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General Squeek Squeek
29-05-2008, 22:33
General Squeek Squeek- Warpstone amulet, Heavy Armor, Great Weapon) 127

One Eyed Queek (chieftan)- Banner of the Swarm 90

Friear Tweeky (warlock Engineer)- dispel scroll 70

5 X 30 Clan Rats- (standard, musician) 825

5 X 21 Slaves- 210

2 X 12 Giant Rats + 2 packmasters-120

5 X 5 Night Runners-125

5 X 2 Poison Wind Globadiers-100

1 X 20 Plague Monks- (extra hand weapons, standard, musician)175

3 X 3 Gutter Runners- (poison blades, tunnelers)153

350 models
25 units

This is a Skaven horde as I see it. I’ve forsaken weapons teams and jezzails due to their unpopularity and in my mind limited uses. This list diversifies its point’s among many units so that no one unit is the armies anchor.

This list uses the slaves and globadiers to bait other armies while the clan rats hit flanks due to outmaneuvering. The characters are there to complement the horde not visa versa. Gutter runners will help take out war machines and lone mages.

The night runners can act as nets by getting behind an enemy so when it flees it dies due to hitting a unit strength 5 unit. Later in the game any remaining night runners can run to claim or deny table quarters

The plague monks and giant rats will set up on either side of the main line to protect it and due to the fact that both are hard to break due to frenzy or sheer numbers.

General Squeek Squeek will proved a solid ld10 buffer to the rest of the army. One Eyed Queek will be by a close accompanying clanrat unit to reinforce the buffer. The army has served me well to date.

I’m always looking to improve my list so criticism is greatly appreciated if it helps improve the list.

If you see this list as cheesy please tell me why with a good explanation.

29-05-2008, 22:49
30 x 5 clanrats with a standard and musician?
As in 30 units of 5 with a standard and musician? illegal....
5 units of 30 clanrats, with a standard and musician?

I reckon the latter but that's not what you typed at all.....
Please put 5 x 30 clanrats if you mean 5 units of 30 clanrats.

You must mean that as you've got several 20 x 1 units
Which should simply be 20 *something*rats rather than 20 x 1.

It's very cunfusing and a bizarre way of writing it.

Anyway, some actual comments about the list.

No armour on your standard bearer? Very odd...a war banner would be more useful as well as it's a guaranteed +1(if he's still alive) rather than a +1 if you outnumber.

You also get 7 skaven packmasters with the giant rats you have.

Gutter runners are minimum size of 5...not 2.

Otherwise fine.

General Squeek Squeek
30-05-2008, 05:27
LOL I have my list reversed, but just to comment.

1st. gutter runners are not illegal because its 2 units of 3 which is legal if their tunnelers.
2nd I'm skaven my standard bearer goes in the back where he can't be touched, and with 30 plus rats I always make sure I outnumber.

30-05-2008, 13:56
General Squeek Squeek- Warpstone amulet, Heavy Armor, Great Weapon) 127

A nice cheap set up, great for a swarmy army. I think a magic item wouldn't hurt, Weeping Blade+Enchanted Shield works quite well.

One Eyed Queek (chieftan)- Banner of the Swarm 90

Also inexpensive and very useful, if you're outnumbered I doubt +1CR is going to save you anyway.

Friear Tweeky (warlock Engineer)- Condencer, warpblades, storm daemon 95

I'd take another for some reliably magic defense, or just caddy up.

5 X 30 Clan Rats- (standard, musician) 825

If you painted all this, I would surrender immediately upon seeing it, buy you a beer, and give you a medal, you hero.

5 X 21 Slaves- 210

Gotta love 105 models for 210 points:D

1 X 30 Giant Rats + 5 packmasters-150

I think you have enough big blocks, split them into smaller sizes for fast flankers.

5 X 5 Night Runners-125

March blockers, missile screens, lovely.

5 X 2 Poison Wind Globadiers-100


1 X 20 Plague Monks- (extra hand weapons, standard, musician)175

This is your chance to take something that can actually kill something, I like 30 (run 6 wise), with 2 hw, full command, and the Banner of Burning Hatred. Screen them with NRs to keep them from going crazy and they can cause some serious hurt.

2 X 3 Gutter Runners- (poison blades, tunnelers)102


That is truly a horde list, well done sir. You don't have anything to kill tough enemies, but holding them down with slaves all game and hitting the flank will work just fine. Alternatively, just send them slaves to chomp on all game, while your useful units go kill his weaker stuff. Even magic or a gunline won't hurt as much with so many sacrificial units (i.e. all of them) and missile screens running around.

The biggest problem I see is overcrowding. On a standard 6x4 board, I doubt you'll have room to fit everything on the table, which means you won't be able to react to enemy deployment and start off having to do lots of maneuvers to get into a position you want.

To help that, you could get rid of a unit of Clannies and Slaves for stuff like Rat Ogres, PCBs, another Engineer, or even Stormvermin to make killing off the enemy easier.

General Squeek Squeek
30-05-2008, 14:51
thanks for the advise me. Actually overcrowding isn't quite as big a problem as you might think. I set up my globadiers and night runners first. This usually is a huge win for me since all my main blocks will set up after my opponent has set up virtually his entire army, and on a 6X4 board my models fit nice and snug.

hmm thanks for the advise on the giant rats, I'll split them up along with making my engineer bear with 2 dispel scrolls.

I totally agree with the plague monks, but right now I just don't have the models. Most my original plague monks have a tiny chain wrapped around them and painted to look like their bound up so they fit in with the rest of the slaves (empire militia, goblins, gnoblars, slayers, wardancers, and skinks).

30-05-2008, 15:23
I think you should get another warlock in there, with 2 scrolls atleast.

Also give you're lord a magic weapon of some sort.

Problems being you can't handle things like wraiths, and you won't be able to rely on outnumbering them to death as they will rack up double the amount of kills, especially with a HoC nearby (these units + combo are very common these days).

Otherwise looks pretty good :D nice horde, and as said, hats off to you if you have them all painted lol.

30-05-2008, 16:10
yea i also play a hordey rat army and id suggest at least having 2 scrolls in the army to stop those unit killing spells (flames of phoenix, wall of fire, and curse of years comes to mind :))

In addition i dont think your warlock will get much magic off, drop the storm daemon and just scroll caddie him. Also give your warlord some shiney items (weeping blade is great at gettin cr by overkilling unit champions) Musicians on the slaves is always useful for rallying.

Id like to see more/bigger tunnel teams, a unit of 3 will be hard pressed to kill any dwarf crew let alone regular crews i find that 4-6 seems to be the magic number with them. Also taking more units of them would probably be a good idea so you can use 2 to kill mages of out units, and 2 units to hunt warmachines.

30-05-2008, 17:55
drop the rat packs and the night runners and get some Plauge Censor Bearers. You have plenty of screens with the slaves and another hit unit would do great!

General Squeek Squeek
30-05-2008, 19:24
thanks for the advise keep it coming:D

I'll make my warlock a scroll caddy since it will be the exact same point cost.

I'm reluctant to use another warlock simply because its too many points for my taste. I find that more rats on the table are better and more fluffy for a skaven horde. Same goes for plague censor bearers. There great units I just cringe spending more then 8 points a model on anything.

The night runners are way to valuable to drop. I don't use them as screens instead they claim table quarters and get behind the enemy so that they act as nets to autokill when i flank and break them.

I agree that I'll be hard pressed to take out wraiths and the like but thats what slaves with a standard bearer and general nearby are for. Anything too brutal to face in combat will get a huge helping of slaves and even night runners if need be to keep them busy all day. Besides I got those poison globes which when they gang up on a unit can ruin its day. Besides it makes my opponent feel good when he has one unit thats doing damage even if after breaking 4 units hes only taken 160 victory points.

I don't give my general any magic weapons due to the fact I don't want him in challenges. He's either on the far right of my unit killing rank and file with a great weapon or in his special place of honor in the back ranks. As a skaven general I don't believe in a honorable 1 vs 1 fight :p.

I do agree that i need to have bigger units of gutter runners. Maybe drop the warlock down to just bear with 1 scroll which will get me 1 more gutter runner . Then I could drop my giant rats to 2 units of 12 with packmasters netting me 30 more points. This way i could have either 3 units of 3 gutter runners with poison, or I could have one unit of 5 and one unit of 4. I'll probably go with 3 units of 3 to diversify my points in case of tunnel collapses. I can always double charge if its a hard hitting unit. Besides with gutter runners the fear factor usually causes a bigger when i place those markers then the gutter runners themselves actually present.

31-05-2008, 19:35
all i can say is good luck deploying that many models and ranking that many clanrats every game

General Squeek Squeek
01-06-2008, 07:42
LoL the deployment isn't bad, but in the store I play at it takes me 25 mins to set up and 25 mins to pack up. The VC player says its the punishment I deserve for making people have to kill that many models.

01-06-2008, 10:15
Why don't you magnetize your movement trays and models so you don't have to rank them up every time? Could save you a lot of time in the long run.