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28-05-2008, 18:59
Tomb Kings' light chariots are still vulnerable to destruction due to strength 7+ attacks like normal chariots. In most cases this is from shooting, but some units are capable of generating close combat attacks of this strength. Then, against normal chariots, there is no issue, because the chariot's unit is utterly destroyed and the attacker wins automatically. Against a unit of say 6 light chariots though, it may not be possible for a unit to generate enough hits to destroy all 6. Here's the issue though: Combat resolution
How do you calculate the number of wounds generated for the sakes of combat resolution?
Is it for the total number of wounds lost by the TK player OR is it 1 per attack?
For example, if I charge a Saurus hero with a great weapon into a unit of light chariots and he has 4 successful hits and wounds does my hero get to count:
A) the maximum of 5 wounds for combat resolution, as that is how many wounds the unit lost?
B) 4 wounds, as that is how many successful hits he caused?

28-05-2008, 19:06
Normally it is the number of wounds lost by the TK player, in the same way that a normal Chariot destroyed by a S7 hit in a multiple combat also gives its remaining wounds up as CR.

I'm not sure where you get 5 wounds for CR though, seeing as destroying 4 Light Chariots will give 3 CR each for 12 CR total.

EDIT: You may be thinking of the 5 CR cap on overkill in Challenges, which does not apply to any other source of CR.

Incidently, if there is a Champion in the Chariots who challenges the Saurus, and the Saurus causes 4 successful wounds as before, then most people would play this as follows:
- The first wound destroys the Chariot automatically, thus giving 3CR
- The remaining 3 wounds count towards Overkill, meaning another 3CR on top of that

28-05-2008, 20:36
hm.. I've been playing WH for over a year now and I JUST found out that there wasn't a limit on how much CR wounds create..
Anyways, my line of reasoning has been the same as yours, but I had someone tell me something along the lines of the CR from 1-hit kills on the chariots are like that from killing blow. You only cause one wound, so you only get one CR, even though it was a wound that killed the enemy outright. I don't know if this part is true, because I RARELY encounter killing blow in my play group and I've never used it myself.

29-05-2008, 07:03
A chariot taking an unsaved wound from a S7 hit loses all remaining wounds as specified in the high strength hits of the chariot rules. Assuming a unit of light chariots with W3 each suffers 4 unsaved wounds from S7 hits. Four individual chariots are destroyed, counting as 12 W lost.


29-05-2008, 16:41
I had this happen playing against TK.

Star Dragon + Lord with Star Lance slammed into a unit of TK chariots.

I was going to count them as 1 would each for CR, but the Red Shirt counted 'em as 3 each. Just my 2 gil.

30-05-2008, 02:24
I never understood this rule. Seriously, whats the difference between say a Giant Kroxigor with insane strength whacking a chariot, and them whacking say a Great eagle. Its the same result, both chariot or eagle will get smashed in one hit regardless of how many wounds it is.

30-05-2008, 17:47
As a fellow Tomb Kings player, unfortunately, the correct answer in this case is that each Light Chariot destroyed gives +3 CR to the enemy.

I have seen the Nike Saurus utterly destroy entire units of Light Chariots led by a Tomb Prince / Tomb King on his own due to the +9 CR he created.

30-05-2008, 17:50
I never understood this rule. Seriously, whats the difference between say a Giant Kroxigor with insane strength whacking a chariot, and them whacking say a Great eagle. Its the same result, both chariot or eagle will get smashed in one hit regardless of how many wounds it is.

It is a game balance mechanic. Chariots are incredibly potent offensive weapons and the only thing they truly fear when there are lots of them....especially with the apparant recent drops in chariot costs (eg. the new Warriors of Chaos list)..... are S7+ attacks.

Plus a chariot is a machine so IMO it makes more sense that if one of the parts is damaged it becomes useless. If you whack a Great Eagle he still has some fight left in him.

31-05-2008, 00:23
Having been on the recieveing end of just such a devious ploy and watching a single model with a GW (i think it was a chaos champion) do for 4 of my proud chariots, i have to say I was utterly disgusted. All you can do is suck it up (and resurrect the chariots!;)) and be glad of the fact that you can have so many. I took greatpleasure in the fact that my TK proceeded to pick himself out of the chariot wreckage (albeit with one wound) and decapitated the offending character with his great weapon-see how you like a few Str7 hits of your own!

31-05-2008, 00:29
Each wounding hit auto-destroys a chariot, causing however many wounds were left on the chariot.
It's quite clear under the chariot rules on page 62-64 of the BRB.

It's to show how the machine breaks apart when hit by something really really hard. It'll crack and the chariot wont work anymore.
eg. the main beam holding the back to the beasts breaks, the front just falls down and it wont go anywhere and is immobile.

There arent that many st7 things that can make a mess of chariots in this way, and it's only tomb king chariot units that really suffer greatly from such things.

Be thankful impact hit's go first and that there are very few things that can get ASF and be st7+.