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26-05-2008, 08:20
hey all, now i've been playing warhammer since i was about a goblin tall but have always been a chaos player. Now a friend wants to join. He would like to play VC and asked if i could asemble a list. I have now experience in VC at all (execpt getting my ass kicked by it or dealing the punches myself) So all the help is welcome.

Vampire lord Dark acolyte
Blood drinker
the flayed hauberk
crown of the damned
sceptre de noirot
Vampire Tomb blade
The cadaverous cuiras
dark acolyte
lord of the dead
core units
Zombie horde 20 Standard & musician
Skeleton warriors 14 full command + spears
Crypt Ghouls 20 Crypt Ghast
corpse cart 1 unholy lodestone
Dire wolves 10
Special units
Grave guard 19 Standard & musician
great weapons
Black knights 8 musician & standard bearer
Fel Bats 5 20
Rare units
Varghulf 175

Thanks in advance, will also post a high elves list soon

26-05-2008, 10:59
ok. where's the core one unit of skelies and no book of arkhan? you need that. the lord is going to suffer as a lord unless you either get rid of that crown and make him a fighter or increase his magic ability with Forbidden Lore. in replace of the crown of the damned i recommend helm of commandment. gotta give specials magic banners. banner of the barrows works well with knights or graveguard. fast attack lacking more fell bats would be my suggestion cause lately i've been seeing there worth but if you want dire wolves beef em up cause them can't take much.
like i said skelies are a problem cause i don't see lord of the dead in there anywhere. so extra raising of skelies is not an option if they get targeted by a war machine they're screwed man. sorry i missed lord of the dead in there before you still need to beef up on skelies. but from what i can see there's a ghoul theme so consider summon ghouls and/or lord of the dead.
possibly consider swaping a necromnacer for a wight king and making him the battle standard bearer. give him a magic banner something like royal banner of strigois.
on reflection judging by the rest of the army list make your lord a uber magic guy keep the crown but give him forbidden lore and possibly master of the black arts. also equipt with book of arkhan.