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29-05-2008, 04:46
I am just starting to collect dwarfs for my foray into Warhammer Fantasy after starting out the GW hobby with 40K. This is my first attempt at writing a list here. I think I followed the rules. Here goes...

Dwarf Lord 203pts
Runic Weapon with Master Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Speed
Runic Armor with Rune of Stone

Runesmith 127pts.
Runic Weapon with Rune of Speed
Runic Talisman with Master Rune of Spellbinding

2 Units Dwarf Warriors with Command (20) 205pts

2 Units Thunderers with Command (16) 249pts

2 Units Miners with Command (16) 256pts.
Steam Drills and Blasting Charges

Cannon with Master Rune of Disguise 120pts

Cannon with Master Rune of Defense 130pts

Main questions about the list....

Am I lacking anything and if so what and why?
Do I need more anti magic?
Is the Runesmith tooled right? Should I tool down something else to give him more anti magic?

Any other comments are very welcome and I thank you all in advance.

29-05-2008, 16:23
If your lord has always strikes first, then why are you adding 1 to his initative?

I think you put too many points into your miners. With two units you shouldn't need steamdrills, and blasting charges almost never come into play.

I'd also drop the runes on the cannons. No use hiding is (disguise) and regular shooting isn't the risky to these guys, combat/magic is.

29-05-2008, 18:28
Try to give your lord the MR of spite, as of right now he has a 2+ as and that is not going to save him vs anything with a gw or that has high st. You could also add a rune of fury giving him 5 attacks at st 5 w/ strike first

The runesmith doesn't need the rune of speed at initative 3 its not going to do much, you could switch it for a rune of stone giving him a 1+ as in combat.

One question I had is that your thunderers points doesn't seem right, it should be 265 per unit, unless I'm missing something?

I agree with Malorian that miners don't need all of the upgrades, the points could use better somewhere else

The best rune for a cannon is the rune of forging, I would invest on having it on one of your cannons if not both. If you add it to both you need to add another rune to one another cannon because nothing can be duplicate with runes. Also engineers are great for cannon crews giving them an extra crew member and the ability to reroll the misfire chart in anything goes bad.

Overall nice first list you have the basics down just need to add some finishing touches

ginger gobbo
29-05-2008, 20:36
the runesmith master rune of balance and a scroll
the lord a great weapon with master rune of kragg the grim and always strike first and rune of stone

thunderers units of 10 with shields no command
units of 20 miners with command
cannons give the rune which they can re-roll a misfire dice

and thats about it