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28-05-2008, 18:43
Basically, in the lot i've bought on ebay I have 20 archers, 14 swordsmen, 3 spearmen, Glorfindel on foot, elrohir and elladan on foot, Haldir, 8 haldir's elves (4 bows, 3 swords, 1 banner), and two converted cavalry. How on earth do I make a 500pt army out of that lot? Basically, I can see:

Elladan and Elrohir - 140pts
10 Elf warriors with heavy armour and elven blades - 100pts
8 Elf warriors with heavy armour and elven bows - 80pts
3 Elf warriors with heavy armour, shields and spears - 33pts

+ What? I was going to say Haldir and his crew but that would take me over the 33% of bows wouldn't it? I'd really like glorfindel as well, but I'm afraid that 280pts, on three heroes is a little too much... These are the older models of glory, elly and... um, elrohir too i.e. without armour. I know someone is going to say, buy more spearmen, but is it still possible to get the shields so i can convert the spare warriors I have?

So then chaps and chapesses, that's your challenge. If you can stick to that list, that would be great, but if not, so be it. Also, what are the elven chariots/other LoME units like. I don't have any of the books (except the novels, but that helps no one...). Thank you in advance for any help offered.

Death Korp
28-05-2008, 22:40
I'll help :)

From what i can see, you have a good solid list there, i wouldn't make any changes TBH.

To expad on the army, i'd get the twins in armour, more Spearmen and a Captain and banner bearer, because yuo need to try and get some power in your army :)


28-05-2008, 23:59
You got a good list to work with. For tourny play you already got the great combo of the twins so your good in the hero slot. What you should do is just max out on warriors. But with the models you have, I would take those 4 more swords, get to a legal bow limit and than put in haldir and as many of those elves as you can.

29-05-2008, 00:02
Hmmm... Well i'd start by cutting off all their heads and sticking theme on pikes before collecting a proper army, but that's just me (me and Elves... don't quite get along..)

But anyways, yes, it's a pretty decent army you've got there, maybe try and fit in a banner... but to be honest i don't think you'll come into much bother either way..

29-05-2008, 08:59
Awesome guys thanks.

Now then, lets see:

Elrohir and Elladan - 140pts
Elf with banner 35pts (I read somewhere that banners were 25pts? Is this correct?)
10 Elf warriors with heavy armour, elven blade 100pts
6 Elf Warriors with heavy armour, spear and shield 66pts
6 Elf warriors with heavy armour, elven bow - 60



4 Haldir's Elves with bow
3 Haldir's Elves with swords

I have no idea on the points for these, and Haldir quite possibly will take up most of the spare 100pts... Can anyone help with his points cost?

29-05-2008, 14:51
i thought banners for elves were 35pts, and the haldir bit is over 33% bows.
I think haldirs elves are 8pts without weapons, and the last time i looked haldir had a printing mistake and was 55pts (old RoTK rulebook)

29-05-2008, 19:37
35pts for a banner then. Cheers for that Leviro. I don't have any of the books so I had no idea, I just read somewhere that all banners were 25pts. Cheers. Also, it should have been a Haldir's elf with banner and I will decrease the number of elven warriors with bows to account for Haldir's elves with bows.

So, if I have:

Haldir 55pts?
Elladan and Elrohir 140pts
Haldir's elven crew (4 with bows, 3 with swords, 1 banner) - Assuming Haldir's elves are 10pts each with equipment, then this makes 70pts plus a 43pt banner bearer (basic 8 plus 35pt banner - That right?) making 113pts.
8 warriors with swords, heavy armour 80pts
3 warriors with bowmen, heavy armour 30pts
3 warriors with spears, heavy armour and shields 33pts

396pts + Haldir's points cost.

This maximises the amount of bows I can field, and fits within the points costs if Haldir is less than 100pts. No matter, because I re-read the rules and its 500pts minimum so give or take, this is my list. I can always field the excess with more warriors.

@ Temozarela: If you want to add elves on pikes to your orcs and stuff, your quite welcome to use my paint scheme :D

29-05-2008, 21:15
In the instuctions of "the Tale" it is mentioned that rules found in Legions of Middle-earth are used for the armies. LoME rules for allies state that each contigent must follow the 33% separately. This means that in your "High" Elves contigent every third warrior may have a bow, and same goes for Haldir's Elves contigent.

Currently your Haldir's Elves contigent has 50% of its warriors armed with bows. To do your army list correctly would require the exact details of the army lists, but I think that you can get your army together just with the info that elves from Rivendell and Lothlorien come from different army lists. Also note that only warriors count for the purposes of 33%, so wether your heroes have bows or not will not make any difference.

So if you only have 4 Haldir's Elves models without bows (3 with elven blade, 1 with banner), you can only take 2 models with bows.

So without revealing any points costs here is a suggestion for army that is exactly 500 points and uses the LoME-rules:

Elladan & Elrohir
9 High Elves (heavy armour + elven blade)
3 High Elves (heavy armour + shield + spear)
6 High Elves (heavy armour + elven bow)

Haldir (armour + bow)
1 Haldir's Elf (armour+banner)
3 Haldir's Elves (armour+elven blade)
2 Haldir's Elves (armour+bow)

30-05-2008, 11:31
Thanks Garoth, your the man!

I searched around the forums, and found some pointcosts though, and I make that 478pts... It's not that I don't appreciate you help, I was just wondering if you'd double check for me? It would mean alot :D I know you can't post points costs, silly of me to ask...

Is this right?

Elladan and Elrohir - 140
9 Elves (armour, blades) - 90
6 Bowmen - 60
3 Spearmen - 33

Haldir (Armour and bow) - 65 (From WD issue 285...)
Haldir's banner elf - 43
3 Haldir's swords - 27
2 Haldir's bows - 20


Should I have more warriors i.e. 2 spearmen or have I got this wrong?

01-06-2008, 12:57
Now that I double checked it the list is actually 499 points.

You seem to have high elf bowmen cost wrong there (they cost the same per model as the spearmen). And Haldir is actually way more expensive than what you have it there.

EDIT: It seems that you have found those out by oursellf by now...

01-06-2008, 13:13
Cheers Garoth again. I searched many a forum and eventually found the last alliance and after spending about 2 hours looking at all the elf lists, I managed to piece together all the points. That's what happens when you really on out of date WDs. ;) Lol. Thank you for your help.