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25-05-2008, 19:32
This is my first log, which i ment to start a while ago. to start this is my first army build after 10 years out of the hobby. so ill show you what i have done to date. im currently building a Biel Tan eldar army, and have currently painted up a squad of defenders, 2 squads of dires, a 10 an squad of hawks, 12 scorpions, a wraithlord, 1 farseer and 3 warlocks. c&c welcome

now for a question. my next squad to be painted is some dragons, and i want to keep both the aspect and craftworld colours in the armour. so where do you think i should incorperate the craftworld colours? for example the dires and the scorpions it has been done through the helms, i think on dragons this may be to much of a contrast with the orange and yellow armour.

25-05-2008, 19:47
Nice models. Your Wraithlord is the second best one I've ever seen in regards to posing, only losing to one that looks like it's taking a dump on a wrecked rhino (couldn't stop laughing for a good 5 minuites looking at that one). Love all the infantry. The gold is very interesting looking on the scorpions. As for the Fire Dragons, you could paint the guns green and white, which I think would be very interesting and distinguishing.

25-05-2008, 21:04
Nice painting man, and the wraithlord is spot on.

25-05-2008, 21:06
Fantastic looking Eldar you got going on. I especially like your seer council. It's inspiring me to get back to painting mine!

As for the Fire Dragons, I think you are looking at using too many colours on them. Perhaps just using a base of three colours such as orange-yellow-white for them would be better and not clash as much. If you really want green on there try using the colour on their gems and/ or eyes?

With my eldar I have gone for Ulthwé and I have only used the helmets to distinguish the units apart - all of them have a black body suit to tie the army together.

Anyway, nice Eldar! Keep up the good work and post pics of the Fire Dragons when they are done!

25-05-2008, 22:21
nice eldar army dude

looking forward to seeing more


26-05-2008, 14:28
Hi, looking good! Like I said I think the cloth bits would be an ideal place for the craftworld colours. Should get a game some time to get my revenge!


26-05-2008, 14:52
Cheers guys, for the great comments.

i have been thinking some more what do you think of a white helm green mask, with some flame decals added on the sides to pull it altogether.
ive been doing all the tassels ect in craftworld colours need a bit more, just to say definetively biel tan.

26-05-2008, 18:12
The Helmet idea for you dragons sounds good to me. Personally i just stuck with painting the tassels in craftworld colors and i added the symbol to the end of the tassels.
Oh, and, Great work man. Can't wait to see more

03-06-2008, 10:14
Okay ive now started painting my fire dragons, the reason for the gap is i have been painting the Harry the Hammer model i got on the 25 aniversary weekend which is now complete so on to the next part of the to do list. only got a single base colour on to half the dragons last night so i expect they will take a couple of weeks.

03-06-2008, 12:47
Very nice looking army indeed - the WL in particular is very imposing. Like what I'm hearing about the FDs - looking forward to pics

24-06-2008, 16:50
long time without an update, but the fire dragons are finally completed.
the next project is a falcon for transporting the dragons. which will mainly be beil tan colours but with dragon logos wreathed in fire.

24-06-2008, 19:19
Looking good, I too will be running a Biel Tan Warhost. Nice job on the Avengers.

24-06-2008, 20:39
Very nice, although the wraithlord looks like he's just tripped over.

24-06-2008, 20:41
Great looking eldar! I especially like the fire dragons :)

25-06-2008, 08:45
They look great. Like the white helmets with flames.


25-06-2008, 17:18
amazing work on the Dragons.

06-07-2008, 13:38
Cheers guys i have just finished my first tank for the army a fire dragon transport, the falcon mk1, i say this cos i now have a second to paint which is the FW mk2 falcon.

07-07-2008, 12:01
Hi, that looks cool! You are getting so much more painted than me at the moment!


07-07-2008, 12:38
its suprising what you can do when two days of cricket turns into only 8 overs. as of friday i only had the half the second coat on the hull done.

30-07-2008, 16:46
long time no update been meaning to up load these pics for the last few days, my second falcon which i think i prefer as it looks alot more sleek than the bog standard gw one, the only problem is that it is very back heavy which ive solved by putting a clear plastic tube around the base stand.
the next project is a squad of howling banshees with a deep red armour and bleached bone plates and the helm in beil tan colours.

01-08-2008, 17:53
back to painting troops i just completed the test piece for my banshee squad. what are your thoughts.

Bjorn Stormwolf
04-08-2008, 14:06
Awesome army you have there me'ladee. How are they faring in battle?

04-08-2008, 14:25
only had a couple of battle so far both victories though the last was more luck with the scorpion exarch removing two tau units on his own

04-08-2008, 14:35
That banshee looks spot on. The sword and wraithbone are really nice. Wil you put something like the squad symbol on the helmet as it looks a bit empty?
On the whole the army is fantastic. A real inspiration to see such a nicely painted army in progress.

04-08-2008, 14:50
Obviously Worcester is producing more Warseer posters than i think...

See's Jabba just above...

Have to agree with mr Jabba though...

That banshee looks spot on. The sword and wraithbone are really nice.

your entire force looks good and im loving the Banshee


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

04-08-2008, 14:57
There's a good strong hobby contingent in Worcester Gonzo :)

I think its because its easier to roll dice with webbed fingers :P

04-08-2008, 15:03
Alas Jabba...

Im not from worcester originally so i dont have the webbed fingers advantage!

That said Leogeckos...

Jabba... is one hell of a painter himself...

So i would be very humbled by his comments... admiration of the highest class.


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

16-08-2008, 15:38
thanks for the nice words. the squad is now complete, im leaving the helms with no marks for a clean look and i havent added any detail to the other squads i have done.
the next part of this project is to fill out the troop foc slots, with maximal size squads, to this end guardians and then storm guardians which ar on order and only come in squads of eight hence four kit bashed builds.

16-08-2008, 18:32
Great looking army dude. Nice Banshees and gems!

21-08-2008, 10:20
Really impressive force you've got there Leogecko!

The way you've tied your aspect warriors different colour schemes in with your craftworld scheme is ace.


21-08-2008, 11:41
Looking good mate!


21-08-2008, 17:43
Very nice army, looking forward to more units.

28-08-2008, 13:12
a quick update, ive nearly completed the armour on my latest squad of guardians, just the catapults helms and details left to do. my storm guardians have arrived, as well as the classic rangers, two sets 6 different figures. anyone know how many different ones there are as they are from 1989 and 1994, and my memory fails me.

Elrothir Ulwe
31-08-2008, 23:50
Breath-taking army you have there buddy! Am trying to get back into the hobby myself with Ulthwe. I think all your stuff is amazing, and this it's a great idea you went for the Falcon upgrade from Forgeworld. It does make it look amazing! I would say that I think the Guardians you showed right at the beginning should have black weapons, but that's just a matter of taste I suppose.

Any plans on getting an Autarch for your Biel Tan?

01-09-2008, 03:27
Nice freehand!

05-09-2008, 20:26
Cheers guys
the intent is to ill all the FOC slots in an fluffy way so an autarch is planed as well as an avatar.
to this update a pic of my latest guardian squad.
and a quick pic to hopefully show that my painting skill is improving the one on the left is the one from my original squad in the first post the other is from the latest squad which i think does show increased definition.
the next part of this project is storm guardians.
what are peoples opinion have the same armour paterned shared between defenders and guardians ie white armour green helm, or do i make them very distinct with the reverse green armour white helms?

05-09-2008, 22:13
May I ask what colour stages you used to achieve the white, because it looks great I wouldn't mind testing out on one of my Guardians.

I'm guessing black undercoat, Dark Angels Green basecoat, then thin layers of something like fortess grey, followed by Skull White? Or do you have a better technique, like I said they look great!

06-09-2008, 02:04
Man I hate painting Biel Tan guardians, must be the reason I try not to use them.

They're looking cool dude.

06-09-2008, 09:52
@ mcewan; i always use a white undercoat just my personal preference and habit from my first time in the hobby. the white is started on a base of codex grey, asurman blue wash, spacewolf grey on all the plates and in reasonable sized gaps between them, followed by skull white on all the plates.

@ captain, im alread kindof fed up of them though i still have 2 storms to do just need some dry weather so i can spray them. i think i shall come along to elg this week and ill try and introduce myself.

in addition to the guardians i do have 13 rangers to do as well as the wd termie and nob just wish it would stop raining.

06-09-2008, 11:18
Credit to anyone building max out eldar troupe squads as I know how much of a drain it is to paint all of them.
I'm glad I finially finished painting all 40 of my Gardians.

21-09-2008, 15:40
well ive completed my first 10 storm guardians in the reverse colouring than the defenders. ill take a break by doing a couple of rangers now. and i thought i would show off the painted army as it stands all together

Terminator jax
21-09-2008, 15:46
that is a nice eldar army you got there

are you going to get an avatar of kahne to go with it?

22-09-2008, 23:40
I'm really likeing that 'reversed' guardian theme, makes them unique, at least as far as I've seen.

25-09-2008, 07:41
Cheers guys there will be an avatar at some point, im thinking of a forgeworld one converting the spear to a double bladed axe.
ive painted up three classic rangers, with white cloaks but they look a bit stark so i was wanting some inspiration of what i could add to break up all the white.




25-09-2008, 07:50
I'd like to help with a suggestion but I truely have no idea.

Biel tan Rangers look quite good in exotic looking cammo, I have a set of the newer ones way back on page 3 of my log, if you hadn't spotted them already.

I hope you've rallied from that kicking Struan gave you...

01-11-2008, 11:17
beena while since my last update, and dont seem to have done much, ive completed the storm guardians and i have done another 3 classic rangers and 3 of the more recent rangers. cant post any pictures as the camera is esle where. the all white cloak does look a lot better on the more recent models and doesnt look so stark due to the difference in the detail and fold between the different ranges, and just highlights howmuch the sculpts have improved over the years. ill hopefully have the camera back this week so i can post some comparison pictures.

09-11-2008, 16:00
the pictures ive been meaning to do all week. the final 10 storm guardians. and all the rangers completed. the next project is warp spiders and i have attempted to convert one of the exarchs so that it is carrying the spineret rifle.

10-11-2008, 15:02
The Rangers look sweet man!

10-11-2008, 15:51
Agree with RM, useless for camoflage, but looks great.

10-11-2008, 16:29
it may be useless as camo but i half imagine eldar having cloaks that would be good enough that would allow them to blend anywhere and i have no idea how you would paint see through bodies

26-11-2008, 17:12
the warp spiders are now complete well on the way to having full sqauds of all the aspect warriors now, next job is a load of dark reapers, then all i need is some shining spears.
what are the thoughts on the modified spider just visible on the right

01-01-2009, 08:35
ive completed the dark reapers though im having trouble uploading pictures and i dont know why. the part of the this project will be six shining spears though they may have to wait since i have both assualt on black reach and battle for skull pass to paint.

02-01-2009, 12:57
the warp spiders are now complete well on the way to having full sqauds of all the aspect warriors now, next job is a load of dark reapers, then all i need is some shining spears.
what are the thoughts on the modified spider just visible on the right

Looks pretty good, although without a close up its hard to tell.

The green inside the spinaret rifles came out really good, very convincing. These models look excellent.

04-01-2009, 11:15
a picture of the dark reapers had to get a photo bucket account to oad pics as it wt let me upload fro my pc.
@ rm i need to improve my skills at photography to get close ups

Magos Explorator
04-01-2009, 14:48
They look good to me. Actually on that carpet it looks like snow bases would suit them well!

04-04-2009, 15:39
first update in a while, ive completed 6 shining spears the reason for slow up dates id that ive started an orcs and goblins army for fantasy see new log but have done quite a bit of painting.


04-04-2009, 15:52
Stuff's looking great there mate. Are you going for two squads or just one?

04-04-2009, 18:07
Nice Biel -Tan army you've got there Leogeckos. I must admit i don't like all the colours you've used, but that's just a matter of taste. The painting itself looks very neat and tidy. Maybe you could post a group shot of the army so far?

09-09-2009, 09:48
Nice biel tan army! I really like the slight modification from the GW scheme for aspect warriors. To Job.


25-09-2009, 20:00
It's been a while since my last post mostly due to not having a camera to use and also painting 2000 pts of orcs and goblins takes it time. i have though completed 2 autarchs. i will post a picture of the army in its entirity when have completed what i intend to paint next which is an avatar. i will be getting the forge world one with a spear which i want to change to a large two bladed battle axe.

25-09-2009, 22:16
Wow, besides the unfinished bases those are outstanding.

27-09-2009, 18:36
The Autarchs look great.
It's also nice to see you posting nice big pictures for a change! :D

28-09-2009, 13:11
Wow! The army looks great!

I really like the fire dragons and the swooping hawk wings with the biel tan colours.

Great stuff.


29-09-2009, 10:27
okay so i was at games day on sunday and purchased the avatar finally so i thought i should start thinking about the design.
what are peoples thoughts? on the shape, the section close to the blades i was thinking of carving in eldar runes.

Flying Toaster
30-09-2009, 20:51
Awesome Eldar army!

You may want to swap the EML on one of your Reaper Exarchs with something else since its wasting more heavy anti-personnel firepower one tank hunter capabilities when you have other units for that. Just a little bit of advice.

It is really nice to see painted Eldar now and again since I seem to be the only one in my area who collects them!

01-10-2009, 10:55
I agree with Flying Toaster (that sure sounds wrong somehow?!), give him aTempest Launcher. It's great fun and will mess up almost any infantry squad prety bad!

self biased
01-10-2009, 16:24
thanks for the nice words. the squad is now complete, im leaving the helms with no marks for a clean look and i havent added any detail to the other squads i have done.

i think you went too far with the pure white helmets on the banshees. your models look great as a whole, though, so it most likely boils down to a matter of taste.

05-10-2009, 08:47
Great looking army you have here leogecko!

I really like how you did your Fire Dragons. They are different and awesome.

is that an axe for the Avatar? If it is, I really like where it is going. Runes on the blades would be perfect.

05-10-2009, 20:39
looks real cool

08-12-2009, 19:00
well been gone for a while mainly due to major death of motherboard on old computer. but i have been painting if slowly. i have been working on the forge world avatar. i have modified it to carry an axe and im going to be painting it with greens wip pics attached.
this is the avatar before paint obviously before the resin sheared causing the axe head to fall off this will be reattached when painting is complete and i work out how to pin it. below is the start of the painting
comments welocome

08-12-2009, 20:58
I can't wait to see that Avatar completed. Keep up the great work!

09-12-2009, 21:57
Wow, the axe looks awesome!

I don't think I've ever seen a green Avatar before. It will be very interesting to see when you are finished.

13-12-2009, 10:03
Cheers guys
a quick wip pic this is the best ive managed pic wise due to it being very dull in edinburgh so flash has to be used which keeps bleaching the edges hopefully as the avatar comes closer to completion pics will look better

23-12-2009, 15:12
well the avatar is just about complete only the base to finish.

Hadriel Caine
23-12-2009, 19:44
The Autarchs and Avatar are beyond impressive. the axe is lovely.
I love the green, its very full.
this is going to be a very cool army when its done. Falcon looks sweet too.


02-03-2010, 18:16
ive completed my first vyper, first of three for a squadron next up will be a war walker.

Avatar of the Eldar
02-03-2010, 19:54
Very, very nice Biel Tan army. Mine is a LOT like it in the choices of accentuating certain pieces of teh body armor and incorportating more red (I also have a pronounced amount of metallic gold on the gear.)

A very handsome force.

Spectral Dragon
02-03-2010, 20:37
awesome army :) love the grading on the greens especially.

02-03-2010, 22:59
I've never seen a green avatar before, saying that, it looks very nice. The axe is amazing!

Will you be painting the thorny vines on your vehicles?


03-03-2010, 07:56
The green Avatar is awesome! I'm glad to see it turned out so nicely.

I really like the white accent colors, they really help complete the scheme.

27-06-2010, 13:36
cheers for the great responses
im not a big fan of the vines and my freehand skills are not that good.
so pic of my recent project finished this a couple of weeks ago but holiday intervened. next up a couple of tanks.

28-06-2010, 05:27
I really like how your gems turned out. And i alway loved the green and white colour scheme on Eldar. Great job!

29-06-2010, 08:35
Really nice clear colouring you've got there. You must be mad to do all the gem stones though.

29-06-2010, 19:14
Really nice clear colouring you've got there. You must be mad to do all the gem stones though.
I find when I did all mine being Mad and drunk really helps.

29-06-2010, 19:47
i may be a bit mad, dont know if i could hold a brush steady when drunk

10-10-2010, 14:57
a bit of a while since i did any eldar stuff just finished two tanks a fire prism and night spinner. got a weapons platform to do next.

11-10-2010, 11:02
Those shuriken cannons are upside down. It seems i see that a lot lately. Nice painting though.

11-10-2010, 16:47
damn it, i think it may be due to the way its shaped underneath the other way up looks wrong when constructing it.

11-10-2010, 16:51
Lovely highlighting. What's the recipe?

Avatar of the Eldar
11-10-2010, 18:27
As a Biel Tan collector (if not player) I really like your work here.

I especially like the ratio of white to green on your Warwalkers. Mine are as yet unpainted and had planned the rather monochrome green seen in the Codex.

Interesting that you use less white on your tanks. I've been using a green tone exacly like yours but with a different combination of panels painted white to distinguish from each other and provide variety. I've painted my intake grilles black with grey highlights.

Nice work all around!

12-10-2010, 18:24
cheers for the great comments

@Daniel36 base dark angel green, snot green, snot 1:1 camo, edge highlight camo.

@ avatar my thinking for colouring is dark top light underneath surfaces which you see alot in nature the most basic camoflage so even when viewed from above the war walker is mainly green.

12-10-2010, 19:50
damn it, i think it may be due to the way its shaped underneath the other way up looks wrong when constructing it.

I had the same exact problem. There is part that I assumed would be exposed at the point where it mounts, but if it's right-side-up you actually can't see it. It took me a while to notice it, but something about it always seemed off.

13-10-2010, 05:43
I forgot to ask; Will you be adding some shading to the white parts? It would realy improve the look of both tanks (and the War Walkers and... like everything).

13-10-2010, 16:41
would you believe they are shaded my camera seems to bleach it all out

23-10-2010, 20:43
completed my support weapons platform what peoples thoughts

23-10-2010, 21:05
Very nice Eldar! You green is very smooth- how do you achieve it? Love the weapons platform and the base on the walker is great- you should do all your bases in the bone colour as it really suits the colour scheme.

How did you tint the walker canopy?


24-10-2010, 08:05
i give the canopies a few washes of tharank green till its even then a couple of coats of 'ard coat so that it goes see through

13-12-2010, 12:37
Damn you really know your white painting, always when I paint white on my mini's it turns out awful so I stay away from it , what's your secret ? :)

self biased
13-12-2010, 17:21
love the support weapon platform.

21-12-2011, 08:59
Been about a year since i posted any eldar. nearly completed a batallion box just the wave serpent to go. just posting guardians and dires for now need to get pic of war walker. ive also completed another support platform, will post when i do other vehicles.

21-12-2011, 10:35
Hi, they look awesome! Especially like the armour on the Dires. How did you get the blue effect.


28-01-2012, 15:14
wave serpent done need to get more eldar stuff after clearing everything else on the painting desk

10-03-2012, 10:04
quick update a second vyper

16-09-2013, 15:24
well ive completed my first 10 storm guardians in the reverse colouring than the defenders. ill take a break by doing a couple of rangers now. and i thought i would show off the painted army as it stands all together

I am sure you have probably received thousands of compliments like this already- but I just wanted to say your Biel Tan army looks awesome!

I am just starting out again with 40k and would love to try and mimic your storm guardian colour schemes, but am struggling with a few elements. I would love some advice on how to paint the storm guardians like you did if you are willing to share the magic formula?

I am ok with the painting basics (basecoating, washes, line highlighting etc), but am struggling with the in between stages- ie the first few layers of highlighting before you reach the highest edges. This is partly because I don't know what colour paints to use during these stages. It seems most people build up from Caliban Green through Warpstone Glow up to Moot Green- is that what you went for with your colours? Did you do any blending/layering to achieve the dark effect?

Here's to hoping you are still active on Warseer!