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27-05-2008, 13:55
Hey all,

I am a noobie to Tomb Kings, and was just hoping someone could give me a good example of when/why the scorpion armor is good and how it EXACTLY works...

soooo, the character can't take more than 1 wound... and the unit will get half the wounds then half to the char. if the char would get 3 wounds throw out 2 and they only take 1?

when would a character though ever take wounds? a Challenge? so if my "unit" lets say TombGuard take 8 wounds from a charge, why would the Character ever take a wound from that? the way the description goes 4 would go to the TG and 4 to the char, throw 3 away and he takes 1...

am i missing something?


Esco Thomson
27-05-2008, 14:36
The character never suffers more than one wound due to combat resolution.

You can only allocate up to half of the wounds from combat resolution onto the character.

Say you have a Tomb Prince, with the Scorpion Armor in a unit of twenty Skeleton Archers. You lose combat by ten, normally you would lose ten skeletons. You can in this case, allocate five wounds from combat resolution to the Prince, and he will actually only suffer one wound, and then you only have the remaining five to actually worry about.

The real use for it is to add a bit of staying power to bunker units. Works out fairly decent as long as you can keep healing the Prince.

27-05-2008, 14:38
You lose combat by 8, you've only 3 men left in the unit along with the Tomb King

You take a total of 4 wounds, 3 men die from combat res and the character loses a wound. Normally the character would have died as well due to the wounds from combat res but thier alive and well and standing

Its especially useful when combined with the Spear of Antharak as then your King can charge a rank and file unit and laugh evilly as he heals a wound every turn only to take one in return. Can keep them both tied up for the battle or till support arrives

27-05-2008, 14:47
My problem with the scorpion armour is that it's only useful if you're losing combat -- generally by a lot. So it's good for a solo king who wants to go up against a unit all on his own (and is confident that he won't get squished by the actual combat) but other than that it's kind of... I don't know. Unless I'm running my King around alone, I'd rather just give him a ward save and call it a day.

I do like the Scorpion armour/Spear of Antharak combo, though. And it might actually make a BSB useful...

27-05-2008, 14:58
You take the scorpion armour to just sit your prince in a combat you can't win untill support arrives to help him out.
ie. When fighting against a HE unit with a bsb and the battle banner in a unit with full ranks.
Your not going to beat that unit easily but a prince/king can sit there wearing the scorpion armour for a good couple of turns..or indefinitely if you can heal him..the spear/invocation works to achieve this.

Only a lord can take the scorpion armour + spear of antarak due to it costing 75pts

27-05-2008, 15:30

Ok so it is as awesome as I thought!

well my plan was to plunk my King in a unit of TG or Chariot unit. I was going to be facing off against a HE, and the way this sounded it seemed like it would make my King unkillable, and be able to take on his Dragon!

I wanted to make him Nigh Unkillable, but was having trouble debating the item combination.

trying to get some sort of combo using the scorp armor, Ankh, collar of shapesh...

armor of ages to get +1wound would be good too, so yeah, too many options. but making him "invincible" would be awesome to plug up the HE Dragon/ or his Princes or any real sick unit that I don't want tearing up my army

Thanks all!!!!

Esco Thomson
27-05-2008, 16:10
I wanted to make him Nigh Unkillable, but was having trouble debating the item combination.

trying to get some sort of combo using the scorp armor, Ankh, collar of shapesh...

Sadly the Golden Ankhra and the Collar of Shapesh are both Talismans, so they are a no - go together :(

28-05-2008, 01:03
Also, they provide functionally the same benefit to a King in a unit. Well, the ankhra's slightly better for your CR, but...

28-05-2008, 04:27
It's a good armour for a lonely king wandering around with the armour, the spear, and the cloak of dune. Charge whatever you want, and you can most likely stay there indefinitly killing rank and file slowly :)

In a unit it's not as good, since you need to loose the combat by at least 4 to benefit the armour, and I don't know you, but me I try to avoid loosing combat by 4+ whenever possible ;)

28-05-2008, 08:04
@ OP, Okay, just to get something sure...

This item works only against wounds caused due to loosing combat.
I don't see that making him unkillable, since if the dragon just points his attacks at the tomb king, he would still be ripped apart, since (as I get from the second post) this item does not stop attacks made in close combat. Then he will never make it to the phase where combat resolution starts causing wounds, and the whole armour does not cause any effect.