View Full Version : Does the Hive Mind feel anything?

Lord Pree J.
27-05-2008, 06:56
Does the Hive Mind feel anything?
Does it even feel hate?
Or does it feel fear or anything, when attacked to the point of near death?
Feel free to discuss your views.

27-05-2008, 07:48
can the hive mind actually die?
i thought it was the gestalt conciousness of all the nids, if so to kill it you have to kill every single nid - a very hard/immpossible thing to do

27-05-2008, 13:39
it feels hungry.

it can fear though. evident by it ignoring the C'tan. you cant tell me C'tan contain no uselful ellemets for tyranid reproduction.

27-05-2008, 13:50
Being non-biological I don't see how the C'tan could be of any use to the Tyranid race.

I doubt the Hive Mind feels anything in terms of "feelings"

27-05-2008, 13:51
A common misconception. The Tyranids can and do use everything, however Necron tombworlds are heavily defended in comparison to their relatively poor nutritional value. It is poor return for investment. When there are so many other rich targets, there simply is no point for the Tyranids to expend so much effort over such a marginal one. It is the same reason why turtles and porcupines survive. A predator could theoretically still prevail but it is far too much effort for the return, and there are better prey out there.

max the dog
27-05-2008, 14:09
I wouldn't try to assign human emotion to an alien creature. Their version of fear and hate may not be anything like ours. For us it's a very individual thing while for them it's a group reaction.

I also can't imagine the Hive Mind hating us. To it we're just food and nothing more. Did you hate your dinner? So why would they.