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26-05-2008, 16:30
I was wondering what everyone else thinks? I have just completed painting my last Chaos terminator, (I have done 86 of them, not all new by a long way.) and have included some really old ones all the through the various ranges right up to and including the plastic ones, many of these have been converted giving a nice feel to the army with not every single one being exactly the same height and size.

Now although the new plastic ones are admittedly slightly larger, I cannot help but feel that to hold them, they just don't feel very terminatory! Platics may be fine for most models, marines included, but terminators are supposed to be bigger, harder and more bulky. Having them made outof plastic, they just do not have that feel when you pick them up, they are too un-heavy! As such I have swapped quite few bits around using metal arms on plastic bodies etc to try and give them a better feel.

Just wondered what everyone else thinks of this? Whilst in some ways plastic definately gives a wider range of poses and is admittedly esier to convert, in some cases a model needs a bit of mass behind it to fell like what it is supposed to be? After-all, they could have made metal bodies and give plastic arm sprues etc. The new ones are just well, not heavy enough to be taken seriously.


26-05-2008, 16:41
2+/5+ saves are heavy

26-05-2008, 16:43
glue bits of metal under the base or on the base.

problem solved.

26-05-2008, 17:13
Personally I think plastic models are better all the way. Lighter to carry, break less easily if you drop them and easier to convert. I prefer big and light terminators to small and heavy.

Unfourtunatly, I bought my set of chaos terminators before they were released in plastic. :(

26-05-2008, 18:43
I put some nice heavy washers in the bottom of the bases to weigh my plastic figures down.


26-05-2008, 18:46
Comparing the GK termies with the SM termies there is no comparison really in how they look and feel. If only you could get the same amount of quick and easy customisation out of metal.

Would you have been prepared to pay an extra tenner a box to get metal?

26-05-2008, 19:09
I also own both but actually prefer the plastics; easier to carry with me and they don't break that easily or fall over when standing on a ledge etc.

26-05-2008, 19:14
heh, the only plastic termie i own are the old marine ones with single-posing action!
yeah they're lighter and they looked the same as the regular metal ones...minus some minor detailing, but i like the ability to cut and reposition them.
i have mixed feelings about the plastics, while i like the ability to pose them, i just don't like the look of the new plastics...the waist is thin, slightly lost detailing, and they look they their ready to dropkick someone. but then again, to each their own.

ps: 86?! termies! i mean i have maybe 30 for both my loyalist/chaos armies.

26-05-2008, 19:35
I converted my Chaos Terminators from Grey Knight Terminators (see my log!). I didn't choose them because of their weight, but because they look better as Thousand Son termies. If anything, the plastic terminators are much bulkier than the metals, thereby fitting the heaviness theme of the armour.

26-05-2008, 20:00
I actually feel the new plastics don't even look bulky enough. The old termies were a bit funny, all hunched over and small, but they looked solid because of that. The new ones are too skinny maybe.

27-05-2008, 07:07
BrianC. Would you have been prepared to pay an extra tenner a box to get metal?

Most of the metal ones were purchased from e-bay and only cost me on average about 1.00 to 1.50 each. No way could I afford the 7.00 GW price for them.

PondaNagura. ps: 86?! termies! i mean i have maybe 30 for both my loyalist/chaos armies.
26-05-2008 18:09

I have been collecting them for a long time and just have not got around to painting them until now. To be honest it was a bit of a trial come the end so perhaps I should have done them as and when I got them?
Good idea though about putting a heavy washer in the bottom of the base to make them just feel heavier.

I have nothing against the actual plastic models design, as I said the fexability for conversions is great, it is just that sometimes at least in my mind something that is supposed to be big and bulky should at least feel as though it is.

When it is on the table top with everything else, if no-one picks it up I guess it does not matter.


27-05-2008, 07:36
To the OP,

I agree 100%. I have both termies and a venerable dread for my Space Wolf army. All are made from metal. While I have to admit there are aspects of the plastic termies that I like (the Assault Cannon beats the smaller metal one anyday), they're are just too light for my taste. I do own a box of the plastic ones (along with the Forgeworld conversion kit *drool*), and will try everything I can to make them heavier.

I think a nice heavy washer glued under the base will help. It certainly did the trick for my marines in power armor.