View Full Version : What types of Beasts and creatures are in Arda?

26-05-2008, 07:48
I know of things like-wargs,Drakes,Dragons,Mumaks,Great Eagles,Giant spiders,Orcs,Goblins,Uruks,Ents,Balrogs,trolls,Sto ne Giants,The Watcher in the Water,The Fell beasts,Giant Bats and Barrow Wights but what other creatures are their in arda.
Eg-Things like, Griffins, Hydras,Wyverns,pegasus's,Ogres

26-05-2008, 07:58
There are no Griffens, Hydras, Wyverns or Pegasii.

As for Ogres, this is debatable. In the Hobbit, during the riddle game Bilbo is mentioned thinking about names of Ogres he'd heard as a child to answer one of the riddles. As for whether they actually exist, it's plausable that the 'half trolls' (which is not given as their name in LotR, but merely a similie used to describe them) of Far Harad could be the basis of the Hobbit's Ogre myth.
In the collection of short poems 'The Adventures of Tom Bombadil' there is mention of Mewlips (creatures that dwell in swaps and kill travelers to eat) and a giant turtle that mariners mistake for an island until it's too late.

Also, Drakes and Dragons are the same thing (Drake is just an alternate word for dragon), and Orc and Goblin are interchangable words for the same creature.

Kroot Lord
26-05-2008, 13:20
There are most hidious creatures living in the depts of Moria.

26-05-2008, 14:24
Well horses exist, and on a more serious note you forgot fell beasts

29-05-2008, 02:27
there are giants as heardin th hobbit and in the silmarillion(aka 1st age and second age) there were ogers, werewolves, wolves, direwolves, vampires, great drakes, wyrms, half trolls, the works but they died oot

Phoenix Blaze
31-05-2008, 12:28
Gah, got to werewlves before me. Wolf-hounds, which I take to be some sort of huski-dog but bigger. Huan was one, the greatest of them. There are creatures in Aman, that technically, would count as therefore being in Arda before the world was changed.

SirSnipes, when are giants mentioned in relation to the 1st or 2nd age? I'm trying to remember back and I've got nothing.

Simon Sez
31-05-2008, 12:47
I know Ents were mentioned in the First Age, they killed the Dwarf part that murdered Thingol, but outside of the Hobbit I can't recall any Giants been mentioned, nor Ogres.

We know there was one Vampire, Saurons messenger Thuringwethil, but she was more like a harpy in that she was a flying creature with claws and semblence of feminine features rather rather than the more famous Bram Stoker bloodsucker.

Surprised no-one has mentioned the famous "Were-Worms of the Last Desert" as another of Bilbo's bestiary of questionable reliability. That little snippet is all we know of them.

There are two trains of thought on this: One says that Toliens last word is canon, meaning if you have three or more versions of a story (Like the Ithryn Luin) assume that the version he wrote last is the truth. The other train of thought agrees with the first, except the Hobbit; people following this idea say that anything from the Hobbit that is not mentioned again is a relic of Tolkiens transition from a basic Fantasy book to the wider Middle-earth series. you'll notice in LotR and the appendices that many of the larger events of the Hobbit are addressed, meaning there was still a Battle of Five Armies, Smaug was killed by Bard and Bilbo lived to get a hold of quite a bit of moolah, however when it comes up against more fantastical things like the Giants some deny them as Tolkien having a bit of fun writing a childrens book.

Oh yeah, I also recall one of his letters made mention of faries, though I can't remember the context . . .

Phoenix Blaze
31-05-2008, 19:40
What about Huorns....is that how you spell it? Aren't they just ents that have become more tree like? Or are they something altogether different? If so, who made them. We know when and why the Ents were made, but what about Huorns? And another thing that's always bothered me, did Illuvatar make Hobbits? And if so, when and why!? Was it a new theme he created? Were they made in the 1st age but were only awakened much later?

03-06-2008, 10:50
Houns are Ents that have become treeish and trees that have become Entish if I recall corectly. The Ents were made by Yavanna, a Vala and 'wife' to Aule to protect the forrests (that she created) from Aule's Dwarrows. Yes Iluvatar created Hobbits, but they weren't a new theme. Like the Woses they were actually another form of Man. As for when they diverged from Men and became their own entity, it's not said.

Phoenix Blaze
03-06-2008, 22:41
Was it not Illuvatar made the Ents at the bidding of Yavanna, after realising that the Children of Illuvatar would cut down her trees.