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27-05-2008, 22:32
Hi All,

I've just finished my final year exams at Cambridge! Unfortunately most people are still doing theirs so I have to keep celebrations low key :( As I'm going to have some time to kill over the next couple of weeks I was thinking of doing something which I've wanted to since I found out about the awesomeness of our University Library. (No, please don't stop reading just yet! :p)

Basically Cambridge UL is a 'copyright library' which means that one copy of all publications from the UK must go to and be stored in this building. The great thing about this is not the labyrinth of book stacks, oh no, this means that the library has every copy of White Dwarf from No. 27 (1981) to the present day!

I'm looking for some of the vets out there to recommend me a few classic White Dwarfs for me to have a look at. I've been in the hobby for about 6 years on and off, although my first WD was the one which relaunched the Necrons.

I'm mainly a hobbyist so converting articles or WDs with crazy scratchbuilds would be great (I seem to remember seeing one on the net with an AtSt made into a Titan). I also collect guard and templars.

Any suggestions would be appreciated... I look forward to hearing from you all! Thanks. :D

27-05-2008, 22:38
I suggest reading, or at least flipping through them all! :D

27-05-2008, 22:39

It depends on what you want to read up on. Are you interested in specialist games, background, battle reports, etc.?

Have a few I could recommend for each!

27-05-2008, 22:41
I suggest reading, or at least flipping through them all! :D

Oops, I should have added that I have to 'request' them so I can only ask for a few, say 10 at a time. Although I do have a few days on my hands... hmmm...

@ 2_heads_talking: I'm mainly interested in mainstream 40k, I've not played many games so army reports aren't really my thing so, as I'm primarily a maker of models I guess fluff and hobby articles primarily. Throwing in a few specialist games things to spice things up would be nice though... Thanks for the responses.

27-05-2008, 22:49
gah i still remember the old days when they had about 3 pages AT LEAST for background(index astartes or whatever)

today its just....less substance

27-05-2008, 22:54
95 is worth a look, 105 has the introduction of the Harlequins, the first ever space marine army list and lots of stuff about Realms of Chaos, 106 has the concept art for titans, 112 introduces terminators in their current form (though they appeared slightly earlier, with some very different armour), 127 has the first appearance of Eldar Aspect Warriors.

edit - Just realised quite how much of the 40k universe was being created when I was first reading White Dwarf, Space Marine Army list, Realms of Chaos, Titans (and, by extension, the Horus Heresy, presumeably as they could only afford to make one type of plastic titan) and Harlequins, all in the space of a few months!

27-05-2008, 23:04
oK, I have a lot of old WDs...but only a few at my current location..

I will try and list what I can from what I have here... your AT-ST Comment made me think... I have that issue..

so.. (the # is the Issue)

120 = The "Sabre" Plans.. making a Tank Killer out of an Old school Rhino... though it was the only Rhino back then. It looks a lot like a current Destroyer Tank Hunter.
Also, there are 2 color pages of 2 AT-ST conversions and 2 of the previously mentioned "Sabres"

119 = The "Spartan" plans = making a Terminator hauling Land Raider...with, again...the Old Land Raider kit....it makes it longer..and adds a hatch to the front... there is a color page of the completed model...and another converted LR. There is also an early space marine painting guide.

112 = Good article on Space Hulk, Terminators etc.

114 = Good Old School genestealer info...Broods etc..

118 = The "Vindicator" plans.... making one out of, again...the old school Rhino. By plans... I mean there are diagrams you can photo copy and cut out for templates etc...that applies to the ones mentioned above too.

122 = Good Traitor Terminator / Space Hulk article.

116 = More Genestealer info, Clans, Broods etc. Some good color pics of painted models etc.

I'm afraid thats all I have with me from the OLD SCHOOL Days... I have quite a lot of newer ones... but this at least might give you some place to start.

I might have more to post later.

- John

PS: there are also a lot of articles/info etc on EPIC Space Marine/Titans as that was just coming out back then

27-05-2008, 23:06
The 1st one I got and that helped me get started in this hobby is #224. Still one of my favorites.

27-05-2008, 23:55
Is it open to the public, or do you have to be a student to utilise it? Cos logically, if they have WD, they'll have Citadel Journal, Inferno and Warhammer Monthly as well...


The Anarchist
28-05-2008, 00:10
i would suggest episode 300 straight away! also most between 265-290 have lots of fluff, like index astartes stuff, and i think it was WD 181 that had the largest ever battle report in it, could be wrong though.

From Shadows
28-05-2008, 00:14
To be honest anything from issue 300 and before, issues in the 200 range are some of my favourites, great reads.

28-05-2008, 00:24
i think either 176 or 178 has the heretic battle report,which was a good read,also 99 is good for LOTD fluff which is also worth a look

28-05-2008, 02:03
White Dwarf edition 131
The release of Advanced Space crusade.

Also featuring Bill King's classic account of Emperor and Horus's final showdown and a cool Inquisitor Kryptman short story, this edition is THE reason I play 40K now, such a huge amount of cool 40Knes in one magazine, WHFB didn't have a chance.

132 IIRC carries the templates for a scratch built Baneblade.

Anything in the 130's will be good, there's Ork freebootaz about 135 and far too much that I can't remember.

28-05-2008, 06:00
How about:


Those are some of the classic white dwarves! :p

PS. On a more serious note, check out some of the ones between 200 and 300, which had some great IA articles in them.

01-06-2008, 15:34
Hmm... some fluff, and some specialist games.

Well, here's my recommendations:

Issue 214: The introduction of Gorkamorka; a battle report to explain the game, a brilliant article on different Imperial Guard players and their armies (some massive jealousy-inducing armies on display here!)

You should also try and find some of the Index Astartes articles, they are fascinating to read though most of the background has now changed.

Oh, and WD 200; not only a milestone, but has a fantastic hobby artile on someone who built a massive (I believe its a six-foot tall structure) that he's used for both Space Hulk and Necromunda. Once again, its something you can look at and just feel inspired to emulate.

More to come, don't have my WDs with me right now for more specific examples I'm afraid.

Slaaneshi Slave
01-06-2008, 16:08
97 is a sure winner. It's the one that introduced the Ultramarines, with their primarch being an ex commisar. ;)

01-06-2008, 17:40
I've a feeling that issue 82 or maybe 83 has a diorama featuring the Emperor squaring up against Horus, which I remember impressing me greatly at the time.

Is it open to the public, or do you have to be a student to utilise it? Cos logically, if they have WD, they'll have Citadel Journal, Inferno and Warhammer Monthly as well... Fraid you have to be a student or ex-student.

Mahwell Skel
01-06-2008, 17:58
I would try 111 rogue trader squat list and a ton of background.

As you like guard definately 109 which has the rogue trader army list and organisational charts and tons of background.

Then the ones projectkmo recommends.

01-06-2008, 18:09
Hi there,

my personal favourite (having had a subscription for about 6 years) is WD 252.

Containing for 40k:

Tactica Ulthwe
Index Astartes: Codex Astartes (not as good as the other index astartes' i'll admit)
Space Hulk Modelling Project (sounds like what you are interested in)
Chapter Approved: Vehicle Design Rules
4 Player Battle Report

and for WFB:

Dogs of War
Fall of Karak Eight Peaks story
Goblin Armies
Arcane Lore: Characters

My copy has been read so often the covers have fallen off and the pages are all wrinkled.

01-06-2008, 19:20
You might want to give this site a try:


It lists the contents of quite a few old white dwarfs.

01-06-2008, 19:49
I think 154 was the first I read. It is calssic to me because of that, but it also has a battlre report of "The battle for golgotha" which I am glad to see made it into the background later.

01-06-2008, 20:42
theres one from 2002 that ahs the kroot army list in it look it up or search the archives for the realsie oh SPACEHULK

01-06-2008, 21:19
I've a feeling that issue 82 or maybe 83 has a diorama featuring the Emperor squaring up against Horus, which I remember impressing me greatly at the time.

Must be a later issue than that, don't think Horus appeared till the release of Adeptus Titanicus (WD 106), in fact, I don't believe 40k even existed at the time of issue 83!

mr gribbly
01-06-2008, 21:32

list just about every article published in every white dwarf since issue 100, just type in anything you have even the vaguest interest in.

only problem I ever have with it is that the search function is very basic compared to say google, but its sufficient

01-06-2008, 21:42
Add a 1 in front. The Horus-Emperor diorama was in 183. IŽd recommend the 180s - 200s. And WD 135 had some pretty cool modeling articles, IIRC.