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28-05-2008, 21:02
Ok, I've always toyed with the idea of a Napoleonic style Empire army, but never had time nor cash to do anything about it. Then I came across Perry Bros. plan to do plastic Nepoleonic troops. 36 28mm multi-part plastic models for around 12-15. What's not to like? Got even more inspired when visiting an exhibit at a local museum about battles around this area against the Russians in 1808.

I've tried to find out about good (even cheesy) Empire gunlines, but there's very little in the way of actual lists. Only one I found was someone telling about some guy who took 90 hangunners (in units of 10) along with a steam tank and I guess it had some wizards in the mix as well.

I wanted something a little characterful. But only a little. Only could come up with this and little alterations of it. But got any any other ideas apart from not doing it?

General of the Empire:
-Full Plate Armour, Pistol, Shield
-Warhorse, Barding
= 225pts.

Plan to use him mostly as a source for Ld. behind the ranks, only charging into battle when needed.

Captain of the Empire:
-Full Place Armour
-Imperial Banner
= 183pts.

Also suppose to hand at the back and give aid to the static troops with the banner.

2x Battle Wizzard:
-Lvl. 2
-2x Dispel Scroll
= 150pts.

Pure magical defence, if nothing else. They can also cast some spells if needed.

5x Handgunners (10x):
-Marksman, Hochland Long Rifle
-Detachment, 5x Halberdiers
-Detachment, 5x Handgunners
= 175pts.

I don't have much experience on Empire detachments, so I've had to work mostly on heresay. The main body does the gunning. Long Rifles can target characters and champions in units. A long shot (no pun intended), but you never know). Handgunner attachment is suppose to gun too, but also stand-and-shoot if the enemy reaches the lines. Halberdiers countercharge with some S4 hacking to support if everything else fails.

4x Great Cannon:
= 100pts.

What's a gunline without cannons?

Total of 1983pts.

I'm sure many will deem this as weak or non-functional on many levels, but it's the best I've managed to come up with. This thread is not so much about the list, as about other lists. So got a better idea, post it and explain how to use it. Everyone is free to do it.

28-05-2008, 21:10
From a fluff point of view you're really missing the cavalry I think; knights wouldn't really work becuase of the very heavy armour and lances, but DoW light cavalry may fit the role of the lighter cavalry used in that period, primarily for harassing broken enemies and forcing the enemy into square formation.
For heavier cavalry, you could use DoW heavy cavalry, but just model them without the lances and either say the cavalry sabres count as lances, or just use their hand weapons.

28-05-2008, 21:24
I think that it might be a bit more like the napoleonic (sp?) eara if you used 20 man blocks of handgunners (horribly unwise ofcourse).
As it is now, I can't really see how it is anything like the napoleonic wars, other than that there's some blackpowder in there. Actually, it looks extremely boring to play with and against. Pure VP-denial.

If you want to play fluffy (don't shoot me now, I'm not an historian and am a bit more into roman history than that newer stuff.) then try to use large blocks of handgunners, some light cavalry and a couple of cannons. Can't really think of any wizards in the army at that time either, so they will have to go as well.
Also, try to stay away from the heaviest armour, except on a couple of 'elite' units.

If you want to play cheesy/boring/SAD(as you do now) then you can ask somebody else, as I don't to that kind of things.



28-05-2008, 21:25
you have 0 ways to deal with anything once it actually gets to you, i dont think 75 handgun shots will win you many games unless you are going against knight armies (only 25 should hit at long range probably causing 16 wounds to toughness 3 models). throw in some stanks for combat support and then it will win games.

thats also assuming they all in range, and all able to concentrate fire.

28-05-2008, 21:26
5 Halberdiers countercharging won't do much. If you lose 1 model you aren't getting rid of ranks, and lets face it, you are going to lose combat anway. I would drop them.

I would also drop the battle mages if you plan to make a historical army.

From this you could get the cavalry in, or more guns.

28-05-2008, 21:28
I forgot all about DoW to tell the truth. I really wanted to get it too (Perrys will also come with 12 model plastic cavalry units with lances). If my calculations are correct, I'll get a nice 12 model block of light cavalry with full command and spears for the cost of a little bit above one of the handgunner units (189pts.). Sounds nice to me, giving some flanking strength and clears some more room into my lines (if placed side by side, the infantry alone would cover 2m).

I don't know if ever used, but I've thought about some possible positions for the handgunners to take less space and get good firing sectors. For one, units at the edges of the table could be placed so that they're angled towards the opponents edge of the table. So instead of :

they would be:


Of course so that they'll still cover their own asses from possible flanking manouvers (aka. LOS still covers the edge of the table with no blind spots).

I've also though about placing some units like so:


Giving them some back to back support, taking less room from the line and still having LOS towards the enemy.

But all these are just ideas. Never had shooting models before (daemons don't have much of them), so don't know much about WHFB shooting tactics other than "if you can see the whites of their eyes, you're screwed". Or at least opponent usually suffered such a fate.

28-05-2008, 21:32
12 strong light cavalry is a bad idea; they're fast cavalry so don;t get any rank bonus; split them into two units of 6 and only have a musician on each unit; it means they can flee from a charge if they have to and still rally easily.

28-05-2008, 21:36
Never said historical, only style. Just like someone can make an army inspired by any movie, book or anything. I find the old style "ships of wood, men of iron" stuff nice. I don't want to make historical, just something that's something that looks and acts in the same way (steam tank is fine too as I've already looked into possible models for such as well). It's still an Empire army, just with non-GW looks and a little more gunpowdery style.

This is an open topic to all suggestions along with lists. Keep them coming in any form you can think of. I can always work around things that might be harder to fit than others. Cavalry is workable, cannons and handgunners are a must, wizards felt like a good ideas as I've heard good about them, and with the static nature of the whole thing, having a back of the bus Ld. and BSB seems reasonable. But if you know better, let me know.