View Full Version : Question about cover and charging

28-05-2008, 15:52
In a game recently I declared I was going to charge my unit of gnoblar trappers from cover into a unit of archers on horse back. The archers stood and fired. Now I know that the hunters should get -1 from me being skirmishers and -1 from me charging them, now the question is this, do they get a -1 since i am in cover? The way stand and shoot reads is the archers immediately fire when the enemies are at firing range. Since I am already within firing range I would guess they fire before I left the cover, thus giving them another -1 to hit. Is this correct? We couldn't decide, nor could the employees at GW so we rolled of for it. Luckily I won.

28-05-2008, 19:04
Well... the rules say they fire as soon as they can. They also don't wait until the enemy is in short range when they start the charge in long range, so I don't see why the should wait until you come out of cover.

It's not really logical, but its quite clearly the rules.