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bork da basher
29-05-2008, 20:55
i havent played warhammer since 6th edition 3 years ago so im rusty to say the least but lately ive been considering getting back into it. i dont really want to collect anything bigger than 1500pts because it becomes unmanagable for me to paint and time to play bigger games is scarce. anyway ive decided more or less on vampire counts, this is my first attempt at a decent list. please let me know what you think.

Vampire / 100 / dread knight, book of arkhan / 160

Vampire / 100 / lord of death, avatar of death, dispel scroll, talisman of lycni/ 170

Vampire / 100 / lord of death, avatar of death, dispel scroll / 160

10 skeleton warriors / 8 / standard bearer & musician / 92

10 skeleton warriors / 8 / standard bearer & musician / 92

corpse cart / 75 / unholy lodestone / 100

10 dire wolves / 8 / doom wolf / 88

5 fell bats / 20 / 100

5 black knights / 24 / full command, standard of hellish vigour / 185

5 blood knights / 55 / full command, banner of the dead legion / 350

the core of my force is anchored around the twin skeleton units, each led by a great weapon wielding bloodsucker. the aim is to pump these two minimum sized units up as much as possible in the opening rounds (why pay points for whats freely given) and then once combat is joined use the carts miasma of i'll hit you first to lay the smackdown with the vamps, stipping off enough of the enemy front rankers to negate much of a come back, hopefully i should be large enough to auto break with fear. one of the vamps has the talisman of lycni so he can zoom out and smash any chariots that get too close for comfort. a pair of obligatory dispel scrolls in there too.

next up i have a unit of fell bats which will either harass enemy warmachines/shooters or support the black knights or blood knights. same goes for the dire wolves, their main role is to keep units from redirecting those blood knights. black knights ability to go right through terrain is amazing and ive given them the banner of hellish vigour and left off the barding to maximise their manouvrebility. the blood knights are my no brainer rampaging death unit. led by a vampire with the book of arkhan to speed their way into combat or in combat to utterly smash apart everything in their path. they carry the banner of the dead legion and will have at full strength a US of 24 which after the pounding any unit will take from these guys will autobreak virtually anything. possible overkill with this unit but i like to be sure when it comes to my armies elite unit so im not taking any risks.

now all this looks good on paper but i obviously havent tried it yet. its similar to how i used to play my VC in 6th edition but the game is obviously a little differant now.

please let me know what you think. cheers

General Squeek Squeek
29-05-2008, 22:34
The list looks pretty good to me, but be careful not to list the individual costs of items as I believe thats not ok.

bork da basher
29-05-2008, 22:40
edited to remove item costs, didnt realise. my bad.

any other comments?

The Brusier
29-05-2008, 23:20
The blood knights with out either 'The Flag of Blood Keep' (4+ ward against shooting) or a b.s.b with 'The Drakenholf Banner' (regeneration) is going to become pin (or cannon ball) cushions. Otherwise, pretty good.

bork da basher
30-05-2008, 07:00
thats the idea of putting the dire wolves out as a screen. the fell bats first target will be any artillery and also the book of arkhan gives them enough movement to be able to set up out of LOS and still possibly get into combat by turn 1. at most they will get one turn firing before they're in the thick of the fighting and with a vampire in the unit im very likely to be able to repair the damage.

i did think of taking the banner of blood keep but its very expensive for the limited use it will gain. as long as i deploy carefully i'll be ok i think.

bork da basher
30-05-2008, 07:34
ive reworked the army and shrunk it down to 1000pts.

basically as before the two vamps on foot boost the units they are in then hopefully will be striking first thanks to the cart. dire wolves support the black knights as much as possible. ive added a lone vampire on a hellsteed and geared him up for jousting. his job is to mollest chariots, warmachines etc i want to keep him fairly close to the knights to bring them back to (un)life too.

Vampire / 100 / lord of death +15, avatar of death +20, dispel scroll +25, talisman of lycni +10 / 170

Vampire / 100 / summon ghouls +15, avatar of death +20, dispel scroll +25 / 160

Vampire / 100 / hellsteed +20, dread knight +25 / 150

10 skeleton warriors / 8 / standard bearer & musician +12 / 92

10 ghouls / 8 / ghast +8 / 88

corpse cart / 75 / unholy lodestone +25 / 100

8 dire wolves / 8 / 64

5 black knights / 24 / champion & standard +32, standard of hellish vigour +25 / 177


Andrew Luke
30-05-2008, 14:25
You don't have enough casting power to get those skeleton units big enough to really hurt anything. If you are facing even one wizard, your vamps will ahve a tough time getting more than one or two invocations through. In low points games its better to just take units of ghouls (more active CR) and go hunting IMO. Then near the end of the game when scrolls have been used up (and hopefully enemy wizards are dead) then you can invocate your units above half strength to save some VPs ;)

30-05-2008, 23:14
As mentioned previously Warseer can get in trouble for your postings. (Unit/item costs) Thats a big smack on the pee-pee for you.