View Full Version : 2250 point daemon army, suggestions needed!

29-05-2008, 14:44
Here's what I got:

Kairos 625

2 X tzeentch herald with master of sorcery and wings = 320
Herald of nurgle w/slime and noxious vapours+ palaquin = 200


12 blood letters 144
12 bloodletters 144
16 plaguebearers standard, seeping decay icon 230

5 furies
3 screamers

6 flamers = 210
6 flamers = 210

2248 total.

I could try reduce the Plaguebearers or have it replaced by a unit of blood letters and led by skulltaker instead. Maybe also have smaller squad and get more screamers/furies? The tzeentch heralds will be flying over the field so they dont need horrors to join them, and hopefully i can get rid of pesky skirmirshers before they hunt my guys too.

30-05-2008, 14:58
Give the tzeentch heralds a disk, that has the same effect as wings, for saving magic items points for a dispel scroll each, that are really needed.