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Magos Explorator
29-05-2008, 20:40
(Split into multiple parts due to the 4-pic-per-post limit.)

I've been maintaining a painting log over at the Great Crusade pre-Heresy forum linked in my sig for several months, and thought it might be of interest to some if I posted it over here too.

Essentially I started gaming in 1994 but took a break after going to Uni in 2001, and have been slowly getting back into the hobby since late last year. The driver for this was the Horus Heresy novel series, which inspired me to put together a pre-Heresy multi-Legion Space Marine force from the Great Crusade. Seeing all manner of other fantastic new miniatures has led to me diversifying a little, so my force now includes a Mechanicum and Imperial Army contingent too. Then along came some Xenos to crusade against, in the form of the Eldar of Craftworld Altansar. Although I paint reasonably rapidly, I don't have too much time so over the past 6 months or so have only managed 30 or so figures... oh well! So I can't promise to update too frequently. I'll see how it goes.

My first goal has been to put together a ~500 point force from each of these armies, so I can play a few games (won't be until 5th edition's out by now, probably). Rough lists for these are as follows:

Space Marines

- Chaplain (Emperor's Children)
- Tactical squad (10-man, Emperor's Children)
- Tactical squad (5-man, Dark Angels)
- Scout squad (snipers, 5-man, Death Guard)

Imperial Army (Vostroyan miniatures)
- Command squad with commissar and sanctioned psyker
- Ratling squad (5-man)
- 2 infantry platoons (command squad and 2 squads in each)

Eldar: plans for this force are vague and at the moment I'm just painting whatever strikes me!
- Farseer
- Guardian squad (with heavy weapon platform)
- Dire Avenger squad
- Warp Spiders

For the Mechanicum, I need something a little different. I've decided that I can represent an Adeptus Mechanicus force pretty well by using elements from Codex: Witch Hunters and doing it 'counts as'. So the Witch Hunters list would translate to the following:

- Inquisitors, Priests: various castes of Tech-priest, with their retinues (servitors and sages mostly, I reckon).

- Arco-flagellants: the rules work fairly well for Electro-Priests.
- Repentia: a Beastman platoon. Back in the day they had drug dispensers, and you had to include an Adeptus Mechanicus to control the frenzon. So I think you could easily use some Beastmen with 40k-era weapons, led by a Tech-priest, for this.
- (Death-cult) assassins: Could be a tech-assassins (e.g. the Kaban Project short story).

- Storm troopers: Regular Hypastist Skitarii. I'd probably use these as the mainstay of the force. Not much variety in the Troops, section, but hey!

Fast attack:
- Seraphim and Dominion squads: Could be rapid response Skitarii, or else Seraphim could be a type of Praetorian. I'm not too keen on these, though, so probably won't use them.

Heavy Support:
- Retributors: Sagitarii (heavy weapon specialists).
- Immolator, Exorcist: general Mechanicum support vehicles.
- Penitent Engines: Robot maniples.
- Orbital Strike: fairly obvious...

I've thought about using Imperial Guard rules but couldn't get it to feel right; also I envision my Skitarii in units of 8, linking in to binary, while the Guard codex limits me to 10 men per squad. Plus I thought using Witch Hunters rules gives me better-feeling Tech-Priests and makes things more distinct from my Imperial Army Contingent.

With this in mind my 500 point force would probably be:

- Tech-priest and retinue
- 2 Skitarii maniples

So for the rest of this first post I think I'll share progress with my Mechanicum/Mechanicus stuff to date. Apologies for the variable quality of photography throughout these first few posts; I'm getting used to taking pictures of miniatures, and some of these initial pictures are not in chronological order.

First up is a full body shot of the Tech-Priest I use as my avatar. I painted a black-and-white cowl to distinguish him from ordinary Mechanicum soldiers. I don't think my checks are quite good enough so am doing cogging in the future.

Then I've got another Tech-Priest (who appears to be in Mark IV power armour); on both of these I've tried to go for red, black, white, brass and silver as the dominant colour schemes. The first has got a checkered hem on his robe, inspired by Apologist. I went for a cogging effect on the shoulders of the second: sadly, the moulding isn't so good and there's a big line down his left shoulder pad which I couldn't entirely remove. I am quite pleased with the way these first ones turned out.



Next I put together a few test miniatures for the rest of the force. I'm pleased with how they turned out so will use the same basic pattern for more. I thought I'd share some WIP pictures which will hopefully interest/inspire someone!

The Skitarii:



This is essentially a Cadian torso and arms on top of High Elf Archer legs, with a Wood Elf head. I've used a couple of accessories around the waist, to hide the fact that the high elf gets slim up there, and put a targeter on (he'll be a 'counts as' Stormtrooper). I've tried to make him without resulting to Green Stuff as my skills are very poor, though hopefully with practice things will get better.

A couple of things I've noticed, which may be of interest to others intending something similar:

- High Elves are very tall and slim-waisted. For future models I'll probably chop off the top of the legs a millimetre or two down, where he's a bit fatter, to make him not so tall.
- The Wood Elf head doesn't fit on the Cadian body without a bit of filing down of both.
- Cadian arms I've found tricky to position--I've fixed the gap visible in the pictures above...

Magos Explorator
29-05-2008, 20:43
Next up is an Electro-Priest. He's just an Empire Flagellant with a trimmed-down weapon and some Green Stuff cables from head to arm, and hand to weapon, to make him look a bit more like he's not just a WHFB miniature.



Note that the Flagellants are actually fairly short! Here's a group shot for scale:


This picture also shows a WIP Death Guard I've made from some spare parts (note my first Green Stuff attempt in ~6 years: a banded shoulder pad) and Deah Guard Scout (which just has a head swap). The heads on these marines are both WHFB Chaos Warrior heads which, with a little filing, fit perfectly!

Next is the Skitarii with his first coat of red on him. I've used Mechrite Red up to Blood Red, which will soon get an ink wash. I've also outlined some cog-like designs across the edge of the cloak, to aid the visual recognition as a member of the Mechanicum (and not e.g. a Chaos cultist or Redemptionist). This is Dheneb stone; I figured it'd be easier to do this now than risk having to heavily retouch the red after it'd been inked...


Notice also the dangling skull I added since the first picture. Again this'll have the bisected black/white look, to go with the Mechanicum device.

A piece of advice to anyone thinking of doing anything similar: the Wood Elf heads I used are pretty small, and fiddly to paint the eyes. If you've got Green Stuff skills it may be better to create your own hood over a standard head.

Magos Explorator
29-05-2008, 20:44

Secondly, the Electro-Priest is almost done. He needs a little touching up and then the robes dirtying. I painted his eyes Ultramarine Blue, to represent the electricity coursing through them. Then, of course, I have to finish the base.

(Notice the Skitarii and a Death Guard on the edge of the photo, taken before I added more detail to the Skitarii!)

... and they're done. :)



I might try to make future versions of the Electro-Priest more Imperial sci-fi-looking than this guy.

I'm pleased with both, though, especially the Skitarii. I think he stands out as being recognisably a member of the Mechanicum, with the red robes, cog and bisected skull devices. So I think I'll stick to the same basic build for future Skitarii. The simple colour scheme meant he was very fast to paint, too--about an hour of work (more time in real-time, though, as the inks had to dry).

Magos Explorator
29-05-2008, 20:46
That's almost, but not quite, all for the Adeptus Mechanicus up to now. Inspired by a poster here on Warseer (sadly I've forgotten the name--sorry!), I added some electoos to my Electro-Priest. For those who don't know, these are tattoos which cover the Priest's body and allow them to channel electricity. I think he looks a bit more 40k now, which is nice. The electoos were just painted on using a fine detail brush and blue ink over the skin; they're quite subtle, but there are three sets of lines on there: one on the right of his head, one down the right-hand side of the chest, and one on the top of the left arm. I tried to use straight lines and added a circle at the end, as had the nameless poster, to make the lines look inorganic (i.e. not veins).



Expect 5 more at some point. One other thing I'll mention is that I'm surprised so many people have had the same idea as me of using the Flagellants for Electro-Priests. They're a very versatile kit!

Magos Explorator
29-05-2008, 20:47
And now something still in the WIP stage: a pair of Sagitarii. For those who don't know, the Sagitarii are the Adeptus Mechanicus' heavy weapon specialists, and in my force will be the equivalent of Sisters of Battle squads with heavy weapons. I therefore wanted them to be fairly imposing and tough looking, to go with the 3+ save. With the GW painting competition looming, I thought I'd build one or two as proof-of-concept and try to get them painted in time to go as part of a Tech-Priest's retinue. In the end I settled on the following simple conversions:

In the maniple there will be 4 with heavy bolters, 3 with bolters, and 1 leader (who may be converted slightly differently--I'm not yet sure). This goes with my plan for squad sizes of 8, for the tech theme (8 bits in a byte etc).




These figures use the bodies of Warhammer Chaos Warriors. The heads are from Forge World Elysian Drop-Troops, which I'd originally intended to use on Skitarii before coming up with hoods. I think the way they're fairly sunken in helps make the models look more imposing.

The left arms had the sockets filled with green stuff and then the gun-end bit from the plastic Necrons glued in. I imagine this being some sort of all-purpose extensible laser sight/beam cutter/combat attachment, and chose it to make the models look a bit more mechanical.

The right arm with bolter is just the Chaos Warrior's arm with a bolter glued on. The one with the heavy bolter uses a Terminator's assault cannon arm (since I can't use the gun pre-Heresy ;)) with a Scout's heavy bolter stuck on the end.

Finally I stuck a couple of grenades on one model, and some purity seals on the other.

I'm probably going to paint the models in a dull brass colour, with traditional Mechanicum red robes. Skulls and the helmets will be black and white bisected, again using the traditional Mechanicum theme. I suspect the other details will be black or brown.

So that's all my Mechanicus to date: I'll streamline my threads on the Great Crusade forum to post my Eldar, Imperial Army and Marines soon. Any comments are welcome!

Magos Explorator
29-05-2008, 22:46
Not much done in my Imperial Army contingent yet. I'm using the Vostroyan models because I really like them, and mostly painting them in between other models for a bit of variety. I don't hold out much hope of ever painting enough Guardsmen for a large battle but you've got to have a goal. Two infantry platoons is plenty for me!

I thought I'd paint my Commissar in a brown trenchcoat because you normally see them in their traditional black, and I wanted something a little different:



This was actually the second figure I finished after my 6-year break, so it's not perfect, but I like him. It served as a kind of first draft for the palette I wanted the Guardsmen to use.

And, as a distraction, I painted a Vindicare assassin in camo to match the basing on the rest of the guys.


I've so far only painted 2 Command Squad miniatures... I guess with 2 infantry platoons of 25 men each, and the rest of this command section, that leaves 53 to go. Eep.


30-05-2008, 02:12
Just to be a bit pedantic, commissars didnt exist during the Heresy period or the Crusade. Rather, a similar role was fulfilled by Imperial Army 'Discipline Masters'. I'd probably just use the commissar to represent a higher command officer and convert something like the FW renegade 'Enforcers' (although, obviously, less chaosy) to represent commissars rules-wise.

Also, as I probably dont need to mention, the Sagitarii could use some de-chaosifying and more admeching, but your probably on to that one anyways :p

I'd like to see what you do with Eldar though - are you doing Eldar as-is or have you any ideas floating about to make them seem more year 30,000?

Magos Explorator
30-05-2008, 08:39
Thanks for your comments--the Eldar I'm doing pretty much as they were in 40k, on the basis that their tech wouldn't have changed so much (as they were already an old race).

I've had the discussion about Commissars before; I agree it is controversial, though the current Imperial Guard codex actually does state they were around pre-Heresy. So the fluff is inconsistent there... So it's a tricky one.

The Sagitarii will have some green-stuff work, when I'm brave enough to try it. ;) I'm thinking of putting some flat armour over the belt, and maybe some cables running up the chest. We'll see what else--I think mechadendrites are probably beyond me at the moment!

Anyhow, I've sorted out my Eldar stuff to date and here it is. These Imperials need some Xenos to crusade against! I've decided to paint up my Eldar models as coming from Craftworld Altansar. This was swallowed up by the Eye of Terror about a millenium after the Fall of the Eldar, which puts it in roughly the pre-Heresy/early Imperium phase. So you could say that they're a scouting party, or some of the remnants of the Craftworld.

After seeing their red-and-black scheme I thought: perhaps this Craftworld, living in/near the Eye, stave off Slaanesh by focussing more and more on Khaine? While this has been debated for both 40K and WHFB, and changed in various editions, I've always seen Khaine as an aspect of Khorne and so, while not painting them as Chaos Eldar, I'm painting Altansar using some of Khorne's traditional colours. So along with black and red we have brass, with some bone-white to set it off. That explains the figures below.

Note the bases are different as I was bored of desert. When I paint my Daemons I'll probably go for this look, too.



I hope you like them! I painted the old metal Guardian above to test the scheme; in my army I'll use shooty Guardians instead. I've also switched to Mechrite Red instead of Red Gore as a basecoat, which covers better and makes the models a little brighter, but don't have pictures of any Eldar in that scheme yet.

Magos Explorator
30-05-2008, 08:40
Finally for my Eldar, I completed a Dire Avenger Exarch. As I've mentioned I'm going for a black, red and brass scheme for my Aspect Warriors. I think it looks good and is very quick to paint. Sadly the varnish has slightly fogged him, but I'm fairly pleased overall. You can see the Altansar rune on one side and the Dire Avenger rune on the other, both freehand. Hopefully in the not-too-distant future I'll have found the time to assemble and paint 500 points of these! The non-Exarchs will probably have a little more bone and less black on them.




So the Eldar force will hopefully be unified by the palette: Guardians mostly red, Aspect Warriors mostly brass, Warlocks/Farseers with bone robes. I don't know which way to go for vehicles or Wraithguard/Wraithlords yet.

If anyone's got any ideas to make them seem more 30k-era than 40k I'm keen to hear them, though as I mentioned I doubt Eldar tech changed much during that period, so I'm not sure what to do.

Magos Explorator
31-05-2008, 19:41
And finally we come to the Marines! The era for the force is, as a whole, just pre-Heresy. Here's a veteran sergeant from the Sons of Horus:



I always saw their colour as a metallic pale green, based on text and description in Index Astartes, so that's what I went for; note this figure was painted before seeing any other painted Sons of Horus, else I may have gone for a more green scheme like I've seen since.

Magos Explorator
31-05-2008, 19:52
Still appear to be mostly just talking to myself, but I'll keep going for now... This is my Iron Warriors devastator sergeant; I'm more pleased with the way this one turned out. Sadly I couldn't do much about the mould mismatch on his arm, but the line on the head is my fault.




The writing on his arm is thinner and less bright in real life; the picture's got artefacts of the camera's flash on it!

Magos Explorator
31-05-2008, 19:59
My Emperor's Children veteran sergeant--I am quite pleased with him; looks more purple in real life though.




Magos Explorator
31-05-2008, 20:08


This Astartes is the first one I assembled and painted after my 6-year break from the hobby. I'll try to pass the helmet off as a prototype. Not so amazingly pleased with it, but it's good enough for me. :) Four more are ready for painting.

Magos Explorator
31-05-2008, 20:10
Here's my Emperor's Children Tactical squad, split as two pictures of 5-man combat squads.



The purple is liche purple over black, highlighted by adding a bit of white, then washed with purple ink. The gold is shining gold, highlighted with mithril silver, then washed with chestnut ink. The red is mechrite red, highlighted with blood red, and shaded with chestnut ink (again). Sadly there's a little bit of greying out from the varnish!

The models generally use the aquila chestplate with one of the Iron Warrior helms. They've got Emperor's Children pads on one shoulder with Dark Angels sword devices from the Veterans box set on the other. As a well-organised Legion their equipment and heraldry are fairly standardised, though various Marines have adopted tabards, devotion seals and other devices.

Next is my Emperor's Children Chaplain, which is one of the Rogue Trader-era figures. It's sculpted with a power sword rather than a crozius, though since the rules don't treat them as any different now I guess it doesn't matter. ;)


Now he's done I finally have a tabletop-legal, albeit small, force (splitting the tactical squad in two), which feels nice. Though I suppose the bigger issue for me before gaming would be learning the current edition ruleset.

Magos Explorator
31-05-2008, 20:11
Here is an Imperial Fists Emperor's Champion, who I envision at some date in the future may be my Crusade's overall Astartes commander. He's got a very WIP command squad to go with him, and there are some Terminators in the works too. This is just the stock figure, with a plastic Black Templar backpack. The premise is that he's either Sigismund or else a member of his retinue given command of this Crusade, hence he's in a mixture of Imperial Fist and Sigismund's own (which, as I understand, is essentially 40k Black Templar) heraldry. The rest of the squad will be similar but will focus more on the yellow.

I am fairly pleased with the way this turned out as I'm not too good at painting either black armour or yellow! The highlights on the black are more visible in person. Note the cross on the left leg and fist on the left shoulder are both freehand. Anyhow, on to the pictures:





I tried to go for a fairly minimalist palette. The black is just Chaos Black, highlighted up with Dheneb Stone.

The yellow was basecoated Iyanden Darksun and then overpainted Sunburst Yellow before being given a Chestnut Ink. Following this, it was highlighted with mixtures of Sunburst Yellow and Skull White, and then washed with a little Yellow Ink.

The white was basecoated Dheneb Stone and then washed with a mixture of Chestnut and Black Inks. After this it was highlighted with Dheneb Stone and Skull White.

Magos Explorator
31-05-2008, 20:12
The last Marines I've finished are a Death Guard Scout squad with sniper rifles:


The models are just the plastic sniper scouts with Chaos Warrior heads. I trimmed the horns off, though left the stumps on the Sergeant as some sort of communications device. I scraped out the wings on the chest-plates, too, leaving a skull which serves as their Legion's symbol on these scouts, although on most of the models this area is covered by their rifles. The Sergeant got a purity seal/oath of moment over a gouge where I messed up slightly. ;)

I'm fairly pleased with how these turned out, although the white isn't as even as I'd liked.

First of all I did some block colours and first highlights:

- Scorched Brown and Dark Flesh on the brown (except the cloaks)
- Scorched Brown and Calthan Brown on the cloaks, followed by a couple of drybrushes with Bleached Bone mixed in
- Dark Angels Green and a mix with Gnarloc Green on the green
- Boltgun Metal and Mithril Silver on the metals
- Flat Dheneb Stone on the whites

This was then washed over with a 2:1 mix of Black Ink and Chestnut Ink. The black areas were then highlighted by mixing in white or bone, and pouches etc were highlighted with Dark Flesh. The armour had the Dheneb Stone reapplied, leaving the wash in the cracks, and then a couple of layers of Skull White painted over. I tried blending the Dheneb Stone with white, but settled on pure white as the mixture looked a little dirty for my tastes.

Now after I finish my 5-man Dark Angels squad I'll have 500 points of a painted army!

01-06-2008, 03:35
Some great models here,
I love the emperors children (then again i love all things emperors children)

And i really like the idea behind your Eldar.
The gold work on the Dire Avenger exarch is amazing.
Mind telling me the steps you went through to get that look ?

01-06-2008, 05:46
Beautiful Chaos. Very original conversions. Love the Chaos warrior conversions.

Magos Explorator
01-06-2008, 09:04
Some great models here,
I love the emperors children (then again i love all things emperors children)

And i really like the idea behind your Eldar.
The gold work on the Dire Avenger exarch is amazing.
Mind telling me the steps you went through to get that look ?

Thanks for the kind words. :) The metallic recipe is this:
- Black undercoat
- Tin Bitz basecoat
- Drybrush Brazen Brass
- Mix 1:1 Brazen Brass: Mithril Silver and drybrush as a highlight
- Highlight Mithril Silver
- Wash with 1:1 Chestnut: Black ink (don't know how the new washes will affect this)

Beautiful Chaos. Very original conversions. Love the Chaos warrior conversions.

Thanks! I really like the Chaos Warrior bodies as they're big and menacing, lumbering slowly forward. The Chaos Warrior heads (sans horns) are very versatile; luckily I found a guy selling loads of them on eBay.

Things on the go: the rest of the Dark Angels, some Ratlings, and another Tech-Priest and retinue members.

01-06-2008, 09:32
Some real nice work here. My favourites are the death guard scouts and the eldar are just amazing.
keep it up I shall be watching this thread ;)


Magos Explorator
26-06-2008, 20:16
So work has meant it's been a long time since my last update...

Here's what I've been working on. I finished up a combat squad of Dark Angels:


I didn't enjoy painting these so much as other models in my force, mainly as I found both the black and off-white areas tricky to get done. This is a shame as I have another 5 to build and paint! But at least, with these 5 done, I now have 500 points of painted pre-Heresy marines.

The sergeant's got a Mark V prototype helmet on, and shoulder pads inspired by the Descent of Angels cover (http://www.blacklibrary.com/images/books_medium/descent-angels.jpg). I've gone for black and red details for the armour, and added gold on the shoulder pads of the other squad members trims to tie them in with their sergeant and make them a little more ornate. And the plasma-gunner has a bionic head as, well, accidents happen when you use a plasma gun!

Next I painted some servo-skulls for my Adeptus Mechanicus, which will go in the retinue of various tech-priests. I went for the bisected black-and-white look again to tie them in to the Priesthood of Mars.


They were a little fiddly to paint, but quick, and I think they work well. I may use them as part of an entry into the national painting competition, if I can stand being in a GW store on a Saturday afternoon for long periods of time!

Finally we have some more of what may be my entry (along with my Skitarii and Electro-Priest): a tech-priest and servitor.



The servitor is one of the 1990s Jes Goodwin sculpts; I used Adeptus Battlegrey mixed with Tallarn Flesh as a basecoat for the skin, to make him look unhealthy. The other colours were chosen again to tie in with the Adeptus Mechanicus. I'm quite pleased with how he turned out.

The other figure is my favourite of the Rogue Trader Adeptus Mechanicus figures. I painted him with a white robe so he'd stand out from the red-robed Skitarii; the cog-teeth design in red signifies his stature as a tech-priest. Other colours are traditional Mechanicus stuff of red, black, white and brazen old metal. The power weapon head is golden as I wanted it to appear as if it were a relic. The shape must make it tricky to use in combat...

I'm not sure what I will paint next for this force. I want to finish the Sons of Horus and Iron Warriors with the rest of their combat squads, but I also want to do some Imperial Fists and Salamanders (power armour and terminators). So we'll see! My Imperial Army are kind of on hold for a little while as I plan to paint them for the "Tale of Fantasy/40k Painters" threads here on Warseer (along with Daemons, High Elves and Skaven). Oh, I need to finish my Dire Avenger squad too. Too much to paint!

26-06-2008, 20:40
Love the mechanicum stuff and the pose of the DA exarch....Btw did i spot there some Skullz Admech minis?

Magos Explorator
26-06-2008, 21:34
Thanks. :)

I have a couple of the Skullz AdMech figures, actually, though they're not painted yet--all the AdMech stuff here so far is either converted or was released in the early 1990s.

26-06-2008, 23:08
Thanks. :)

I have a couple of the Skullz AdMech figures, actually, though they're not painted yet--all the AdMech stuff here so far is either converted or was released in the early 1990s.

Then they must be RT era admech...there is a blister up ebay with some of those....great models...

30-06-2008, 22:41
nice paint job dude

Magos Explorator
03-07-2008, 09:47
Some more updates... Apologies again for the photos, despite fiddling around for a while, I think my camera and lighting setup just isn't that great!

First of all I finished off my Dire Avenger squad. Although the sculptures are really nice, I've not enjoyed painting these, as they were pretty fiddly to build and paint. But at least the varnish didn't grey-out the rest of the squad.


Next for my Eldar I think I'll finish up the combat Guardian squad with some Rogue Trader-era figures.

I also added a couple of figures to my tech-priest's retinue: a lexmechanic, and a bound psyker.



I really like these models and was pleased with how they turned out. I love the image of a servitor almost buried under reels of paper (the stuff on the back is blank as it's not yet used; I imagine it will get filled in more as a campaign progresses). Similarly, the bound psyker is pretty horrifying. I imagine the Mechanicum either vat-grow someone or find an unwilling volunteer and strap them in to what is essentially a psychic lightning rod. I figure the mechadendrites and spinal implants could be some form of control, to make them walk about as instructed by their boss. I painted his skin to look unwell.

Magos Explorator
03-07-2008, 09:50
Finally, a pre-Heresy Imperial Fists veteran sergeant, one of the other old figures I really like. I'm more pleased with how this looks now than as a WIP, which I guess is a good thing.



He's a member of Sigismund's company, which is why he's got the Templar cross on his right shoulder pad. Both that and the Fist are freehanded. I went for a minimal palette of black, white and yellow for contrast.

As for how the yellow is painted... the short answer is in a time-consuming fashion! Which makes the prospect of painting a battle company as I'd wanted to not so appealing. Since I have too many figures to paint already, we'll see how that turns out.

I started from black and then basecoated Iyanden Darksun. This was then overpainted with Sunburst Yellow, before giving a wash with Gryphonne Sepia. When dry, I highlighted with a mix of Sunburst Yellow and Dheneb Stone. This tones down the brightness of the yellow somewhat. Finally, I painted Yellow Ink over the top, and washed the recessed with a 1:1 mixture of Chesnut and Black ink that I keep in a pot.

The resulting base tone is similar to Iyanden Darksun, so I'm thinking of skipping the Sunburst Yellow in the future and just using Iyanden Darksun and Dheneb Stone for the basecoat and highlighting. The yellow ink adds a lot of yellow colour into the mix, so I don't think the end result will be much different, since Sunburst Yellow doesn't cover so well anyway.

Hope you enjoy!

03-07-2008, 10:02
Looking good. Ani pictures of your marines, as a whole?

Magos Explorator
03-07-2008, 10:03
Thanks. :) Not yet, but perhaps when I've finished off another combat squad. I've got a few sergeants without people to lead...

03-07-2008, 20:10
Loving ya work amigo. That bound psyker is mint. I also really like your skitarii and stormtrooper. I'm doing chaos renegades and those elf bodies and chaos warrior heads look like they could be useful. I've also been using Flagellent legs with cadian torsos and vice versa. You just need to have a big set o kahunas and a steady hand with the clippers and you can get some good conversions.

Cheers for the inspiration.

Magos Explorator
03-07-2008, 21:27
Thank you! Yes, Flagellant sprues= awesome.

16-07-2008, 00:44
have you considered using a reaper autocannon instead of a heavy bolter on the heavies?

Magos Explorator
16-07-2008, 07:45
The Mechanicus stuff? Those heavy-weapon guys are still sitting on my shelf, as I'm not certain what to do with them; I'm likely to use a tech-priest with servitors for the moment, and maybe trying something else at a later date.

16-07-2008, 09:44
i really like the brass on the eldar. didn't think i would, but it's worked well. cool project your doing.

04-08-2008, 21:08
Very nice man, the adeptus mech. are great.

Magos Explorator
28-08-2008, 22:51
It's been a long time since my last update... I moved house, and in addition to not really having any suitable painting space, our internet wasn't fully functional until today. But now it is, so I have pictures of new stuff! Some is for Warhammer Fantasy, so I won't post it here. But some is not.

First up, my pre-Heresy Imperial Fists Veteran Sergeant:



He's Lysander, except with Chaos Terminator arms and different shoulder pads. The pads are from Forge World and the Black Templar upgrade sprue. A couple of points about this guy:
- He's part of Sigismund's company, which will later become the Black Templars. Hence the mixture of Imperial Fist and Black Templar iconography.
- I've gone for a mark of Terminator armour in between that of the 'barrel-shoulder' Terminators and the modern ones. The rest of the squad (unpainted) have plastic Chaos Warrior helmets, which helps emphasise that they're not modern Terminators! You'll notice he has a combi-bolter rather than a storm bolter. The squad also lack the Crux Terminatus: I kept the one on the Sergeant's crotch-plate as it looks cool, and is close enough to the Templar's icon to work well in my eyes.

I'm fairly pleased with how he turned out, though there's a couple of mould lines which weren't evident until he was painted, and some bits are a little messy. I'm going to give the rest of the squad the same treatment, but may highlight the yellow a bit more.

Magos Explorator
28-08-2008, 23:11
Next up, more Xenos! I finished my Altansar Eldar Storm Guardians...

The whole squad:


Two parts:



These guys are variable, in every sense of the word. I'm happy with how they look as a whole. There's a range of figures, from the Rogue Trader-era to some from early 2nd edition, and one I converted from new plastic bits (as the minimum squad size is 10). I bought about half on eBay, pre-undercoated (a bit gloopily), and they've suffered a bit from it. The colours also aren't completely consistent, as I was fiddling with red and off-white tones with the foundation painrs and washes.

More soon, hopefully!

Elrothir Ulwe
29-08-2008, 00:01
Your work is amazing! I know you say you paint quickly, but the models are fantastic - mostly for your attention to detail, but the choice of colour is great too. So the Eldar here are from Altansar, but in the times of the Great Crusade?

Anyway, your conversion of a Dire Avenger Exarch has given me a great idea for an Autarch conversion!

You are based in Oxford then?

Magos Explorator
29-08-2008, 09:00
Thanks for the compliments. :)

I figured I'd paint my Eldar as Altansar as I wanted to do something a little different, and thought that would dovetail well with the pre-Heresy Imperial force as they could be foes from slightly before/shortly after the main body of Altansar was sucked into the Eye of Terror.

And yes, I live in Oxford. I don't go to the GW store much; have been to the gaming club in Botley twice, though. I don't have too much time to paint or game! Would like to play more, but it can be a bit intimidating when you don't know anyone in the area. GW Games Night often seem full of people younger than me (I'm mid-twenties), which I find a little awkward, and the Botley club people a lot older (though they all seem nice), so I don't know exactly what to do.

14-09-2008, 02:31
btw you know how you have the Emperor's Children, Death Guard and the Dark Angels... I just have a question, would it not be more likely for the Luna Wolves or the Sons of Horus (yes I know same legion) to be fighting along side Fulgrim or Mortarions legion than the Lion?

But Awesome Army btw ^_^
Really cool idea

Magos Explorator
14-09-2008, 03:28
Glad you like the force. I'm actually attempting to have representation from each Legion: currently in the works are Imperial Fists Terminators, a Sons of Horus Tactical Squad and some Iron Warriors Devastators (all 5-men). When they're done I suspect I'll try to fill out one of the squads to 10 men and then start work on another--I have bits for Salamanders and Ultramarines Veterans, as well as some World Eaters Assault marines and Terminators, on the go. But I think by that point I'll be keen to paint something not in power armour!

Magos Explorator
09-10-2008, 20:28
It's been a long time...

But I managed to complete a Ratling squad for month 2 of Tale of 40k Painters on Warseer. Time's been short so that's all, but I'm assembling some Sentinels and another Tech-Priest (with some servitors) for coming months.



I'm quite pleased with how these guys worked out. Black undercoat, highlight through various browns, ink wash. I imagine Devlan Mud mixed with Badab Black would give a similar result. The only problem is the static grass sticking to the sergeant... perhaps he took a walk through the undergrowth! I think my photography is getting slightly better, too! No flash on these for once; I tried to use my lamp to get natural lighting (being autumn and working limits real daylight).

Magos Explorator
20-11-2008, 10:29
Recently I thought I'd have a go adding weathering and battle damage effects to some of my figures. So I dug out a Death Guard marine I'd not been too happy with (as the white didn't look so good) and thought I'd see what I could do.

At this point I have realised that I don't have any 'before' pictures of him!

My experiment was in three parts:
- I highlighted the green a little (previously it was near-black) and added some lines to the chest plate to make it look more like the Death Guard symbol. Then I added XIV (the Legion number) in green to his knee pad.
- I tried weathering, using a watered-down Devlan Mud over the top of my previous blotchy white. When dry, I highlighted the raised areas with Skull White.
- I added some battle damage, using a method derived from Apologist and Iacton. I used a fine detail brush with most of the paint wiped off to trace some Scorched Brown over the edge of various joints, and then did the same in these places with Chaos Black. I then painted Boltgun Metal irregularly over these regions. Happily this stage only took 5-10 minutes.

These photos are perhaps a little bigger than normal to show people my mistakes. And suggestions for improvement gratefully received! So, here we go:


You can see a lot of my efforts in the above.

From left:

Battle damage along the arm, and a little bit visible on the pad/leg/head.

From right:

There's not much battle damage from this side (the angle means the stuff on the pad rim is hidden) aside from a tiny slice along the backpack.


The white splat on the glove has since been corrected!

I'm happier with him now than I was before I started.

I don't know whether to go back over some older Marines and give them a similar treatment, or else just do it on newly-painted ones and then go back when I am more confident.

20-11-2008, 20:27
Hey man, you've got some good stuff here! I like the weathering you've done on that Deathguard, it's a shame you don't have a 'before' shot tho. I will bear this method in mind should I do some weathering of my own! Good stuff!

Magos Explorator
21-11-2008, 17:21
Thank you! I think I may give the same treatment to my Death Guard Scouts, who I do have before shots of posted. And if they look good, perhaps I'll move on to others.

I really want to get some completely fresh figures painted, though, so we'll see...

21-11-2008, 18:45
death guard looks good but I really loved those ratlings

Magos Explorator
30-11-2008, 05:01
I wrote this post first as a tutorial for the Great Crusade pre-Heresy 40k forums, linked in my sig. The Luna Wolves, and their later incarnation as the Sons of Horus, are one of the First Founding Space Marine Legions who get a lot of attention from pre-Heresy fans. Despite this, there is little by GW by way of a guide to their appearance. As the Sons of Horus, who I have chosen to paint my members of this Legion as, we’ve got no officially-painted miniatures and a handful of textual and artistic references.

This isn’t by any means the only way to paint Sons of Horus, or a more official method than that of, for example, Sotiros or Iacton, but it is my way. My inspiration comes from the illustration in the Index Astartes article and a handful of references to the armour being a ‘metallic sea green’ in colour.

Here I’ve painted one of the classic Mark III ‘Iron’ armour models, with a plastic oath paper (purity seal) glued onto one shoulder pad. In hindsight this may not have been the best choice, as the casting is quite old and some detail is eroded, but hopefully you’ll agree that the method works well enough. It’s also quite fast, so you can assembly-line the painting to a reasonable degree.

Anyway, on to the pictures! (Camera’s not great, but I’ve done my best.)

1. Prime the model in black. Inclement weather means I did this by hand, but I’d recommend a spray primer for a smooth finish.


2. Basecoat the armour with Dark Angels Green. I used a tank brush for this; it doesn’t have to be near.


3. Now we’re into highlighting. Mix about 1:1 Dark Angels Green and Mithril Silver and heavily drybrush the armour. After this, drybrush a further highlight with almost pure Silver. If you have more time or patience you could either paint layer highlights or use more shades when drybrushing, but I like to be quick. The model should look more silvery at the end of this stage than you want it to when finished. Tank brush time again.


4. And now some shading! I use an approximately 1:1:1 mix of Dark Angels Green, Dark Green Ink (try Thraka Green with the new washes) and Blue Ink (try Asurmen Blue), slightly thinned. Apply a thick coat over all the armour to deepen the colour. Sometimes I apply a second wash of this, if it is still too pale. Tank brush time again, again.


Magos Explorator
30-11-2008, 05:02
5. Now I paint on a highlight to cover any raised or particularly uneven areas. I mix Mithril Silver and Dark Green Ink to get a pale colour best described as ‘minty’, and paint it on lightly with a small drybrush or a fine detail brush depending on the area in question.


The green is done!

6. Now we paint all the easy stuff. Black is Chaos Black, highlighted with Adeptus Battlegrey. Red is Mechrite Red, highlighted with Blood Red and then washed with a mix of Chestnut and Black Inks (although Devlan Mud would probably work). The oath paper is Scorched Brown, highlighted with Bleached Bone and Skull White with Chaos Black lettering. Brown stuff is Scorched Brown, highlighted with Dark Flesh and then shaded with the Chestnut/Black Ink mix. Metal is Boltgun Metal, highlighted with Mithril Silver, then shaded with an ad-hoc mix of browns and black.


At this point you could base the model and call it a day. However, I like to go a little further with things and add some iconography, weathering and battle damage. I think that this works well given my slightly messy painting style.

7. First, some icons. The right pad gets a Tactical arrow and III in Roman numerals. The left gets my attempt at a Sons of Horus Legion badge. For the bulk of my figures I’m using the metal Black Legion sculpted pads, but this one was a one-piece so I couldn’t. These are both freehanded in Chaos Black with a fine detail brush.



Magos Explorator
30-11-2008, 05:03
8. Next, some weathering. This and the battle damage are inspired by Iacton and Apologist. The whole model is coated with a slightly thinned layer of Devlan Mud, which makes the armour look slightly worn and discoloured.


9. Here we add a little battle damage. Look, for example, at his left hand, shoulder pad or eye. The effect is for armour that’s chipping off. Paint a little Scorched Brown over places where the paintwork might flake (e.g. the rims of armour plates), and then Chaos Black thinly over most of this. Then dab over the Chaos Black with Boltgun Metal. You can then add mud to the lower legs: drybrush with Dheneb Stone, and then Scorched Brown.


10. Base and you’re done! I use Calthan Brown, drybrushed with Bleached Bone.



The Judge
30-11-2008, 11:39
Looking good! The metal looks impressive close up.

02-12-2008, 12:36
thats a very impressive colour scheme actually, very unique!

I'm interested to see what other models you may pick out for the admech army. . .

02-12-2008, 17:44
A nice l'il tutorial there, chief! My dodgy greeniemarines should benefit from this, thx man. And I really like your take on the Sons of Horus.

Magos Explorator
02-12-2008, 17:54
Thank you, all. Hopefully I'll do more 40k stuff soon--a lot of Clanrats beckon at the moment...

Magos Explorator
21-12-2008, 10:41
One of my favourite Citadel miniatures is the Rogue Trader Eldar Farseer. A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to acquire one and so last week I managed to find time to paint it up for my Altansar Craftworld force. It only took an hour or so--that was about all I had--so I suppose this counts as 'speed painting'. It came with a thick undercoat, and had been starting to corrode, so I did the best I could...



Originally I'd intended to go all black, red and brass. It looked overly monochrome and flat, however, so I added the off-white and the brown to balance it out a little. These are other colours present in the force, so it will still fit in. I wanted to go for a simple, subdued look, hence the lack of decoration on the robes.

Overall, considering the condition of the figure, I'm pleased with myself! I think this means my Altansar force is now tabletop-legal, too...

Next up, in the new year, is probably the rest of my Sons of Horus combat squad, and an Iron Warrior.

21-12-2008, 11:25
......*Blinks* Sweet Farseer, you've made me go all teary eyed and whimsical now, pal! Man, you know you've been in the hobby a while when you think of certain miniatures as old pals!

Filthy O'Bedlam
21-12-2008, 11:29
That's the only word I could come up with.


21-12-2008, 13:15
Hey Magos, Whitehorn here :)

Love your work. Nothing grabs my attention quite like custom models and your bunch is refreshingly different. Good to see you using classic models too!

My favourite is likely tthe priest in your avatar :)

Magos Explorator
21-12-2008, 16:54
Thanks for the kind words, all. :)

......*Blinks* Sweet Farseer, you've made me go all teary eyed and whimsical now, pal! Man, you know you've been in the hobby a while when you think of certain miniatures as old pals!

I know exactly how you feel! You dig out one of your old models and memories come rushing back...

03-01-2009, 18:33
Just had a look through your Log Magos loads of great work, I really like the brassy aspect warriors I think its a fabulous look - they look stunning!


Magos Explorator
04-01-2009, 10:26
Thanks for the kind words; I hope to paint some more 40K soon (I was sidetracked by my Skaven and High Elves for a few months).

25-01-2009, 20:01
Prety cool models
i like the marines best, most of all the iron warriors guy!!!

Magos Explorator
07-02-2009, 20:06
After another long while between updates, finally I had some time to paint (and varnish, and photograph). Most of my attention's been on my High Elves and Skaven although I have painted a few pre-Heresy figures. I'm happy with how they've all turned out, and after some experimenting I think my photography/Photoshop use is a bit better too! The camera flash was turned off, but I think the colour balance is enriching them a little. As ever, comments and suggestions welcome.

First off is just an objective marker, which I had a go at lighting effects with:


I'm not convinced it works too well, so if anyone can give me tips I'd appreciate it.

Next, I finished another Warlock for my Craftworld Altansar Eldar. The off-white this time is Dheneb Stone with Gryphonne Sepia, as opposed to Devlan Mud (which was used on the Farseer) or Bleached Bone (on the first Warlock). I think this shade works best although am a little sad I didn't come across it sooner. Again I tried to keep to a limited palette.



Magos Explorator
07-02-2009, 20:08
Now on to the Marines! I have a Son of Horus and an Iron Warrior. Both Legions I've painted before, but I've tried to improve on previous work and pay more attention to different metal tones and battle damage.

The Son of Horus is a mix of Chaos Marine, regular Marine, and Space Wolf parts. I used the Wolf parts as a tie-in to the previous name of Luna Wolves. I think I've got the 'metallic sea green' how I like it now. His eyes are red, which is not so visible in these pictures. Again I've gone for a limited range of colours and used the Index Astartes article for reference. The numbers are V and II: not sure which company or squad they'll belong to eventually, but this will do. I tried a Tactical arrow on his right knee, and numerous scrapes elsewhere. The left pad is a Black Legion one, which isn't shown too well in the picture.





Magos Explorator
07-02-2009, 20:09
The Iron Warrior is one of the 1990s Chaos Marines. I removed the Chaos Star from his buckle, and added a purity seal to an Imperial bolter to make him look less Chaotic. The shoulder pad is a Blood Angel Honour Guard one. For the pack I just trimmed down a Chaos one and inverted the top exhausts. The painting method is a bit different from my previous guy and quite similar to BIgWill's. I'm fairly pleased with the different shades of metal, and the hazard stripes.





Next up I hope to finish the remaining two marines in my Sons of Horus tactical combat squad.

08-02-2009, 14:59
Sweet as, mate :) Loving the use of the old school Chaos Marine!

Magos Explorator
08-03-2009, 09:54
I've not had much time to paint in the last few months but here's another Sons of Horus marine:


The paintjob's the same as the previous ones, although the lighting in this photo is creating shadows. One more and then the combat squad's done! If only I had the time, I'd love to paint a company of these guys.

08-03-2009, 11:47
Iron Warriors marine is superb. I really like the metallic shading that you have used there.

Magos Explorator
10-03-2009, 18:54
Thank you; I'm particularly pleased with the colours on that one.

Magos Explorator
07-04-2009, 19:39
As I'm quite happy with both the photo quality and my painting, these photos are a little larger than before!

I've finished off my 5th Sons of Horus marine, who was built from one of Fabius Bile's enhanced warriors. Aside from the head being overly large, I think it's a great sculpt, very menacing. The model's armour looks as if it could have been hastily repaired during a battle, with the marine injured, so I tried to give him a blind right eye with a cut across it.



Aside from that the painting's similar to the other guys in his squad (armour, battle damage and so on). I tried a couple of news things: some thinned grey paint for close-shaven hair on the top of his head, and Ogryn Flesh wash to shade the skin a little more. In the second picture you can make out the tactical badge on his shoulder, and just about some company markings (have been painting III on these guys) and tally marks above them.

Magos Explorator
28-04-2009, 17:00
After talking about it and having the parts sat still for about a year, I decided it was time to start building my 40k-scale Imperial Knight. I am intending to post my progress here and then turn it into a tutorial at the end, as I know the kitbash I'm attempting is one that's crosses many peoples' minds!

What you'll need for the basic structure is a Defiler, a Land Raider, and a Sentinel. I'm going to build the basic model and then add fine details (purity seals and so on) later. The inspiration for my build is this (by Vincent Hudon, aka Boltman/Silphid): http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v168/Silphid/Deathguard/

Today I've built the legs from my Defiler kit. 5 steps:

1. Stick these bits from the Defiler claw together. I've trimmed off the cables on one end, and chopped off (but not thrown away) the long, curved spikes. This bit is going to be our lower leg. The remaining spike in the picture is pointing towards the front.


2. Now we add the straight connector segments, which are our upper leg. Here I've removed the Chaos star but that's personal preference. I have glued them together but not glued them on to the lower leg. This means you can still rotate the joint a little bit--will make posing and basing easier later. Note the round tubing should be at the back.


3. This bit is a little fiddly. I've glued one of the Defiler armour plates onto the front of the foot. Then, the spikes I chopped off in step 1 go in the slots to make forward toes. Finally, the large claws from the Defiler are used to make some more toes, which face backward (this contrasts with the link I posted above, which points them forward, so personal preference). You'll have to clip off the little struts that normally clip into the main bit of the claw. This step has given you the solid base for the foot.


4. I guess this could be part of step 3. It's a view from the bottom of the foot of the model as of step 1; I've glued as many connecting bits as I can for stability so the thing doesn't fall apart! Stability will be improved by basing at some point...


5. The last step; I've glued another Defiler armour plate onto the upper part of the leg. You could do these either way up but I think it looks better this way. Here's the two completed legs with a Sons of Horus marine for scale.


Next time, the hips... which I think may be trickier.

28-04-2009, 17:25
Those legs look really good!

I too think the hips get trickier that this. Upright models built from the defiler set mostly suffer a decrease in quality from the legs upwards. The tricky part is to keep the balance between a dynamic monster and a weedy machine doomed to tip over at the first lasgun hit ;)

However, I´ll watch this, hoping it´s taking the good end.


28-04-2009, 17:29
This is one of my favourite threads, I am very excited to see your taking on a Knight scratchbuild!

Personally, I think the inspiring Knight is okay but the weapons MUST be mounted on arms on yours! Heh.

Looks good so far, the legs have a good pose to them. Are the arms going to be in a swinging posture or to the fore (hope I'm making sense)?

Magos Explorator
28-04-2009, 23:43
Thanks, guys. :)

I'm not yet 100% sure on the arms--I will probably use the Land Raider basis for the shoulders, as in Vincent Hudon's build. However I'm not sold on which variant of Knight I will build yet. I definitely want the battle cannon, but for the other arm am torn between lascannon, autocannon or close combat weapon (Castellan, Crusader, Errant or Paladin--three of these four, I forget which is which at the moment).

I'd like to use the spare Defiler limbs to create some sort of stalk-tank, but I may dismantle them to make a large combat arm. I can't think of too many components sized correctly for a Knight Paladin's weapon!

Magos Explorator
20-05-2009, 07:57
Nothing particularly new here, but...

I am short of space and moving house soon, so selling off my painted Imperial Guard stuff (as well as some unpainted Steel Legion Sentinels) as I doubt I'll find time to build and paint an army. I've got more than enough projects for a few years!

So to aid in selling I took some better photos: these models are the same as earlier in the log, but with higher-quality pictures. I think this makes them look more true-to-life. So I thought I'd post them here.

Vostroyan command squad:


Magos Explorator
20-05-2009, 07:58
http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh255/andy_sayer/senior_officer_front.jpg http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh255/andy_sayer/senior_officer_back.jpg

Commissar and Primaris Psyker:



Magos Explorator
20-05-2009, 08:01



(Incidentally I will be selling some of my pre-Heresy marines, too, so if there's anything in here people are interested in let me know.)

the damned artificer
28-05-2009, 17:32
cool models :D and thank you for your comment on my knight.
I think your admech models are very nice, and you are so lucky to have the rouge trader tech priest !
I will be following the progress of your knight, as it is a real treat to do such a project. I think you should remove the pointy things on the rims of the armour plates or reshape them to be square as cog teeth, It is a small detail but overall it makes a big difference. That said you have a pretty solid foundation for your knight already, so keep up the good work and I'm sure you'll end up with a great model.

Magos Explorator
29-05-2009, 00:05
Thanks for the comment; I really should do some more work on the Knight soon! I'm considering experimenting some more with plasticard to cog-up or smooth-out some of the armour on it. I want to make sure the torso and legs aren't too different in style, not 100% sure how to proceed.

And yes, the Rogue Trader Ad-Mech are great. I've actually got a duplicate of the one in Mark IV power armour sat in a blister somewhere!

Magos Explorator
16-06-2009, 08:12
Something new! I built and painted this Thousand Sons marine as a colour test. I took a bunch of WIP pictures so will post up a tutorial later.

http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh255/andy_sayer/tsons_front.jpg http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh255/andy_sayer/tsons_back.jpg

http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh255/andy_sayer/tsons_left.jpg http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh255/andy_sayer/tsons_right.jpg

The metallic colour is based on some of the artwork in Collected Visions; for example, these pictures:


There's also a great one of Ultramarines in a metallic armour which I think Apologist has cited somewhere as inspiration for his Praetors, but I can't find the picture online at the moment.

I am consciously trying to move to more 'natural' colours, so opted for a metallic red as I was worried using a bright shade might look a bit garish. Although metallic colours may still be a bit non-traditional for marines, I think it suits my painting style better.

Apologies, though, for the camera lighting--it's left parts of the model in shadow. I've still not quite figured out the optimum setup for my equipment.

I'm pleased with how he's come out, although as it was wash-heavy there's a bit of pooling in recessed. I'm on the lookout for a metallic red paint I can use to eliminate a couple of the wash steps. Any suggestions appreciated!

16-06-2009, 09:32
*******' COOL! This is the first pre-Heresy Thousand Son I've seen and it looks nice and original!

I imagine you've adapted the method you took painting your Sons of Horus dudes for this- he looks great in that metallic red!

Have you managed to flog some of your stuff then? Ahhh that good old spring cleaning sensation eh? Any update on your Knight?

Kudos, pal, keep up the nice work.

Magos Explorator
16-06-2009, 16:34
Thanks for the comments. :) Yes, the method is based on the Sons of Horus method, although I'd like to find a good metallic red paint to save some time with the washes and colour consistency. Looking through the artbooks I thought metallics might do the trick again here.

I did manage to sell my painted Guard (though still have 3 unpainted sentinels to shift!) so moving house will be a little easier.

I've also made some more progress on the Knight which I hope to post up soon... the hips are done, and the torso mostly so.

17-06-2009, 19:41
So just went through your log, nice painting and some very classic models (some I've never seen before). The gold on the Eldar and the Vostroyans look very good.
Keep it up!

Magos Explorator
18-06-2009, 18:23
Thank you! Here's a little more on the Knight Titan...

Here we'll do the hips and head, and start the body.

For the hips:

1. You will need these two bits, which normally make up the Defiler's 'abdomen':


2. Cut across the parts just at the end of the first raised section, above which the Defiler torso normally sits. This is part of the way down into the middle of the second hip joint. I'd really recommend using a saw and vice for this to make sure it's a thin, straight cut; I used the GW saw and vice and was quite impressed with them! Try to make sure your cuts on the top and bottom halves line up as best as you can. Afterwards it should look something like this:


We use the smaller bits to make the hips. I have kept hold of the larger sections as I hope to make some sort of stalk tank.

3. Glue your segments together, and add the waist joint from the Defiler. I have then covered the hole in the front with plasticard--I intend to add some sort of decoration here laterm though am not yet certain what. You will also need to trim the lower part of the hip joints down to a stub, otherwise the legs will not fit in. You could always just reverse what I have called the front and rear, but I think the shape looks a little silly then. It should look something like this:



I will file it down some more later, when I build up the front a bit more.

Magos Explorator
18-06-2009, 18:28
Now on to the head and torso! This is quite easy.

1. Use a Sentinel cockpit of your choice. When I bought them the only covered one was in metal, but the new plastic kit is probably better. You will need to trim away the raised area on the right at the back so the rear is flush, otherwise it will not stick on:


2. Here's the assembled head next to some of the Defiler torso pieces, for scale. The head is going to go on the front. I'm not yet certain how to proceed as I've not decided whether I want to have an extended canopy (like Silphid's I mentioned previously) or more Defiler-like arm joints. I'm also not 100% certain on the weapon loadout (probably either a Knight Paladin [qattle cannon, combat weapon], a Knight Castellan (quake cannon, autocannons] or a Knight Crusader [quake cannon, lascannon]).


In case I ever play a game, I'd probably count it as a Leman Russ or Demolisher--can they have autocannons sponson mounts? If not I guess perhaps a Knight Crusader is best.

19-06-2009, 20:40
Just got directed here by google. Awesome TSon :)
I can't wait to see more of your mechanicus, especially the knight titan.
Would you please hurry up building him? :D Just kiddin'.
Great stuff you got there! Keep it up and I shall be watching :)

Magos Explorator
19-06-2009, 22:25
Thanks! I'd like to build some more Mechanicus stuff soon--I am nearly done with my High Elf army, now, so am contemplating which of my forces to finish off next. I've got a few more ideas for how to finish the Knight's main structure, so I just need to get round to it! Unfortunately work is taking me round and about the continent for a couple of weeks.

the damned artificer
20-06-2009, 10:33
It looks good so far, I think you really need to do some cosmetic work on the head as not to look like it's a big robot with a sentinel head :)
I will follow your work dude ;p

21-06-2009, 10:38
the knight looks awsome so far... so much in fact im following the step by step to make y own. i was thinking though, what if you used the wings from the valkayye instead of the landraider to mount the weapons on... might give it a more agile look... just an idea, you could probably use the valkarye cockpit to makes the knights cockpit a bit less sentenalyish...

Magos Explorator
22-06-2009, 22:07
Thanks, guys--interesting idea on the Valkyrie. I'll have to take a look at the sprues!

I'm also now contemplating waiting for the Ork Battlewagon upgrade sprue, and using some of the bits from that as the basis for bigger arms than what the Defiler alone would give me.

Magos Explorator
04-09-2009, 19:04
Been a long time without updates!

My painting time over the last few months has been quite limited, and what I have had has been mostly devoted to my High Elves. Now these are almost done, I thought I'd get to another short project I had been meaning to do for a while.

So I present to you my Epic Eldar, some Knights and a Revenant Titan from Craftworld Altansar:





Magos Explorator
04-09-2009, 19:05


The paint scheme is based around my 40k Altansar force, although I tried some new colour mixes for the red. I did the Revenant in mostly bronze for a change.

I am very pleased with how these guys turned out, although in places the paint is a little thick (I stripped these but it didn't clean up everywhere) and there are a few mould lines I did not spot after the stripping. Any comments are appreciated. I'm still having a couple of issues with lighting, and will try to find an off-white background instead of white for next time.

As well as these 8 Knights and Revenant, I also have one more Revenant and a Warlock Titan. Not sure which paint scheme I'll use for that!

When the last of the Elves and Eldar are all done I'll dive back into 40k with another project I've been meaning to get done for a while. :)

05-09-2009, 12:27
He's alive! Praise be!

Really like those Knights in particular my friend, very old school and the scheme is great. This is actually a God send for me as I have some Eldar stuff needing painted and this scheme looks very nice.I will look back through these pages and find out what colours you used, hope you don't mind ;)

Did you manage to clear out all that stuff you eBayed? An uncluttered mind is a happy mind and all that :P

Magos Explorator
05-09-2009, 16:39
Thanks for the encouragement. :) And please feel free to copy colours if you like them. This red is Mechrite Red -> Blood Red -> Macharius Solar Orange -> Baal Red -> Devlan Mud.

I managed to get rid of most of the models I was trying to sell--still got some Sentinels, Legion of the Damned and a few other bits though!

05-09-2009, 20:48
Hmmm, I think I will have to substitute a different orange but I will definitely try this out. Prob end up a bit more simplified cos me is simple :D I have three Phantoms to do, I rescued them from the eternal nightmare that is badly painted eBay lots.

Oh yes, and PM Animatronica about your Legion of the Damned maybe, he's playing with them just now.

Magos Explorator
05-09-2009, 23:16
I used Macharius Solar because I had it in the Foundation paint set. ;) Any other would probably work fine!

I might see if Animatronica has a trade thread, thanks for the tip.

Magos Explorator
20-10-2009, 17:19
It's been a while but I finally finished the last two of my epic-scale Craftworld Altansar Eldar, so thought I'd post up some pictures.

First up is the second Revenant Titan, who aside from a slightly different pose is much the same as the first:


Second is the meat of the group, my Warlock Titan:





I'm pretty pleased with how he's come out, although you can see on some of the red places where the washes pooled. I guess I should use a little less on the brush. I wanted this guy to fit in with and yet stand out from the rest of the models; thankfully the large size meant there was a reasonable amount of space to use the three main colours (red, bone, and brass). I am not sure if the main bit of the head would have worked better in brass but I wanted some more red in there: with a mostly bone body and mostly red top he's kind of a reverse to the Knights. I did red gemstones over the bone areas and vice-versa to try and tie the differently-coloured areas together; like on the other models, I left some of the bumps as just bumps in the same colour as the base armour (which I imagine could contain sensor arrays or power plants). I figured that this could better show off some of the shading of the features.

Finally, here's a not-fantastic shot of all eleven of them together:


I've got a (slightly larger) Imperial-equivalent force which I plan to paint up, although it's on to a different project first!

21-10-2009, 07:14
That's some fantastic stuff you've got here... your coloured metallics are gorgeous; and I'm going to steal the technique for my roommate's necrons :).

Great work, it's all very original (to my eyes, anyways) and extremely well done.


Magos Explorator
22-10-2009, 10:37
Thank you for the compliments. :)

Of the models here, I think the coloured metallic works best for the Sons of Horus. I don't think I got it quite right for the Thousand Sons marine so won't take that approach again. Good luck with the Necrons!

22-10-2009, 11:20
Some astonishing stuff, and very exploratory of the Pre-heresy era. :)

Eldar's simple, right? If one can go around wearing the same clothes for some 20'000 years, fashion isn't bound to change.

The metallic Marine armours are very tasty, and some goes for your Imperial Army (Vossies, woohoo!), though I wouldn't have went for brown coats. The whole command group's classy.

22-10-2009, 12:26
lovely lovely work on the epic eldar! Fantastic metallics! Do you play epic much?

22-10-2009, 18:03
That Titan battlegroup is just pure class, Magos, very nice work!

*Ahem* I tried to emulate you in my own log if you care to criticise it... ;)

I love the blending you achieved ad the red in general- I still need to work on such blending, any tips?

22-10-2009, 18:27
Oooooh.. More Ad Mech ideas to loot!

Magos Explorator
23-10-2009, 10:39
Thanks, all; I am glad you like the models. :)

I don't actually play Epic any more (I last played the edition which was released in the 90s) although would be up for it! I don't really play 40k either, just mostly model and paint.

I will probably not post too much more in this log for a while--I've decided to focus on one pre-Heresy army, rather than the mix of squads I've been painting here, so am assembling forces and will put a specific log for that up soon where I keep the whole thing together. But I do have some more Eldar and Epic Imperials to put up here eventually!

Jihad_Ragsta: Will check out your log now. For the red, I recommend using the washes (Baal Red and Devlan Mud) to tone down the highlights and help shade the recesses. But be careful of pooling.