you van hels ff in the 2nd turn of combat and the stupid corpse cart bound spell and you'll break anything in the game (regardless of flank, etc.) The rest of your units take at minimum to save points and max out on caster levels so you can spam ion. (+1 to cast on corpse cart gets it off on 3+) As mentioned take a varghulf, and you pretty much have one of the best win at all costs armies available. Make sure your opponents are not lactose intolerant before you play though. This is as cheddar as it gets. (Zombie dragon w/red fury + dreadlance not withstanding of course.)

26-05-2008, 07:19
Take a unit of 10 Blood Knights and go nuts (just avoid the flank with lead belchers).

Destroyer of Eternities
26-05-2008, 07:35
I've managed to find out what the manger has roughly in the army. Its based around Butchers each in a unit of bulls, only one group of leadbleachers and maybe a maneater or two. It gives me plenty of scope to go with magic as he will only have 4 DD. Carin Wraiths are a definte as the are eterhal. Just need to make sure he can't get any magic missiles off

26-05-2008, 08:02
Cairn Wraiths are a good choice, as are Black Knights to "counter" his Yhetees (in terrain and movement). Don't take Blood Knights because he'll probably have trappers to lure them, and plenty of magic missiles (some that ignore armor saves) to deal with them. Balefire on Corpse Cart is a very good choice because having just 1 within range raises his casting value to 4+... no more 1-die castings. Beyond 1, however, he'll be using two dice so you don't need more than 1 Balefire cart.

Take Bats to harass lone butchers until you can summon zombies to hold them. I'd also say unless you're willing to give them Regen and probably another Vampire within the unit, leave the Grave Guard at home - Ogres chew up elite infantry the hardest.

Good luck, though Vampires have an edge on the now aging Ogre book, the Ogres were pretty much GW's answer to VC - the list still has a high chance of beating VC, where it fails against many other lists.

Also, you noted that the Ogre player failed some "terror" tests, I'd like to point out that since the Ogres cause fear, terror is downgraded to fear for them - so they don't run if terror-causers get close. When they're charging/being charged, they still have to test though, so this may be what you were referring to.

Max zero
26-05-2008, 09:52
Good luck, though Vampires have an edge on the now aging Ogre book, the Ogres were pretty much GW's answer to VC - the list still has a high chance of beating VC, where it fails against many other lists.

Not really. High Elves and Empire were always better matchups. 6th edition VC had the edge on OK and they are even better versus them now in 7th.

26-05-2008, 10:53
Ghouls for Core choices.
Cairn Wraiths for Special
Helm and various casting abillities on your characters to boost and improve the Ghouls

Beware the Hellheart

26-05-2008, 14:30
I have recently played the store manager and I know his army.
it consists of:
a bruiser kitted up
2 buchers 1 with a bound level; spell(aso beware)
2x4 bulls
2 leadbeltchers
1 leadbeltcher
and 8 gnoblars

26-05-2008, 14:30
It also contains 3 maneaters!

26-05-2008, 18:26
Don't take Blood Knights because he'll probably have trappers to lure them.

So? Any Trappers will sliced and diced in a matter of seconds (assuming they don't scarper first), leaving the remaining five turns to make Ogre mincemeat.

26-05-2008, 18:29
And any VC player worth his salt has a unit of Dire Wolves to munch on Trappers and the like, so that Blood Knights are not distracted from more productive use of their merry slaughtering abilities (sorry, I do love Blood Knights).

27-05-2008, 01:59
Don't take Grave Guard, I guess, cause killing blow doesn't work against ogres.

27-05-2008, 03:13
don't under estimate the ogres.... gut magic is nasty.... being that he onl needs one die to cast a spell.... plus you have bone cruncher and the bang stick...... which are knight killers....

lots of small units.... usually with just 3 ogres in them.... if you're looking to beat ogres try and get him spread out.... cause it's a small army..... so if he's spread accross the board you can pick off his units one by one.....


27-05-2008, 17:40
Yeah. I saw a Dwarves vs. OK game, the OK guy had NONE of his units supporting each other, and so he lost terribly.

28-05-2008, 16:17
Not really. High Elves and Empire were always better matchups. 6th edition VC had the edge on OK and they are even better versus them now in 7th.

Immune to fear comes to mind - also as I mentioned in my post the Ogres' tendency to do well against elite infantry helps. Immune to KB, and the only poison causing unit was the Ghouls which could be handily dispatched by charging bulls, or panicked with Butchers. 6 ed. VC were one of the Ogres' best matchups to face.

Now because of Balefire, improved Black Knights, and Cairn Wraiths + Helm of Commandment it's much more difficult to fight. And saying "High Elves and Empire are a better match-up!" is silly, since we know that both those armies are much better overall than Ogres.

Back on topic, I'd say your store owner's list is pretty weak overall. Varghulfs will cause terror to the trappers and remove them pretty easily, and then they can move on to attack Butchers. Also I assume you meant he has 1 Maneater, since you mentioned them before and he cannot take 1 leadbelcher. Varghulf will own him too, and he can't even flee. Basically, if you want to win really badly, take 2 Varghulfs (though this is mean), a corpse cart or two with Balefire, 2 units of Black Knights, and a really nasty magic phase - the rest is up to you. Good luck.

Destroyer of Eternities
29-05-2008, 11:17
Definitly going to use cairn Wraiths. Is it worth takin a banshee? also i should have mentioned at the start of the post tht it will only be a 1000 point battle so no 2 vargulfs sadly:cries: